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Walkthrough-Disk 1 Part 4

Enter Shirley's shrine and you will notice a treasure chest to the left (Nothing). Most of the treasure chests are empty, so don't be surprised when you don't get anything. Take the path the north to enter the next area. Once in the next area, Rose will inform everyone that their dragoon stones are resonating together. Rose thinks that there might be another dragoon inside here. You will then automatically move into the next area. Take the right path to find a recovery point. Go back and enter the top left path. proceed and you will see a wheel, turn it and a gate will open. Head back and take the north path. Climb up the stairs, there will be a panel where you have to enter a password. Enter the digits 3,5,2 and an exit will open. Head into the new area. In the new area you will see two statues. Try to climb up the the stairs and you will slide down. Turn the silver statue to face the left and the golden statue to face the front. Try the stairs, they work now! You will then find a save point, save baecause you area bout to face a boss. Proceed and you will meet Drake. he will then fight you to protect Shirley. After the fight, Shirley will come out, she doesn't have the Dragoni plant but she does have the White Dragoon Spirit (yahh!), but you will have to fight here to get it. After the battle don't leave! head forwardand grab the treasure chests (Healing Breeze), (demon Stiletto) and (140g). Now head back onto the world map!

Head back through the nest of the dragon and back to Lohan. Then, head back to the area where you found the Stardust beside the cage (to the right of th erow of merchants). Head into the building to the north. Head right and talk to a woman named Ginger at the counter. You will be entered into a competition. Dart is the only one who is able to enter. Talk to the man in green in front of the door once you are ready, There are also a lot of mini-games in this place. Anyway your up next! After the five rounds you will automatically lose to Lloyd. After the dissapointing lose, Lavitz will come in and tell you to go back to the entrance. Go back to the entrance and after some disscusion Lavitz will give you and Shana, 3 tickets to go and have some fun. Go out and try some of the minigames. (refer to my minigames section to get descriptions/strategies on each of the minigames). Once you have had your fill of games, Talk to Lavitz and you and your party will leave. before you can exit the town though an injured soldier will come in and that the king Albert was captured during a surprise attack! Lavitz will start to go crazy but Haschel manages to calm him down by punching him. After everything has calmed down, head back to the world map.

When you head back to Hellena prison, you will see a sequence involving Fruegel and King Albert. After the sequence you can choose your party memebers. After you are done choosing, head forward and two guards will charge at you. Take the second door from the far left to meet your ol' buddy the merchant. Stock up and head into the furthest room on the left. Proceeding left, you will find an elevator. Take it up and get off when given the choice to. Climb up the ladder and enter through the hole. Continue to the left to find a treasure chest (Leather Armor). Go back down the ladder, and enter through the other hole. You will eventually and up in a room with four holes. Proceed through the right hole until you see a treasure chest (Felt Hat). Cross over the bridge and enter the next area. Cross over another bridge to get another chest (Therapy ring) {TIP: I wouldn't sell this ring if I were you it is extremely rare and useful}. Go back to the room with the four holes. Head into the first hole on the left. Take the elevator, and then enter the entrance beside the elevator. Taking the elevator will lead you to a treasure chest (Pandemonium). Return back to te four holes room. This time go into the second entrance to the left and take the elevator. Proceed right to find a treasure chest (Thunderbolt). take the ladder down to get another treasure chest (Silver embroided vest). Then go down the other ladder leading down and take the elevator. Head upstairs into another area. head to the left to get a treasure chest (Healing Potion). Then head forward to the next screen. You will be in a room full of guards, you will then run automatically run into the trap and fall down! Once you have fallen, get the treasure chest (Sachet). Talk to all of your members except for Shana. Equip yourself properly (you will see why later) and then talk to Shana. Search the wall where the draft is coming from. You will engage in a boss battle!!! After you have beaten Jiango, an new exit will appear. Everyone will go through except for Shana and Haschel. Shana explains to Haschel her feelings toward Dart. Once you gain control of Dart again, proceed along the path and you will meet some more guards. Once you have killed them, get the treasure chest (Healing Potion) that's ahead of you. Head forward into the next area, there will be more guards that want to fight you, notice the lone guard running away. After the battle, follow that lone guard that ran away. There will be guards yet again in this area, so fight your way through as usual. Once you have headed into the next area, there will be a save point and the treasure chests! (Spear), (Broad Sword) and (20g). After collecting the treasure, save because there is going to be a boss battle! In the next area, you will see a sequence with Fruegel end Albert again! after that is done, it's rumble time!! Once the fight is over, You will see the hooded man taking some sort of stone out of Albert. Being a king's guard, Lavitz right away transforms into a dragoon in mid air. *****SPOILER***** The hooded man will then take out a wicked sword and strike Lavitz, Dart rushes to Lavitz's side but it's no use. Lavitz will then die. The Jade dragoon spirit will then come to Albert. The dragoon spirit recognizes Albert as it's new master. You will probably notice that the hoodede man looks a lot like Lloyd, the expert fighter you lost to in Lohan. You will then automatically travel back to Seles. *****END OF SPOILER*****

Back in Seles, there will be a lot of conversation with King Albert. Rose explains to everone that the sword that killed Lavitz is known as the dragon buster. A sword designed to slay dragons! after the explanation you will gain control of Dart. Talk to everyone to get more information. Albert then suggests heading to the Black Castle, to see who is behind all this. Albert will then join your party! After you have chosen your party memebers you will see a sequence with Lloyd at the Black Castle. After the sequence you will be back on the world map. Save and try out Albert if you want to.

head through the forest again until you reach the world map again. On the world map, head towards the Black Castle. Inside, enter the first room on the left. Search through the barrels to get a Stardust. Head back outside and enter the first room on the right. Talk to the receptionist to register as a mercenary. He will give you 100g for registering. Climb up the ladder and grag the treasure chest (Attack ball). Search the area next to it to find a Stardust. Return back to the main street. The second room to the left is an inn. Head to the second room on the right. Open the treasure chest (Twister Glaive). Head back to the main street. Head into the third room to the right. Walk to the counter and you will see an idiot who claims he killed the dragon. Some soldiers will then come in to arrest the liar. Talk to the man at the counter to buy some weapons. Then search the piece of a shield for a Stardust. Head back to the main street and head north. Keep heading north and enter the first room you see. Check the bookshelf to get a Stardust. Exit this room through the left path. Walk to the right and climb up the ladder. Search the barrels to the left of the entrance to find a Stardust. Cack the barrels near the stairs to find another Stardust. Head to right to find an item shop. Head out of this room and enter through the left door to find a boy. He will ask you a bunch of questions. For the first question, choose the third choice. For the second question, choose the third choice. For the third question, choose the second choice. He will then tell you that his name is Popo, and that he is a representative for the New Serdio Party. Their objective is to aid people who are being effected by the war. After the conversation, you will see a save point. Save, and then follow Popo. Popo will then ask you, if you are ready to head in the Black castle. Choose the option "Yeah, I'm ready" if you are ready. Climb up the first rope and then climb down the next rope. Climb down the next rope and then follow the path until you see a treasure chest (20g). Climb back up, and then climb down the rope at the end. Climb down the long rope and then go left and climb down the other rope. Walk right and climb up ladder after ladder to finally reach the Balck Castle!

Fight your way through the right until you see a treasure chest (Spark net). Head north to be at the Black Castle's entrance. Fight the two guards, and enter the north path. Once in the next area, head to the room on the right. There will be a pillar in this room, touch it and you will then meet two scientists. After the conversation, you will recieve some magic oil. The white flame acts as a recovery point. head to the right and you will find an elevator and a small panel beside the elevator. Touch the panel to light it up. This will make the elevator accessable. Needless to say, take it up. You will notice some more researchers. Once you have finished talking to them, take the elevator down. You will see an area where rocks fall down. Avoid the rocks and once you get over on the other side, there will be a treasure chest (Red stone). On your way back, get hit by the rocks purposely to fall down into a dump-like area. There will be two treasure chests here (Dark Mist) and (Trans Light). Climb back up and head back to the area where you saw the guard patrolling. Take the elevator to the left. You will arrive on the upper platform. Walk along the platform until you reach the room on the right. Talk to the researcher and then get the treasure chest (Blue stone). Talk to him again and he will transform himself into a dog (what a magician!). Head back down, then take the elevator to the north that is being guarded by two guards. Head to the left twice to see a merchant. After you stock up, head into the room next to the merchant. this is a kitchen. Head to the room next to the kitchen to get a treasure chest (Beast fang). Continue left and you will notice that this is the elevator you took to get here. Head right and and take the elevator leading up. You will notice three Sandora knights training, confront them. After the fight, tke the elevator up. Talk to the man and you will then discover that he is the commander who took Shana from Seles. He will give you the yellow stone. He explains to you that the stones are actually keys to Emperor Doel's chamber. Head back down and head right into the next area. Head into the right room to fight a Sandora Elite. Head right after fighting him. Press the panel to activate the cabel car. Take the cable car into the next screen. There will be two treasure chests (Spear Frost) and (Spirit potion). Head back to where you fought the Sandora Elite and this time take the elevator up to the next floor to gat a treasure chest (Spinnig Gale). Head back to the training area where you fought the three knights. Take the elevator on the left to head to the fourth floor. There will be a priest and a save point. The priest's name is father Faza. He tells you some information on Emperor. The triangle next to the save point is the place where you are to put the stones in. Place the stones in, and then save at the save point. Once you have the stones placed, an new entrance will open up. Head through the entrance and take the elevator up. Proceed along the path and you will meet Kongol again. After the battle Rose will unleash the finishing move. Go back to the save point and save. Then head back to where you fought Kongol and proceed along the path. Here comes the last boss of Disc 1. After you have beaten him, he will tell you that Lloyd has gone to the city Tiberoa. haschel will then tell you that he is leaving the party. just as he is about to go, he inherits the violet dragon spirit. Then it will go dark and this means that it is the end of disc 1!!

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