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Non-Seru Monsters

These are only regular monsters. For a list of Seru, go here.

Name Attacks Dropped Steal Location
Acid Slime Melt Spray Healing Berry Silver Compass Karisto Kingdom
Amethyst None Magic Leaf Magic Leaf Nivora Ravine
Black Piura None Healing Leaf Healing Flower Snowdrift Cave
Blue Piura Drill Healing Leaf Good Luck Bell Snowdrift Cave
Boogie Pump Wind Cutter Fury Boost Magic Fruit Uru Mais, Usha Research Center
Curry Devil Cross Beam Door of Wind Magic Fruit Octam
Dark Ogre Power Up Power Elixir Healing Berry Karisto Kingdom
Dead Bone Curse All Magic Fruit Incense Sol Tower
Death Trigger None Healing Berry Healing Berry Karisto Kingdom
Death Wings Phosphor Antidote Medicine Sebucus Islands
Demon Fly Phosphor Antidote Golden Compass Ratayu
Devil Pump Multi-Cutter Swift Water Magic Leaf Vidna
Drake Ghost Windhash Door of Light Power Elixir Drake Castle
Evil Fly Phosphor Antidote Antidote Drake Kingdom
Evil Shadow Fatal Decision Phoenix Magic Leaf Ratayu
Frog Flip Frog, Poison Tongue Antidote Antidote Drake Kingdom
Garnet White Shield, Heal Magic Fruit Magic Fruit Mt. Dhini
Gel Frog Flip Frog, Poison Tongue Antidote Medicine Fire Path
Ghost Knight Neo Windhash, V. Windhash Door of Light Speed Elixir Sol Tower
Giant Rat Steal Healing Flower Healing Berry Karisto Kingdom
Gobu Gobu Steal Healing Leaf Healing Flower Drake Kingdom
Gold Bison Hell's Tackle Healing Berry Healing Berry Karisto Kingdom
Gold Face Stone Press Magic Leaf Power Water Gate of Shadows
Golem Jagged Earth Guardian Water Life Water Mt. Rikuroa
Gomboo Steal Healing Leaf Healing Fruit Drake Kingdom
Green Slime Divide Healing Leaf Healing Leaf Drake Kingdom
Grude Power Up Healing Fruit Fury Boost Karisto Kingdom
Guardian Neo Windhash, V. Windhash Door of Wind Shield Elixir Jeremi
Heavy Grude Power Up Healing Berry Fury Boost Karisto Kingdom
Hell's Rat Steal Magic Leaf Healing Flower Mt. Letona
Hell's Trigger None Healing Flower Healing Flower Sebucus Islands
High Gomboo Steal Healing Fruit Healing Berry Sebucus Islands
High Mantis None Healing Fruit Healing Fruit Karisto Kingdom
Hornet Poisonous Sting Antidote Antidote Drake Kingdom
Ironman Jagged Earth Power Water Life Water Mt. Dhini
Kabuki Rat Steal Healing Bloom Healing Leaf Secubus Islands
Killer Bee Poisonous Sting Antidote Medicine Octam
Killer Bison Hell's Tackle Healing Flower Healing Leaf Sebucus Islands
Killer Wolf None Door of Wind Healing Flower Usha Research Center
King Frog Flip Frog, Toxic Tongue Medicine Phoenix Mt. Letona
Lamia Glare, Terror Scream Magic Fruit Magic Water Conkram
Lava Face Fissure, Stone Press Magic Fruit Guardian Water Nivora Ravine
Lip Kid Kiss of Death Magic Leaf Lippian Flute Sebucus Islands
Lip King Kiss of Death Lippian Flute Lippian Flute Mt. Letona
Lippian Kiss of Death Medicine Lippian Flute Drake Kingdom
Lucifer Cross Beam Magic Fruit Magic Water Nivora Ravine
Mad Bird Fish Poison Fury Boost Spikefish Flute Fire Path
Mad Golem Earh Crush Healing Berry Magic Water Karisto Kingdom
Mad Mantis None Healing Bloom Healing Flower Octam
Mad Ogre Power Charge Power Elixir Healing Fruit Sebucus Islands
Mage Void Accessory Magic Fruit Magic Leaf Sol Tower
Medusa Glare Magic Leaf Wisdom Water Sol Tower
Moldy Worm Mold Spray Medicine Phoenix Karisto Kingdom
Mush Mush Moldy Spores, Running Kick Medicine Healing Shroom Fire Path
Mushrin Poisonous Spore, Running Kick Healing Shroom Healing Shroom East Voz Forest
Mushroom Running Kick Healing Shroom Healing Shroom Drake Kingdom
Neo Bison Hell's Tackle Healing Fruit Healing Flower Mt. Dhini
Neo Grude Power Up Healing Fruit Door of Wind Nivora Ravine
Nightmare Fatal Decision Magic Water Door of Wind Conkram
Nurga Glare Magic Leaf Wisdom Water Uru Mais
Oak Slime Divide Healing Bloom Healing Flower Sebucus Islands
Ogre Power Charge Power Elixir Healing Bloom Sebucus Islands
Ostrich None Healing Leaf Healing Leaf Drake Kingdom
Poisonous Worm Venom Spray Antidote Medicine Sebucus Islands
Pump Bat Wind-Cutter Phoenix Healing Leaf Mt. Rikuroa
Queen Bee Toxic Sting Antidote Phoenix Karisto Kingdom
Red Piura None Healing Leaf Healing Leaf Snowdrift Cave
Rock Lizard Earthquake Healing Fruit Guardian Water Nivora Ravine
Scale Lizard Earthquake Door of Wind Swift Water Karisto Kingdom
Shade Fatal Decision Magic Fruit Magic Fruit Sol Tower
Skeleton None Magic Leaf Incense Drake Castle
Skull Knight Curse Magic Leaf Incense Ratayu
Sorceror Void Accessory Magic Fruit Magic Fruit Buma
Speed Wolf Terror Scream Swift Water Healing Berry Karisto Kingdom
Spikefish Fish Poison Healing Flower Spikefish Flute Jeremi
Terror Face Stone Press, Terror Scream, Fissure Healing Fruit Swift Water Floating Castle
Thermo Void Accesory Magic Fruit Wisdom Water Floating Castle
Topaz White Shield, Hyper Heal Magic Fruit Wisdom Water Floating Castle
Twin Tomb None Healing Bloom Healing Leaf East Voz Forest
Verial Cross Beam Magic Fruit Phoenix Vidna
Wailing Bird Fish Poison Healing Fruit Spikefish Flute Secubus Islands
Warfish Ultrasound Medicine Incense Nivora Ravine
Warhalf Ultrasound Healing Flower Door of Wind Sol Tower
Warman Ultrasound Healing Flower Door of Light Fire Path
Wolf None Phoenix Healing Leaf Secubus Islands
Worm None Antidote Antidote Mt. Rikuroa

Monster Attacks

Attack Effect
Cross Beam Attacks Whole Party
Curse Causes Curse
Curse All Causes Curse on Whole Party
Divide Enemy Doubles
Drill Physical Attack
Earth Crush Earth-based Attack
Earthquake Earth-based Attack-Whole Party
Fatal Decision Spin the Wheel! Random Bad Effect
Fish Poison Causes Venom
Fissure Earth-based Attack
Flip Frog Physical Attack
Glare Causes Stone
Heal Restores HP
Hell's Tackle Physical Attack
Jagged Earth Earth-based Attack
Kiss of Death Causes Numb or 1 damage
Melt Spray Lowers All Attributes
Mold Spray Causes Rot
Moldy Spores Causes Rot
Neo Windhash Wind-based Attack
Phosphor Causes Poison
Phosphor Causes Venom
Poison Tongue Causes Venom
Poisonous Spore Causes Venom
Poisonous Sting Causes Venom
Power Charge Increase ATP
Power Up Increase AGI
Power Up Increase ATP
Running Kick Physical Attack
Steal Steals an item (Kill to regain)
Stone Press Physical Attack
Terror Scream Causes Fear
Toxic Sting Causes Toxic
Toxic Tongue Causes Toxic
Ultrasound Causes Curse
V. Windhash Wind-based Attack
Venom Spray Causes Venom
Void Accessory Random Accessory's Function is Disabled
White Shield Increase DFP
Wind Cutter Wind-based Attack
Windhash Wind-based Attack


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