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Xenogears Original Soundtrack

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda

Sound Design: Tomohiro Yajima

SSCX-10013, Published by Digicube, Released in 3/01/1998, 2 Discs (Length 144:51)

Disc One
Track Name Length Description
01 Light from the Netherworlds 4:51 Song played during the introduction. A combination of religious and dark, high-tech tunes.
02 Stars of Tears 2:56 The overworld theme rendered and with English vocals. If you liked "Emotions", this one is for you.
03 Bonds of Sea and Fire 3:08 This soothing song is played when Bart or Margie are around, a sad but encouraging theme.
04 My Village is Number One 4:03 The Lahan village theme, calm and enjoyable.
05 The Valley where Wind is Born 2:32 Played when you reach Citan's house (and some other spots), similar to "My Village is Number One", but less catchy.
06 Faraway Promise 1:51 A song that brings back Fei's memories. A good music box instrumentation.
07 Steel Giant 2:28 A faster song, played in a few specific battles and usually before battles (mostly gear battles).
08 Forest of the Black Moon 4:02 This is your usual Forest theme, but rather eerie and mysterious.
09 Shattering Egg of Dreams 3:02 Elly's theme is an awesome song, evoking her emotions and character every time you listen to it.
10 Back to Sleep 0:09 The 'good night!' song.
11 Dazil, City of Burning Sands 3:27 Played in Dazil only, this song has a mysterious tone and some vocals representing the desert city.
12 Emotions 3:08 The overworld theme, nicely done but sometimes underappreciated amongst so many good tracks.
13 Grahf, Emperor of Darkness 3:50 Grahf's theme. All I can say about this song is 'EVIL'. Indeed a very cool evil song.
14 Fuse 2:33 Theme played when there's something wrong or when you're in a rush (or both).
15 Leftovers of the Dream of the Strong 5:08 The Yggdrasil theme, a highly upbeat and heroic song.
16 The Treasure Which Cannot be Stolen 3:26 My favorite track, it always reminds me of the scene when Fei and Elly are talking in her house (I'm not talking specifically about the shower part you pervert :P). A delightful song.
17 Aveh, the Ancient Dance 1:50 Aveh's theme, uses vocals like "Dazil, City of Burning Sands" but is faster and more upbeat, reflecting the market town area of Aveh.
18 Invasion 3:12 Usually played in undercover, hidden actions and also in Kislev. Not as upbeat as the title would suggest, but interesting.
19 Stage of Death 2:38 The battle theme, a very upbeat and cool song. You'll get addicted easily.
20 In a Dark Sleep 0:22 This is the game over or defeat theme.
21 Singing in the Gentle Wind 4:09 Played in Margie's home town and on a few other occasions, this song has a more 'homely' feeling.
22 The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light 1:56 Played inside the church, a strongly religious song.
23 Lost...Broken Shards 1:05 A short and sad song, played mostly when Elly is around.
24 Thames, the Man of the Sea 3:49 Played in the Thames, this a marching, maritime song with a few vocals.
25 The Blue Traveler 3:12 Another marching and really upbeat song, played before some battles.
Disc Two
01 Ship of Regret and Sleep 2:42 Another heavily religious song, but with more instruments and a sad tone.
02 The Jaws of Ice 2:53 A dark, eerie song portraying the betrayal in this game.
03 Knight of Fire 2:42 The boss theme, a very militaristic song.
04 June Mermaid 4:27 Emeralda's song, a beautiful song played only when she's around.
05 Shevat: The Wind is Calling 3:31 The song that lots of people consider similar to "Corridors of Time", from Chrono Trigger. I find them both great, but this one sounds lighter and soothing.
06 The Sky, Clouds, and You 2:35 Chu-chu's theme? Played in a couple of innocent or funny situations (you don't see many of those in Xenogears, though :P).
07 Gathering Stars in the Night Sky 3:04 A different version of Elly's theme, this one sounds less sad.
08 Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People 3:34 Song played when most traumas or problems show up, a dark song.
09 Flight 4:48 Another extremely heroic song, even more than "The Blue Traveler", played when Maria helps the party.
10 Wings 2:20 The airship (err... not exactly :P) song. Nothing really outstanding, but it's still a nice song.
11 Solaris: Eden of Heaven 3:43 A funny, cool song. This is rather surprising when you first imagine Solaris, but it does fit the good life most High Class Solarians have.
12 Back to Sleep 0:13 Another good night song.
13 The One Who is Torn Apart 5:06 Id's theme, an eerie and gothic song, showing his tormented personality.
14 Pray for the People's Joy 3:25 Another religious song, frequently used when referring to the Ethos.
15 Omen 4:53 Another eerie song, but stronger and usually followed by shocking revelations in the game.
16 Awakening 4:21 Played in the last battle, a fierce song with religious tones.
17 One Who Bares Fangs at God 6:05 The last boss theme, awesome yet quite bizarre.
18 The Beginning and the End 4:36 Played during the ending, very religious (like you'd expect :P), full of vocals and quite fitting.
19 Small of Two Pieces 6:20 A vocal version of "Faraway Promise", wonderfully done.

Xenogears Arranged Version - Creid

Composed and Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda

Performed by: Tetsuko Honma, Yoko Ueno, others

SSCX-10018, Published by Digicube, Released in 4/22/1998, 1 Disc (Length 49:07)

Track Name Length Description
01 Melkaba 7:24 The song that is played inside Merkava (also known as "Omen") with many extras, like harps, guitars riffs and chantings.
02 Two Wings 2:57 The Japanese version of "Star of Tears", there's basically no difference except for the vocals.
03 Balto 5:34 An arranged version of "Bonds of Sea and Fire". The soothing atmosphere is kept with extra instruments like a flute and an accordion . At this point the song gets faster and switchs to an arrangement of "Aveh, the Ancient Dance".
04 Creid 4:40 A version of "The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light" with many chanting vocals. After a certain point, Celtic instruments are added to the overall religious mood of the song.
05 Dajil 4:11 An awesome arrangement of "Dazil, City of Burning Sands". The Arabic theme is even more present here and the song is quite more upbeat compared to the original version.
06 Stairs of Light 3:44 A funny vocal song based on "The Valley where Wind is Born". The Irish instruments are quite often used in this song.
07 June Mermaid 4:07 Arranged version of the same song, interesting but doesn't add much to the original.
08 Spring Lullaby 5:28 The song "Flight" is arranged without its fast-pacing mood, but a more soothing melody with extra vocals.
09 Lahan 4:32 An even more upbeat version of "My Village is Number One" with that classical Irish style (like you didn't notice this whole OST is like that by now :P). If you liked "Stairs of Light", you'll love this song.
10 Mebius 6:24 A combination of "Faraway Promise" and "Small of Two Pieces" with Japanese vocals. The extra pianos and guitar solos add a lot, but it's basically the same song.

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