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Non-Player Characters

Good Guys

Cara A thief who you will run into often
Dapas A rather paranoid (or cowardly) man in Vidna
Dr. Usha An intelligent scientist who contols Usha Research Center
Grantes A Soren who fell in love with a human and lost his wings
Hari A mysterious person in Octam who can see past, present, and future
King Nebular Noa's father and king of Conkram
Luctes Leads a band of Soren who will help you get around
Maya Mei's mother in Biron Monastery
Mei Vahn's girlfriend in Rim Elm
Mrs. Usha Dr. Usha's wife, gives you a quiz in Usha Research Center
Nene Vahn's sister in Rim Elm, can make a cake
Old Deez Leader of the temple in Sol Tower
Pepe Zalan's son in Vidna
Queen Minea Noa's mother and queen of Conkram
Saryu Leader of Ratayu
Terra A wolf controlled by a Ra-Seru that has taken care of Noa her whole life.
Tetsu Teaches you about battle in Rim Elm (See Secrets and Tips)
Tieg God of Time
Val Vahn's crippled father in Rim Elm
Zalan Artisan in Jeremi (See Items or Magic)
Zopu Master of Biron Monastery

Bad Guys

Che Delilas Gala's counterpart in the Delilas family
Dohati Controls the Mist Generator in the Secubus Islands
Gaza An old warrior controlled by a Sim-Seru
Gi Delilas Vahn's counterpart in the Delilas family
Jette Controls Absolute Fortress in Karisto Kingdom
Koru A living "nuclear bomb" in Nivora Ravine, the Delilases want to make him blow
Lu Delilas Noa's counterpart in the Delilas family
Prince Cort Noa's brother who summoned Juggernaut
Rogue The traitorous Ra-Seru
Songi Gala's rival who will haunt you for most of the game
Xain Evil being who is destroying Octam
Zeto Contols Mist Generator in Drake Kingdom
Zora Conrols Floating Castle in Karisto Kingdom


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