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Sol Tower

Sol Tower

This is a guide to everything in Sol Tower (after you beat Gaza) from bottom to top. Have Fun!!

Basement 2

In the Library, you can find Mary's Diary.
Give it to a monk on the roof.

Warrior's Square
Come here after you beat Songi in Noaru Valley
and Vahn knows every art to get Meta to level 9.

Basement 1

Control Room
There's nothing important here anymore.

Floor 1

Items Shop 1
Guardian Ring 8000
Speed Ring 8000
Wisdom Ring 8000
Healing Berry 3000
Healing Bloom 600
Phoenix 1600
Door of Light 200

Takes you out of the tower (duh)

Costs 200 G to sleep

Floor 2

Arms Shop 1
Holy Claw 17000
Battle Axe 15600
Hero Seal 12500
Expert Armor 22200
Steel Boots 18000
War God Plate 28800

Sol's Diner
It's closed, it's always closed

Floor 3

Items Shop 1 (back entrance)
This is a back entrance to Items Shop 1.
I'm not sure why it exists.

Floor 4

Costs 280 G to sleep

Jazz Club
Take the Music Score here to reunite Cara and Grantes

Muscle Dome
Go to the bottom of this page for info.

Floor 5

Sol Fever Disco
Noa can win a swimsuit here, if she wins the dance contest.
To win, use the Triangle buttons to boost your level as soon as possible, and be very careful.
One mistake could cost you the title.

Sol Broadway
Gala can take part in the show.
You don't get anything if he does, though.

Floor 6

Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000

Items Shop 2 (inside Bakery)
Life Ring 9500
Power Ring 8000
Stone Amulet 15000
Nature Amulet 8000
Healing Flower 400
Magic Leaf 1000
Door of Wind 200

Arms Shop 2
Beast Buster 14500
Bloody Claw 9500
Survival Axe 10800
Master Armor 15400
Hero Boots 15500
Royal Crown 9400
Tempest Robe 13400

You can buy:
Life Grail: 90000 G, but after bargaining...
Life Grail: 60000 G, haggle a bit more...
Life Grail: 40000 G, that's as low as it goes.
Healing Fruit 10000
Magic Fruit 8500

Floor 7

Community Hall
Sol Cafe
Sol Dayschool
These are all just places to get information.


Muscle Dome

The Muscle Dome consists of two games (Baka Fighter, Slot Machine) and the Muscle Paradise, a battle arena.

Baka Fighter

The Baka Fighter game is like Paper-Rock-Scissors
with life meters.
There is a pattern that can guarantee you
victory about 90% of the time.
Press the indicated buttons repeatedly in the order below.
(For example, if it said X,O you would press
X,O,X,O,X,O,X,O,X,O... until the match ends.
[] means Square.
Round 1 []
Round 2 X
Round 3 O
Round 4 [],X
Round 5 O,O,O,X,X,X
Round 6 O,X
Round 7 [],[],[],X,X,X,O,O,O
Round 8 X,O,[],[],[],[]
Round 9 O,O,X
Round 10 [],X,O
Round 11 [],[],O,X
Round 12 O,O,X,[]
Round 13 X,X,[],[],X,X,O,O
Round 14 [],[],X,O,O,O,X
When you win you get 460 coins.

Slot Machine

You know how a slot machine works.
Press [], X, and O to stop the tumblers and win some coins.

Muscle Paradise

A battle arena!
Only Vahn can fight.
There are three difficulty levels, each giving you better prizes than the last.

Beginner Course
No equipment allowed.
No items allowed.
Magic is allowed.
Accessories are allowed.
You get 818 coins if you win
Round 1 Red Piura
Round 2 Skeleton
Round 3 Drake Ghost
Round 4 Caruban
Round 5 [Fire] Gola Gola
Round 6 Zeto
Round 7 [Thunder] Viguro Lv.2
Round 8 Xain

Expert Course
No equipment allowed.
No items allowed.
Magic is allowed.
Accessories are allowed.
You get 1532 coins if you win
Round 1 Black Piura
Round 2 High Gomboo
Round 3 Dark Ogre
Round 4 Gold Bison
Round 5 Ironman
Round 6 Caruban
Round 7 [Light] Aluru
Round 8 Xain

Master Course
No equipment allowed.
No items allowed.
No magic allowed.
Accessories are allowed.
You get 13,856 coins if you win.
You also get the War God Icon IF you have
beaten Jette in the Absolute Fortress.
If you beat the arena before you beat Jette,
you can NEVER get the War God Icon.
Round 1 Ironman
Round 2 [Thunder] Viguro Lv.2
Round 3 Gold Bison
Round 4 Caruban
Round 5 Zeto
Round 6 Berserker
Round 7 Xain
Round 8 Dohati
Round 9 Lu Delilas
Round 10 Che Delilas
Round 11 Gi Delilas
Round 12 Zora
Round 13 Jette

Muscle Dome Rewards

All that play is worth it!
Item Cost in Coins
Earth Egg* 100000
Evil God Icon 10000
Lost Grail 8000
Life Armband 5000
Deluxe Rod 2500
Vitality Ring 1000
Magic Ring 500
Healing Berry 250
Incense 200
Fury Boost 150
Soru Bread 100
Gold Card 50
*Earth Egg won't appear until you have 100000 coins.

You can take those coins to Vidna too.
Item Cost in Coins
War Soul 1000
Spirit Jewel 800
Guardian Ring 400
Fury Boost 150
Power Elixir 80
Shield Elixir 80
Speed Elixir 80
Phoenix 50
Heavy Lure 10
Normal Lure 5
Light Lure 2

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