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Nortune - Battling and the Sewer Monster

Items found at the D Block: Dogfood

Items found at the Sewers B1: Aquasol, Kislev Map, Physisol

Items found at the Sewers B2: Bell Amulet, Cool Shades, Ether Veiler, Gallant Belt, Gold Nugget, Knight Helm, Mentsol, Poison Guard, Sewer Keys, Zetasol DX

Oh REALLY? Are you using another of those shock attacks, Blanka?

You wake up at the D Block prison are in Nortune and before you think of doing you must fight some bosses to earn a "rank". You can lose these battles, but you'll be of a lower rank (There'll be a couple of different speeches and you won't get the same dishes but only bad thing is that the prices for selling monster parts will be lower). Leonardo, Heinrich and Vargas are just improved versions, respectively and they're all relatively easy. Suzarn is a bit tougher because she can take all your EP at once and constantly half your HP. Use curative items like Aquasols and attack her when you can. You can't win the last battle against Rico (Hell, even if you're at the ending of the game you probably wouldn't withstand that much damage), but don't worry, you'll get the best rank (for now) by defeating Suzarn.

Hoo boy. Watch out, because this guy talks A LOT.

After getting your rank you can move around. You can buy some dog food from the man near the dog (if the dog barks first), eat some special dishes, hunt monster parts in the sewers and sell them at an Ethos facility and just visit town. Visit Latina's bar and talk to the Hammer (The beast-like guy with a hat) and after he introduces himself, you can buy some items and weapons from him. After that, head NorthEast and a guard will stop you. Go back to the bar, watch a scene, then back to your dorm. After a scene with Citan you can try to remove the collar (Don't worry). I've heard tons of rumors that if you rest first (I coudln't rest, Citan asked me to finish the discussion first) and try later, Citan would remove a small part of it and sell it to Hammer for 5000 G. Unfortunately, it never worked for me. Anyway, after some more talking, Fei decides to become a battler. Head to the NorthEast exit and on Nortune Map, go to the C Block. After some talking you'll have to fight (Take your chance to check the tutorials before doing it). It doesn't matter if you win or not the first battle. On the next day, talk to Citan and Hammer, then go back to battling (You can also buy new gear parts from Hammer!). Battling shouldn't be too hard, check the game tutorial or the basics section if you need. You'll have to fight 2 battles, then go sleep, then fight more 2 battles and sleep. On the next morning, Rico will show up and you'll join him to investigate the sewers. Climb the ladder outside and go down another ladder on the roof near a battler to get inside.


Right after climbing down, cross the bridge to the North, then another bridge to the East, then a bit to the North to find a murder spot. Now go South, then East to get an Aquasol S. Go back to the entrance, then head West (jump the water from the ducts or you'll receive damage.), then South (don't cross the bridge), then SouthEast to get a Physisol. Now go back to the bridge you just ignored to the West and cross it, then head South to find another Murder Spot. Now head North, NorthWest, cross the bridge to the North, then head West to get the Kislev Map (Useful item for this sewers, except that I can't read a thing written on it :P). Go back and cross the bridge you just crossed, then head West and reach the ladder leading to the second sewers floor.

Haven't I seen you somewhere on Lahan?

Go South, moving around to the East until you get the Cool Shades. Cross the bridge SouthEast, head SouthWest, then West to the murder spot. Now go back to the bridge you crossed and head NorthEast jumping over the 'No Entry' sign and climbing the ladder. Head East, then South if you want to save the game. Back to the ladder, go NorthWest/North to find another murder spot. Continue NorthWest opening the door, and continue to the West, then South to get a Knight Helm. Go back to the door, then back to the ladder and go back down. Go back all the way to the ladder leading to the first sewers floor, but cross the bridge near it to the West. Head North, West and South alongside the wall and cross the last bridge to the West where you can save again. Head North alongside the wall until you find the rat-sweeper machine (Catless Rats Remover! :P). Examine it to get the Sewer Keys. Now go back to the Memory Cube, the cross the bridge to the East, then cross the next bridge to the NorthEast (the one you skipped before). Turn West and circle around to get a Poison Guard, the back East and further East until you reach a door to the SouthEast. Follow the obrigatory way to the East (skip the bridge to the South), cross the bridge to the East, turn North, then West to get a Gallant Belt. Head back South but instead crossing back the bridge, continue South until you meet Gramps (You can ask him for information about the sewers). Head all the way NorthEast to find another murder spot and a Gold Nugget. Go back to Gramps, cross the bridge South, the head West and South to get a Zetasol DX. Go back to the bridge, continue East, cross the bridge to the NorthEast, then turn SouthEast/South to get a Mentsol. Go back North and follow North alongside the wall until you reach a door to your side. Get the Bell Amulet, then jump on the pipes to reach an Ether Veiler. Now make sure before you go after the monster (you have to reach a slimy with no murder spot near to find him). When you're ready, head West/South (from the Sewage Treatment Room), cross the bridge to the SouthWest, then another to the North, then continue North until you reach a slimy pipe. Examine it and Redrum will appear.

Dude, you're NOT getting a DELL! Or a bell, too...

This can be a serious treat no matter how high-leveled you are, because Redrum uses a skill called 'Murder', instantly killing one of your characters. Try to build up your AP bar (using Iron Valor/Steel Fist helps) and kill him FAST. Leveling up won't help much if he insists on using "Murder", so you'd better have some Zetasols in stock. After you win, there's a scene and you're back to the D Block. Go talk to Rico at the inn, and after another scene you can continue your way battling (At the battling arena, silly :P).

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