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Note that you can learn the basic rules for battling by talking to the woman at the right corner of the arena or by checking the Basics section. Besides getting the prizes for playing in Special Mode 2, playing in Special Mode 1 allows you to use lots of extra gears. Not many of them are useful, but it's still interesting to check some of them. Here is a list of all the gears you can use for battling on the Special Mode 1:

Picture Name Description
Weltall An overall good gear, although I'd suggest you use Weltall-2, since this one is only a weaker version of it.
Vierge Vierge doesn't have powerful Ether Shots as some would expect, but it's pretty quick.
Heimdal As in the game, a really fast gear, especially when attacking. I prefer El-Fenrir, though.
Brigandier Brigandier has an advantage in the desert (he cools down faster when standing around it), but is a rather slow gear.
Renmazuo I suggest you use El-Renmazuo, but anyway, this is a rather weak gear, since its long-range attacks aren't that useful.
Stier You should use the Omnigear El-Stier to save yourself from a big letdown. Yes, the gear is very strong, but it's so slow that I can't believe it was considered the "best" gear in the arena.
Bladegash Similar to Heimdal and Vierge on skills, Bladegash is a good call if you want a fast gear with a sword.
Seibzehn An even stronger (but also even slower) version of Stier. Not exactly my favorite, I'd say.
Crescens Quite fast, this gear is another option for those who like quick gears.
Chu-Chu Chu-Chu is very slow, and I don't think giving him Drives will alter his strength or speed at all.
Weltall-2 A better option if you like Weltall's fighting style. Would be perfect carrying some weapon like a sword or whip.
Xenogears Obviously my favorite gear. Well-balanced in strength and speed, plus it's quite easy to use combos or long-range attacks with it.
El-Regrs To obtain Elly's Omnigear, you must first have played at least 50 hours; then enter the last dungeon (you have to jump inside the first area with the enemies, then head back). It really sucks that you can't actually use it during the game, because this extra gear is quite fast and hard to hit.
El-Fenrir A super fast Heimdal. Fenrir will rarely miss an attack and is quite strong overall. Fenrir is also one of toughest to beat.
El-Andvari An improved version of Brigandier, with the same strengths and weakness; his whip can be quite destructive.
El-Renmazuo Much stronger and also faster than the regular Renmazuo, check out the difference.
El-Stier An upgrade over Stier, no big change whatsoever. Still a bit slow, but much stronger.
Ganador This is the first of the gears that you fought when you visited Nortune, and it's no shock that it's quite weak and slow.
Titan Another gear that you fought when you first visited Nortune, quite weak too.
Wind Shaver One more gear that you fought when you visited Nortune, not as weak as the others, but still not useful.
FireWheel Same thing as the 3 gears above...a bit stronger, but not enough.
SilverStar A decently fast gear, not that great with long-range attacks, but good.
Musha Remember the first gear enemy of the game? Well, here it is, and it still sucks.
Hatamoto Not very strong, but his spear is somewhat useful for attack and defense.
Backfirer Weak and useless. Don't use it unless you have a deathwish or something.
Shinobi Also rather weak, but a bit fast.
Wyrm I wonder if it's weak to Ether Shots like it is to Guided Shots? Not a very useful...err..."Gear".
Tin Robo Weak and Slow, but funny to watch (you probably noticed that when you fought him during the game).
Rankar Same problems as with the Wyrm, but if you want to make your life harder...
Etone 1 Has one decent long-range attack, but nothing else. Avoid this gear.
Etone 2 Has one long-range attack a bit more powerful, but it still sucks compared to most gears.
Golem Has some good attacks and a decent defense, but it's rather slow.
Fixbot Think of the Tin Robo, except that he isn't funny. And no, you can't repair yourself with it.
Worker Average gear, not very strong or weak. The only advantage to using this gear is its short size, making it hard for some gears to hit it.
Dozer Another average gear, nothing particulary good about it. Kinda short like the Worker, and equally annoying to hit.
Death Similar to Stier, but can also dive underwater (could be useful in desperate situations).
Merman Another underwater gear, has some good long-range attacks.
Salvager A similar gear to Merman, but faster, stronger, and has a dirty trick where you can attack from underwater with barely any chance of getting hurt.
Trooper A bit stronger than the Musha, but not recomended.
Twin Burner One of his sequences allows you to knock your enemy down before he stands up, but aside from that, it's an average gear.
Spear Trooper Compared to Hatamoto, this gear can't do much with its spear, so ignore it.
Sand Tripper Fast, but very weak. Why did they let you choose these crappy gears, anyway?
Sufal Slow, but has good long-range attacks.
Eagle Gunner An average gear, has good long-range attacks.
EagleArmor Another average gear (all the Eagles are like that), but has good defense and strength.
Pedestal Another average gear, kinda slow, but powerful.
Edin Fast and has an useful long-range attack, worth a try.
Eagle Blade An average gear. Kinda slow, but strong.
Argento To get it, you have to choose Special Mode 1, set the difficulty to Hard and the number of matches to 3, then fight ALL gears, including the gear you're using (to fight the same gear you're using, hold L2+R2 while choosing the gears). This gear is incredibly strong, it's worth the effort.

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