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Picture Name HP Attack Location Info
Centaur Knight 24 Lightning, Spear Charge Fillmore Act 1 Stay near the wall and wait for him to attack with the staff pointing up. Once he is finished hitting the ground with lightning, go in and attack him.
Minotaurus 24 Jump, Axe Throw Fillmore Act 2 When he jumps up, move away from the spot your currently at. Afterwards, he will throw his axe at you, giving you some time to slash at him while it is off screen.
Manticore 24 Jump, Fireball Bloodpool Act 1 Watch your steps and get off the platform he current at, because he going to shoot a fireball at it. He never stays on the same side as you, so remember that and avoid the pit.
Zeppelin Wolf (human) 24 Teleports, Lighting Bloodpool Act 2 He will teleport around the room, and then throw three lighting bolts in a row. Just wait for him to finish and slash at him. When his health is half way gone, he will turn into the wolf.
Zeppelin Wolf(wolf) 24 Jump, Slash, Wolf heads Bloodpool Act 2 This isn't too bad of a fight, as his HP didn't recover during the last time. In addition, all he does is throw wolf heads at you, which is not that much of a threat.
Dagoba 24 Claws, Rocks Storm Kasandora Act 1 You can only hurt him when his body is out of the sand. Whenever Dagoba goes underground, you should try to climb to the top of the dune, or suffer damage from it claws. When he back, go down there and slash at him.
Pharao 24 Crush, Arrows, Fireballs Kasandora Act 2 Either you can cheat on this boss and use Magical Stardust and kill him in a flash or fight him by avoiding the crush attack and jumping over his fireballs and arrows attacks.
Serpent 21 Charge at you, shoots energy beams at you. Aitos Act 1 This can a easy fight, because all you need to do is get the sword update before the fight and just stand in the center and just shoot him when he in sight.
Fire Wheel 21 Wheel, Fireballs Aitos Act 2 When you are enable to move, get on the second lowest platform and jump up and began to slash him, as he should still be shooting fireballs from the air. Once he begins to move, just jump up to the highest platform and when he comes up, just jump down and go the second highest platform again and repeat the pattern.
Rafflasher 24 Spores, Vines Marahna Act 1 This guy doesn't move, but employs a couple of tentacles to attack you. Just kill the one off on the left and keep slashing at his body.
Kalia 24 Spikes, Crush, Lighting Marahna Act 2 To be able to hit Kalia, you must move under him, quick run, and jump up the platform that falls. Upon getting on the platform, quickly hit him and jump off or risk damage from the spikes above.
Merman Fly 24 Fireballs, Slash, Waterdrops Northwall Act 1 When Merman Fly flies overhead, you should watch his partner and avoid the fireballs he drops at you. When he comes in close to attack, you should slash at his face.
Arctic Wyvern 24 Ice balls, Slash Northwall Act 2 The only way you can hit without too much damage is wait for him to throw a ice ball at you from the side and jump up and slash him.

Last Boss - Tanzra

Picture HP Attack Location Info
24 Stardust Strike, Fire beams Death Heim You can only hurt Tanzra when the mask is solid on the floor. When Tanzra is at the edge of the screen, use the sword update to shoot energy beams until he decides to transforms.
40 Fireballs, Blue Fireball, Slash and Fireballs Death Heim His HP have double since the last fight, but it shouldn't be a problem thanks to the sword update. But the problem is that you can only hit him when he is attacking, making it VERY hard to avoid getting hit.

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