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I've listed here many small tidbits and curiosities that you find during the game. If you have anything to add that I didn't mention, please email me with the information.

Village of Lahan

There are numerous signs in this village that you'll never be able to see again...I listed them here in case you forgot to read them. Also, make sure you do all the subquests like getting the Badge or anything else since you won't have much of a chance later.

From all the cool people of Lahan...Buon giorno! (On the back of this sign, it's written 'Alice and Fei are in looove!!')

- The Laughing Fox & Piglet Tavern - Drunks welcome!

- Lahan's General Store - You want it? We've got it... (maybe)!

Note: stand behind the small girl near the fair and she'll call you a pervert.

You can take a closer look at any of Fei's paintings by touching them.

Mountain Path

The sign near the entrance is written front and back. The front side informs: "Mountain path ahead! Beware of the HP gobbling hob-gobs!! Those wishing to see the doctor on the mountain top should proceed with courage and convinction". Dan left his thoughts on the back side: "Timothy is a balding headed fool! And his dad is bald and stupid too!"

Citan's house

The sign at the entrance says: "Injured, sick, all accepted. Come on in! But no deceased please.", but if you look at the back of the sign, it says "The shiny farhead is the pruf of justis! Stop the njections, yew quack."

Giving the bird egg results in an increase of weight for Fei (not sure if this actually affects his agility)!

You can eat some bird seed (you won't like it), check the telescope at the top of Citan's house, and read an inscription on the side the music box (it's written 'Celebrating my daughter's birth...may all the dreams, courage & love in the world be yours...').

Blackmoon Forest

Killing Hob-gobs with Elly's Thermo Cube will get Hob-Steaks! Much better than the usual Hob-jerkys.

After the second Memory Cube, unequip Elly since she'll leave the party. Just sell her Pilot Uniform and Magical Rod for some easy cash :P

Ever notice that the Rankar Dragon falls exactly to the side where Elly is when you defeat it? Lucky girl...


There's a bar with a sign written: -Lucky Avenue- A relaxing bar. Visit it to meet Big Joe for the first time! Also, check the Menu: Bledavik Beer, Aveh Ale, Hob-Jerky, Cheese Plate.

Check the city after Bart takes the throne to find a couple searching for their lost money (not sure if it's possible to help them).


In the gear hangar, talk to each of the guys near your gears to hear the lowdown on the gear specs and look at the from the front/behind.

Talk to the nurse (she'll get a good first impression :P) to learn your weight. Bring other characters later for other reactions about their weights.

In the navigation room, you can check the map chart showing places you've previously visited.

Ever noticed Margie's room has two weights (near a blouse)? What, I didn't know she worked out! :P

The Yggdrasil Crew: Maitreya, Falkon, Farrant, Vind (those four die in a certain incident), Jerico, Bingo (apprentice helmsman), Alei (navigation officer), Franz (sound effects...penguin)

Talk to Franz (penguin guy) to hear his hot sounds. No, not THOSE sounds, silly boy.

Talk to the guy near a plant to learn about its "great" importance.

Pirate Hideout

Notice that Bart's room has a pic of him and Margie.


Did you know you can bargain at the market square? On the "Buy/Don't Buy" screen, wait a few moments. Watch out, if you take too long you'll lose the bargain!

At the restaurant, you can increase your weight and watch some funny scenes while ordering the lady around. Make sure you bring Emeralda much later in the game here for more funny scenes.

Instead of entering the nun's room (in the hotel) by the door, go by the window outside. Do this again before heading to Solaris to surprise another person.

Helping the poor kids by giving 1000 G pays off later! Just visit them later in the game to watch a play with Fei and company as the characters.

Talk to the girl that refuses to marry Vanderkaum. Before the end of Disc 1, bring Bart and talk to her again.

If you have no cash, visit the restaurant and eat something. A kid will come out from next door and yell "dine and dash!", allowing you to flee without paying. You can do this as many times as you want, since the bartender seems to forget your tab when you return to the restaurant. :P

Shakhan Square (during your first visit, don't leave it for later!)

Buy a mini-gear, then give it to the kid near the stall so he can give you a hint about the Gold Nugget inside the Aquarium (don't bother if you're following the walkthough).

After drinking the Bartweiser and getting dizzy, you can buy a couple of different waters, but not use then. What are they for, then?

You only get a chance to visit the tent after you planned out the operation but before you go to sleep. You can play 3 (err...I'd say 2) mini-games there, but you can't get any really good prize. The balloon game gives one or another decent prize, but I'm not even sure what the use of the mirror game (a battered down version of Shevat's mirror?) is.

Hold R2 and press Cross to practice fire-breathing with the guy breathing fire.

You can also eat some cakes that raise/reduce your weight. What's this mania with weight-changing in this game...?

Fatima Castle

Check out Vanderkaum's cannon! BIG! :O

Don't forget to check out the library with lots of info about Aveh's origins.

To open up the camera at Shakhan's room, touch the green bottle next to the wall.

Check the room to the right of the kitchen during the invasion to watch some conversation between two guys.


Before entering the cathedral, visit the last house before the cathedral and talk to the painter for some extra dialogue.

Nortune D Block

Boosta Limit does NOT raise your agility (the one on your status list), but sometimes after eating it, your characters (while on the regular screen) will run around much faster. :P

Jumping from the tower near the train line will result in the old man fining you for 50 G, but if you're so poor that you cannot afford 50 G, the old man will give you 30 G.

Is the dog food just to make the dog stop barking? Does it have any other use...?

Hammer will have a different initial dialogue depending on which rank you earned. Also, there's a sign written by him saying "Information, finding items, trouble, we can help you with anything. Come on by 'Latina's bar' in D Block! I know when there's a customer for me just from their face. Legal or other, anything's OK! Latina's bar is building with all the flashy lights. - Supplier Hammer".

Anyone knows what happened to Rue Cohen, from the 'Imperial Battling Comitte', after you leave?

Here is the list of Rico's goons: Leonardo Clive, Heinrich Clive, Vargas, and Suzarn.

Nortune Central District and A Block

In the Kaiser's room, you can play a small, really boring mini-game of getting money from the metronome bank.

The Wildcat bar jukebox can only be activated if you gave money to Big Joe. After the Gebler attack visit the same spot you met him before to get an M Disk. Use the M Disk with the jukebox (the jukebox will be at the battling arena during Disc 2). Notice there's a girl from some rare 'Dragon' tribe in the pub. Anyone knows any details?

Although you only have to jump once at the chimney to reach the doctor from the prisoner block, you can do it again later! :P

Check the shop at night before you start your escape plan to get Weltall back.

After the Gebler attack at Nortune, talk to the priestess at the doctor's house after exiting the house; she'll mention her daughter is back at the D Block. You'll be able to revisit Diana, but there's nothing much to do there, except if you want to get Hob-steaks by using Elly's fire Ether on some Hobgobs.

After a conversation with Elly and Hammer about the Goliath, bring Elly to the bathroom instead of leaving the house.

Note about the whole Nortune visit: ever noticed that Grahf (it won't make sense if you're early in the game) was the one that protected Elly when the Ether Ship hit Nortune?


At the Armor Ground, check the junk around the item shop (there are at least three items you can check) to see a funny scene between father and son.

Talk to the drunk guy at the Screw Elevator before using the Elevator to torture him. :P

This is already covered on the walkthrough, but don't forget to play a bit of the card game.

Check the pipes at the bridge room. You can check them again when you revisit the Thames for different reactions.


Ever noticed the names of the books you find here? Is there a limit to Big Joe's fame?

Try checking the bathroom with different characters on the lead for different (and funny) reactions.

Wels Ship

Besides all those crates and ledges, there's a room with a shower in it. Check it to watch the "blood shower". There's an Yggdrasil member at the sleeping room that also mentions this shower.

Ethos HQ

Check the lower levels during the Ethos HQ attack to save Big Joe. Why the heck would Big Joe be imprisoned by the Ethos?


Check the first floor of the abandoned house to find a mirror. Try pressing different buttons to watch some funny poses.

Talk to the people at the civilian area for some funny stories, like the one from the nurse.

Solaris - Etrenank

Translation problem: one Security Cube says Arbot Square while Citan says Areboto Grounds, although it's the same place..

One of the houses has a Tifa poster, the shop has rotating Elly posters, and there's a creepy holographic image of Emperor Cain near a little kid.

There's a machine that informs you about 3 "hit songs" at Etrenank:
DK1200 - Anti-g-Love Car
Skyhook - Elevator Song (joke with Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator???)
Remi - Solaris Sunset

Shevat (during Disc 2)

There are lots of cool story scenes to watch here, so make sure you talk to Dan and Midori, Zephyr (you'll watch a scene with Ramsus), Franz and his new family (you'll see the return of the captain), and the civilians in the planning room. Talk to everyone!

You can play with the mirror again in the abandoned house.

Ever bothered beating Kanna five times in a row? If you do, Kanna will give up and refuse to play with you again.

Id's hole from his previous escape is still there. I wonder if it leads to any particular place...

You can get an extra jukebox if you give two Gold Bullions to the miner (you have to give him one, leave for a while, then give another).


Don't forget to check the small houses! Not only does one of them have Joe's Shop, you can also find a TV station (with some info and images from the Zeboim era), and a house with lots of information about Hyper Mode, Eldridge's origin and *gasp* Big Joe's story!

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