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Climbing the Babel Tower

Items found at the Babel Tower: Beam Jammer, E Circuit, EarthVeil Ar, 2 Ether Ars, FireVeil Ar, Flare RodG, G-GG060 Ammo, G-M10S Ammo, Gold Bullion, 3 Gold Nuggets, Ground, Ice RodG, Lite Ar +1, O2 Cylinder, Old Circuit, Stone RodG, Thunder RodG, Veil Doubler, WaterVeil Ar, WindVeil Ar

Get ready for some jumping and rope-climbing here.

Enter the tower, then head SouthEast, then East jumping to the SouthWest to get an Ether Ar. Continue jumping the platforms to the South, South and West, head West, then North to get a Lite Ar +1. Go back South, then East and drop to a small platform to the North to get an EarthVeil Ar (Rotate the camera to see it). Continue West, then jump to the SouthEast back to the upper platform. Jump to the platform East, then South. At the tip of the platform, jump to catch the rope and hold the directional button to either right or left. After you have swinged as much as you can, jump to the SouthEast platform. Continue jumping to the SouthEast, then turn NorthWest jumping to the SouthWest before the platform bends, making you fall. You have to make sure you jump as far as you can to reach the upper platform and get a Thunder RodG. Drop down to a small platform to the East, enter the corridor to the West, then head North and grab a rope to reach another area. Save in the memory cube, then head West and you'll automatically leave the gears. Enter the small room, get the Gold Nugget, check the map to the North and jump over the computer to the East and check the other computer. After a scene, jump to exit the room, re-enter the Gears, drop to the West, then jump to the North to enter a lift. Climb the crates and get the Beam Jammer and Ether Ar before getting outside the Gears. Climb the small ladder to the North with the regular characters and head to the middle entrance to the East. Get the Gold Nugget and the Old Circuit and check one of the computers to the SouthEast. After a scene, you'll fight Ramsus and Miang (again).

Yeah, I know. The villains ALWAYS wait.

One of the easiest battles against Ramsus, don't even bother with booster, just attack him with your best combos. After this, save the game, then take the SouthEast door. Continue East, then South and jump over the pit until you reach a locked door. Go back to the pit you just jumped over and drop down to get a Ground, then enter a small door to the North with regular characters. Head North and jump to get an O2 Cylinder, then drop to get an E Circuit and a Gold Nugget. Check all computers to watch a scene and release a lock, then jump back and return to your Gears. Open the door to the South you couldn't open before. Continue South, then drop down again and head North to get a Veil Doubler and a WindVeil Ar, then head South twice. Get the Ice RodG and the FireVeil Ar at a pipe room, then continue South. At this new area, head West and talk to the Gear to refuel. Head South (Through the lower area), then East to get a Stone RodG. Now go back North, then head South through the upper area until you find a green platform (It looks like a Traffic Jam) and jump on it. After a battle, you will go up, so jump East before it goes down again. Head North and jump to a lower block, then jump NorthWest to get a G-M10S Ammo. Jump South at another green platform, defeat the Traffic Jam and jump either North or East when you reach the peak. Head South and when you cross a broken pedestal (or whatever that is), look behind it to get a Gold Bullion. Jump North (or West) at the next green platform, then jump South (You'll reach another area). Head North and you'll find at GG-060 Ammo behind the weird looking object again. Jump North, then jump East and drop down to the NorthEast to get a Flare RodG. From there, drop West and jump South at another green platform. Jump to the East, then to the South to get a WaterVeil Ar. Jump East once, then take a good look at the SouthWest corner. You're gonna have to drop down at the green platform you barely see! Try centering your jump. Jump South a few times, then turn to West and climb up. Save your game and head to the center to watch a scene.

Yes, you're fighting a Blue Calamity. But it isn't nearly as difficult, and the programmers have an excuse for using a recolor.

Use Ether Attacks and Deathblows. Seibzehn has no special attacks, so it'll go down easily. After some scenes (and an explanation as to why Calamity and Seibzhen are similar), you'll be inside Shevat.

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