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Special Enemies

Name HP(estimated) Strategy Location Prize
Yellow bird 4 HP This entirely depends on Luck. Just keep trying to hack away at it Bale area, Hoax area 300g and/or Elude Cloak
Blue bird 5 HP Use a Sachet, then try your best. Valley of Corrupted Gravity area 1000 EXP
Red bird 6 HP Physical attacks are no use here, so use magical attacks Evergreen forest area, Furni area 1000g and/or Pheonix Plume
Rainbow bird 8 HP You'll be lucky if you get your hands on it. It has very high immunity to status abnormalities. Sachets are very useful in this battle. Death frontier area, Sea route between Rouge and Fletz, Moon that never sets 3000 EXP and/or Rainbow Dress
Cursed jar 4 HP You need to beat this enemy with a Magic Signet Stone and a bit of luck Nest of Dragon area, Black Castle, Fletz area, Lohan area, 300 EXP and/or Night Raid
Treasure jar 5 HP It can make a barrier against magical attacks. Use Sachet before that happens. Fueno area Ruby Ring
Lucky jar 6 HP It's immune against any physical/magical attacks. Try to poison it, and then you can use a Sachet. Death fontier area 300g, 1000 EXP and/or Moon Serenade
00 Parts 4 HP This is an easy minor enemy if it doesn't kill you instantly. Prepare a Sachet and kill it as soon as possible before it kills you or runs away. Lohan area, Moon that never sets 600g and/or Spirit potion

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