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May 26, 2008: Hello? Anybody there? Yes, I'm alive. *laughs* I'm taking some time to add small updates that I should have done years ago but finally got to it. Anyway, thanks ryochan for the extra tidbit about the Mountain Path. I've also fixed a couple of details about the walkthrough (part 8 only for now) and will add more info for the enemies' section one day. Hopefully in less than 3 years this time :P

November 29, 2004: A couple of tidbits were changed. Thanks Dex for the info.

September 28, 2004: Whoa, almost 2 years, uh? This is no big update, though, just some extra info about a couple of items.

December 26, 2002: Shrine is finally done. I have to finish BoO, but I'll be back to add anything else of interest to this shrine.

November 14, 2002: Tidbits section updated. I just have to finish the last levels of the Experience Chart and submit it for corrections.

November 13, 2002: Gear Equipment, Cheats, Equipment, Items, Weapons, Secrets and Enemies without pictures added.

November 12, 2002: Walkthrough, Bosses, Enemies and Maps section are complete.

November 9, 2002: Err..umm...just one last chapter to finish the walkthrough...And yeah, I still haven't finished the secrets/tidbits sections.

October 29, 2002: You might have noticed some updated pages (and a couple of broken pics :P) around...expect a finished walkthrough soon.

September 27, 2002: Small update adding selling prices. On a sad side note, hell week (s) are coming. Don't expect any updates at all during next week.

September 24, 2002: Disc 1 Walkthrough and a bunch of stuff has been added...Whew!

September 10, 2002: I altered the Maps section a bit.. I'll update again when Disc 1 Walkthrough is finished.

August 18, 20002: Chapter 14 added and HTML update done.

July 7, 2002: Chapter 13 added, other small changes done.

July 2, 2002: Chapter 11 and 12 added, deathblows page changed. Grahf's pic will be up soon.

June 18, 2002: Sorry...tests are almost done..Chapter 10 and a bunch of other stuff added.

May 31, 2002: Chapter 9 and some other stuff are up :P.

May 26, 2002: Chapter 7 and 8 added.

May 19, 2002: Desert Attack and Stalactite Cave added. Working on new gear subsections.

May 18, 2002: No updates, I've been working on the gear items...there are just so many frickin' items to list...

May 14, 2002: City of Dazil added. Emulator is working better now! I have tests coming soon though :/

May 5, 2002: Blackmoon Forest plus a lot of other small updates added.

May 3, 2002: I upgraded my video card but got sick :/ ...Anyway updates on tidbits and enemies.

April 28, 2002: Err..sorry...the emulator is...just...too...SLOW...

April 21, 2002: Bunch of small updates. Mountain path to be finished soon.

April 18, 2002: First enemy added! Boy, this is gonna take looots of time to finish. I also changed the characters page a bit.

April 16, 2002: Village of Lahan added, plus some stuff to the accessories and items section. Extra tidbits section up (Will I ever stop? :P)

April 11, 2002: Experience Chart and Accessories sections added.

April 10, 2002: Cosmetic changes and updates to the equipment and maps section.

April 8, 2002: Updated the basics section, some changes on the walkthrough to reduce its size.

April 4, 2002: Doing tests, but still alive. Lucca will host the basics section :P

March 22, 2002: Back from my hiatus to update at all :P. Seriously, I'll travel next weekend and start test week (s) right after it. I'll try to make some small updates, though.

March 17, 2002: Started adding the equipment section. I'll be without my comp for a couple days, but don't freak out, I'll be back.

March 14, 2002: Soundtrack section is done. Hey it's the easiest one :P.

March 12, 2002: Gears section partially up.

March 11, 2002: Soundtrack, Combos and Skills sections are up. There's more info to add to them, but meh.

March 10, 2002: Started working on the shrine. Just adding links to section, there's not much here yet.

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