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Readers: You can submit tips yourself. Send an e-mail
to me with the subject
Legaia Tips (or something along that line.) So if you
have a secret, an original way to beat Lapis,
or something else neat, send it in!

Summoning Ra-Seru

You can summon these Ra-Seru:
Meta Fire
Terra Wind
Ozma Thunder
Mule Water
Palma Earth
Horn Light
Jedo Dark
Juggernaut Evil
Go here to find out how to obtain them

Optional Bosses
For Optional Boss Strategies, go here.

Location: Rim Elm
Description: 4 Bees and a Queen Bee
Reward: Honey

Location: Rim Elm (right before Songi
destroys the town)
Description: The battle teacher from
the start of the game, way powered up
Reward: Mettle Gem

Location: Mt. Dhini (after meeting Soren
Description: The Ultimate Boss
Reward: Evil Medaliion

Point Card

To get the Point Card search the cupboards in the Rim Elm shop.
Now whenever you buy something, 5% of the money you pay is put on the Point Card.
When used in battle, the Point Card discharges all of the points on it, up to 9999, as damage.
Any left over points are saved.
Using the Point Card is a good way to beat some bosses, especially Koru, but use it sparingly.

Platinum Card

To get the Platinum Card search a hole in the wall in Drake Castle.
Now if you go to certain stores, they will have two or three more items to sell.
On this site, yellow indicates hidden items.

Spikefish Flute

To get the Spikefish Flute steal from a Spikefish or one of its kin, or get it by fishing.
When you use the Flute in battle, you run away.
But when you can't run from the battle, the round automatically ends, and anyone who hasn't acted doesn't receive a turn.
You can do this to cheap out some bosses too.
If Noa and Vahn are fast, have Noa heal or attack and Vahn use a Flute.
Just don't brag about using this trick.

Gone Fishin'

You can go fishing in two places:
1. Secubus Islands and 2. Oustide Buma
Secubus Islands
Mettle Armband 1500
Power Ring 1000
Healing Fruit 500
Lippian Flute 200
Spikefish Flute 200
Water Egg* 20000
Life Grail 6500
Magic Grail 6500
Spirit Talisman 4000
Lippian Flute 200
Spikefish Flute 200
*Water Egg only appears if you have 20000+ points.

Chicken Heart

To get the Chicken Heart talk to Danpas in Vidna after you beat Dohati.

Chicken King

To get the Chicken King run from the first battle in all three
difficulty levels in Muscle Paradise.

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