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Items found at the Solaris 3rd Class F Block and 2nd Class Citizen Area: Aquasol DX, Crimson Vest, Feathered Cap, Tickets, Work Permit

Items found at the Solaris Waterway and Elly's House: Aquasol DX, Army Cardkey, Feathered Cap, Psycho Rod

Items found on your way to Krelian's Lab: Aquasol DX, Gold Bullion, 2 Gold Nuggets, Hob-Meat, 2 Hob-Steaks, Zetasol

Items found at Krelian's Lab: Angelic Robe, 3 Aquasols DX, B&JM686S Ammo, Dark Armor, Dark Helm, Deathblower 3, Ether Veiler, 2 Extra Ars +6, Extra Ar DX, 2 Eyeballs, 2 Gold Nuggets, 2 Hob-Meats, Hob-Steak, Muscle Belt, Scales, 2 Silver Ars +1, Speed Ring S, 3 Survival Tents

Item found after reuniting with everyone and escaping Solaris: 2 Aquasols DX, B&JM686S Ammo, 2 Panalphasols, Shot G70 Ammo, 2 Survival Tents

How is that even possible?

After watching some scenes (Emeralda joins the party and Citan will be using a sword soon), go to Zephyr's room and say you're ready (If there's anything you want to do before heading to Solaris, do it NOW. You can revisit Kislev and do some battling if you want or test Emeralda and take her to the bar at Bledavik to watch a funny scene). The gravity will be upside down when you reach Solaris (Don't worry, it's just temporary), so head Left and check one of the tubes. The gravity will go back to normal and you can save the game, then exit the tube. After watching a scene, you can jump at the green platforms to visit other tubes. The first one leads to a mutant that dies right after you leave, the second leads to Samson (Accept his offer), the third leads to a citizen and the last one is where you find Elly. Go back to Samson and get a work permit, then talk to the guard at the Watchtower. Cross the NorthEast door, head NorthEast ignoring the first elevator (It doesn't matter that much, it's just a shortcut) and take the next elevator. You must head NorthWest, then SouthWest without being caught by the security cubes. The problems is, their view range is quite long, so you have to hide behind walls to prevent them. Take the elevator, then the first elevator down to get an Aquasol DX. Go back and cross the door to find Samson. After another scene, head NorthEast, then NorthWest past another ID check. Talk to the citizens if you want, then head NorthEast to the 2nd Class Citizen area.

Must be some famous Solarian pop singer. Not like you'd ever meet her.

Head NorthEast, then NorthWest and enter the store to buy items and character equipment. Head NorthEast to the next house and take the North door (The NorthWest door leads to a room where Big Joe is dancing and the SouthEast door leads to a room with a Tifa poster and a kid playing with a toy gear), then the SouthEast door and ask the old lady for tickets. Go NorthWest and save if you want, then leave the house, circle around South and talk to the Black Guard to watch the ceremony. After some scenes you'll be escaping Security Cubes by heading West (They won't stop coming, so keep moving). Ignore the first bridge to the North side, then take the second one, jump the blocks and climb up the ladder, then jump over more blocks. Take the bridge back to the South side, then either drop and take the ladder or cross the cables. Move along the South side, ignore the first bridge North, then take the next one to get a Crimson Vest. Jump over a few more blocks, then take the North bridge and go back to get an Aquasol DX. Continue on the North Side and cross the cables (You can't drop this time, so be careful), then go along the South side. Cross the bridge to the North and go back to get a Feathered Cap. Jump 2 blocks again, turn South and exit the area. Check the NorthWest door to enter Elly's house and watch a long, nice sequence. Save your game, then exit the room. Ignore the door to the NorthWest, and go down the stairs. Talk to Medena at the SouthWest room, then talk to the maid at the NorthEast room to get a Psycho Rod, then open the NorthWest door you previously ignored and check the computer. After another scene, you'll be back at Etrenank, so exit SouthWest (You can't talk to Solarians without Elly) back to the Watchtower. After reuniting with Citan, go back all the way to the 3rd Class Area, enter the Dust Chute to the NorthWest and check the Green Panel. You'll be back with Elly. Exit her room, get the Army Cardkey and watch more scenes until you're back at the chute.

Ugh...Dominia's relatives?

Touch the Green Panel to get inside. Cross the door to the NorthWest, then climb the ladders and exit SouthEast. Instead of jumping down, circle around and push a piece of metal to the SouthWest inside the hole. Now rotate the camera until you find a door to the NorthEast and drop down from the spot directly above it (If you fail, you'll go back to the first floor). Head NorthEast, SouthEast, then SouthWest to get a Hob-Steak. Go back and head NorthEast, crossing the door, then head North to get an Aquasol DX and try exiting NorthWest to watch a scene. Go NorthWest and climb the ladder NorthWest to watch some dialogue. Continue NorthWest and turn NorthEast at the other side of the room and get a Hob-Steak before crossing the next door to the NorthWest. At this room, you have to input a certain code to deactivate the foreign object scanner on the previous room. But you can also get some items if you turn on all 'blocks' or turn off all 'blocks'. The code to advance is 0101, meaning the first and third blocks must be off (Gold Bullion), and the others on (Gold Nugget). It's rather confusing, but keep trying different combinations until you succeed. Now go back and enter the conveyor belt at the South tip, touch the small platform to the SouthEast, then jump NorthEast to get a Hob-Meat. Head back and enter the North conveyor belt this time, turning NorthWest, then NorthEast to watch a scene. After that, head SouthWest to get a Zetasol, head SouthEast, then turn SouthWest before the door to get another Gold Nugget. Circle around and enter the SouthWest door. Save your game, then cross the SouthEast door taking the elevator up to Krelian's Lab.

Geez...Krelian's Lab is HUGE!

Take the NorthEast door, turn SouthEast, then cross the SouthWest door to get an Aquasol DX and check the computer if you want. Exit and follow NorthEast, then turn NorthWest and enter the NorthEast door to save the game (One of the Memory Cubes actually work) and get a Survival Tent. Exit the room, head NorthEast, cross the SouthEast door, press the switch on the middle of the room to watch a scene, then cross the SouthWest door. Enter another SouthWest door to find a room full of cages. You can open the cages at this room and at the next room to the SouthWest, but you'll have to fight the Reapers inside it (The chests have the following items: Hob-Meat, Muscle Belt, Scales, Angelic Robe, Eyeball and Hob-Steak). After clearing the cages, head through another SouthWest door, then NorthWest, then turn SouthWest opening the purple barrier. Entering the first NorthWest door to get an Extra Ar +6 and the second to get an Eyeball. Go back to the NorthWest corridor and turn SouthWest again, picking a Gold Nugget and a Hob-Meat in the 2 next rooms. Head back, turn NorthEast, enter the SouthEast door getting an Aquasol DX and checking the computer to deactivate a door lock, then exit the room and open the door to the NorthEast. You'll be back at the entrance from the other side, but you can climb the stairs and open the SouthEast gate, taking the Survival Tent and Aquasol DX along the way. Head SouthEast (ignore the 2 branches), get a Silver Ar +1 at the SouthWest side of the next room, then head SouthEast twice. Get an Aquasol DX at the South border, then enter the SouthEast door if you want to save, then go back and enter the Northeast room. You'll be at a room with a cage filled of monsters (All of them are easy, except for the Bloody Bros., whom is a weaker version of Redrum, so kill it quickly or bring lots of Zetasols). After killing all of them, get the Ether Veiler and Deathblower 3 at the chests inside the cage, then go back to the Memory Cube room (If you're the paranoid type like me, save again) and continue SouthEast this time, following the obrigatory way and turning SouthWest twice. Check the panels if you want and get the Dark Helm at the West border. Exit the room, head SouthEast, then turn NorthEast to get a Dark Armor inside the room. Go back and head SouthEast to get a B&JM686S Ammo at another room. Head back all the way (Past the Dark Armor room) to the NorthWest and take the NorthEast branch this time and input the following code: Up, Down, Up, Left, Right. Turn SouthWest and enter the NorthEast door to get a Survival Tent and go back (ignore the upper door), entering the next NorthEast door. Get an Extra Ar +6 while going up and enter the upper SouthWest door. Go back NorthWest to get an Extra Ar DX, then enter the third NotthEast door and go down to get a Silver Ar +1. Go back to the upper hallway and head SouthEast, then from the main hallway going back and forth, turn SouthWest to get a Sonic Wave, turn NorthEast to get a Silver Ar +1, then SouthWest to get a Gold Nugget.

Take an obrigatory SouthWest turn, then turn back SouthEast and enter another room to get a Speed Ring S and find some nifty info about all characters (just click on the holograms). Go back to the corridor and head SouthWest to watch a scene. Turn SouthEast to watch another long scene (s). Your party will be Fei, Billy and Bart for now. Keep heading SouthWest to save Elly, then turn SouthEast at the end of the tunnel to find everyone. You can save your game, switch party members by touchin the blue cube and buy accessories/items from Hammer (Nothing new, though). Make sure you get prepared (I'd suggest bringing Billy for healing and Citan since he'll be using a sword, even if unequipped) and exit SouthEast. Enter the next SouthEast door to get a B&JM686S Ammo. Now go back to the room where everybody was and take the SouthWest door, turn NorthWest and enter last door to the NorthWest, ignoring all doors on the way, to get a Panalphasol. Exit the room, cross the SouthEast door, ignore the branch and enter the East door. Turn South at the crossroads, then enter the East door to get a Shot G70 Ammo. Head back and continue South, then SouthWest. Ignore the first branch, then turn NorthWest on the next one and enter the NorthEast door to get an Aquasol DX. Exit and walk a little NorthWest, then turn SouthWest for another Panalphasol. Head back NorthEast, then SouthEast, then turn SouthWest. Follow the corridor until you can turn SouthWest again, then enter the first SouthEast door to get another Aquasol DX. Exit, GO back NorthEast, turn NorthWest, turn NorthEast and enter the NorthWest to get a Survival Tent. Exit and head to the last SouthWest door. Turn SouthEast when you can, then turn SouthEast again if you want to save the game, or continue SouthWest. Follow the obvious way, then take the first NorthWest door you see for a Survival Tent. Go back and head SouthEast. After talking with everyone, head SouthWest to watch some dramatic events and fight Grahf.

Why did you ever followed the party, anyway?

Eliminate the Executioner with your best deathblows, since she can use some very damaging Ether, while Grahf's deathblows aren't nearly as dangerous. This fight should be really easy if you have 7AP Deathblows, especially with Citan. After more and more scenes, Disc 1 will be done! Disc 2 starts with Fei at Taura's House.

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