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SIM Mode Magic

Picture Name SP Info
Lightning 10 Sents out a lightning bolt to destory forests and monsters.
Rain 20 Washes away the desert, puts out fires, and waters the fields.
Sun 30 Melts snow and drys up the Marsh.
Wind 80 Blows all monsters out of town and restarts the Aitos' windmills.
Earthquake 160 Makes perment changes in the land(merges islands together), destorys houses for updating, and kills monsters.

ACT Mode Magic

Picture Name Location Info
Magical Fire Fillmore, under the rock Shoots a fireball from the right and left of you.
Magical Stardust Bloodpool, after destroying the Red Demon lair on the blood lake. Rains a bunch of meteors on the enemies.
Magical Aura Marahna, use lightning on the falcon shaped island. A bunch of orbs comes off Master and hit the enemies for heavy damage.
Magical Light Northwall, after saving tree and unfrosting the lake. A flash of light shoots from the top and bottom of screen, hitting everything.

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