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Well it time to began work on Bloodpool. Rock throwers, blood bats, lizard knights, and fly fish control this wicked land currently. So like Fillmore, used the temple to enter the first act.
This level is pretty straight forward with jump across pits of blood (automatic death), and avoiding the above mention enemies. After you reach a platform with pillars around it, you will began the fight for Bloodpool with the Manticore.
With double hit points and a pit separating you two, it will be a hard fight. Began by avoiding his fireballs and wait for him to across the pit. Once he is near, begins to slash at him and jump over when he does. Repeat and it will be over with.
Well it time to get to work on Bloodpool with helping out the elders.
First thing to do when you get into town is clear the marshes out by using the sun spell on it. It will begin to erode them and allow you a path to the lairs. Moreover, while you are at, use the bridge item to allow them to cross the rivers.
Soon into the development, the elders will mention their son Teddy, a young lad who tends to get into trouble. Well it appears he got lost and the elders want you to find him. They hand some bread and ask you to bring him home..
Since you can't build any more of the town while he gone, it best to find him now. Go toward the lake and look around the cave near Zeppelin Wolf's castle to find him wandering out. Use the bread on him and automatically you will make everyone happy.
As well giving your town motivation to work, you also get a skull, which blows away one lair automatically, and since the Red Demon lair is across the lake, take him out with the skull after destroying his tree hideout with lightning.
It appears the cause of the blood lake was the red demons. With them gone, you can use rain on the lake to earn an extra life. In addition, for cleaning the lake, you get Stardust spell, which is the best spell in the game.
But not surprising, something bad happens. And this time it Zeppelin Wolf, who from his castle order some sacrifices to be send to him. Well one of them is Teddy, and that makes the town sad. Well it time to fight once again. w00t!
Time to enter Castle Wolfenstein ^^. But seriously, the level has various types of goblins in it, spike machines, ghostheads, skeltous, slimes, and other annoying monsters. It going to be a rough, one but bring your Stardust spells with you.
As soon you enter, go toward your right killing gargoyles statues and spear goblins. When you get inside, you will see spikes in the place. These will kill you, unlike the cave's spikes. Just avoid them and get to the elevator and ride it up.
Now you have enter a room of shadows, which will slowly show some light. Be careful, for spikes are in here (dark green, due to shadows), along with various enemies. Just keep cool, look for lighted platforms, and get out of there.
The next room is an upward climb on pillars, while red slimes try to kill you. Just climb up and prepare to jump over a pit of spikes. After climbing down, you will face electmachines, which hurt badly, so just wait and get out of there.
Now you must jump to the elevator, while avoiding the spike machine. Do not jump until the platform is out of the machine. Once on it, just ride it up and avoids slimes. The next path is outside, with flying goblins attacking you.
Your almost in Zeppelin Wolf's room, but first you must climb quickly vanishing platforms. Just time your jumps and be careful of gargoyles and spikes. At the top, you will have to make one last outside journey and then you fight ZW.
It time to fight the warlock Zeppelin Wolf. He starts out by using lightning bolts from high above on his platforms or shooting three fireballs from his cloak. Slash at him when he on the first two floors, but avoid him on the top.
You killed Zeppelin Wolf...oh no, he transforming into a wolf. I think Oz from Buffy bited him or something, as there no other werewolfs in the area.
The wolf is quick on his feet and will waste no time reaching you. If you don't have a good amount of health, then better get to dodging. If you attempt to jump the platforms, he will follow you and then summon wolf heads to attack. Just continue to slash him to finish him off.
This time ZW stays dead for good...until Death Hiem. However, at lease he gone from Bloodpool, which has been saved. Or has it?
You see, after kill ZW, you find out that Teddy was killed (American version holds out on that for a while), and with him dead, the citizens start a war. Since there nothing to do about it yet, goes to Kasandora.

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