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B: bought, F: found, D: defeat enemy, S: steal, R: received from
If a location is written in parentheses, it is usually the first location that you will be able to buy that item.

HP Recovery Items

Name Price Effect Location
Healing Leaf 100 Heals 200 HP for one ally B: Various Stores (Rim Elm)
Healing Shroom None Heals 200 HP for one ally F: Snowdrift Cave
Healing Flower 400 Heals 800 HP for one ally B: Various Stores (Hunter's Spring)
Healing Bloom 600 Heals 200 HP for all allies B: Various Stores (Biron Monastery)
Healing Fruit 2400 Heals 800 HP for all allies B: Various Stores (Buma)
Healing Berry 3000 Heals full HP for one ally B: Various Stores (Usha Research Center)

MP Recovery Items

Name Price Effect Location
Magic Leaf 1000 Heals 50 MP for one ally B: Various Stores (Hunter's Spring)
Magic Fruit 5000 Heals 200 MP for one ally B: Various Stores (Usha Research Center)

Status Recovery Items

Name Price Effect Location
Antidote 40 Heals Poison B: Various Stores (Rim Elm)
Medicine 300 Heals all abnormal statuses B: Various Stores (Hunter's Spring)
Phoenix 1600 Revives a fallen character B: Various Stores (Vidna)


All elixirs wear off at the end of battle

Name Price Effect Location
Power Elixir 80 coins Increases Attack Power B: Vidna; D: Ogre, Mad Ogre, Dark Ogre, Aluru Lv.1; S: Drake Ghost
Shield Elixir 80 coins Increases Defense B: Vidna; D: Nova Lv.2; S: Guardian
Speed Elixir 80 coins Increases Speed B: Vidna; D: Mushara Lv.1, Swordie Lv.1; S: Ghost Knight
Wonder Elixir None Increases All Attributes F: Treasure Chests Only; S: Viguro Lv.1, Gillium Lv.3, most bosses
Fury Boost 150 coins Increases Length of Arts Bar B: Vidna; D: Mad Bird, Boogie Pump; S: Grude, Heavy Grude

Statistic Enhancing Water

Name Price Effect Location
Power Water None Attack Power +4 D: Ironman; S: Gold Face, Barra Lv.2, Gillium Lv.1, Slippery Lv.1, Gaza (2nd Battle)
Guardian Water None UDF and LDF +4 D: Golem; S: Lava Face, Rock Lizard, Barra Lv.3, Gillium Lv.2, Slippery Lv.2, Rogue
Swift Water None Speed +4 D: Devil Pump, Speed Wolf; S: Scale Lizard, Terror Face, Iota Lv.1, Kemaro Lv.1, Gi Delilas, Zora
Wisdom Water None Intelligence +4 S: Medusa, Nurga, Thermo, Topaz, Iota Lv.2, Kemaro Lv.2, Che Delilas, Jette
Life Water None MAX HP +16 S: Golem, Ironman, Barra Lv.1, Puera Lv.2, Spoon Lv.2, Gaza (1st Battle)
Magic Water None MAX MP +8 D: Nightmare; S: Lamia, Lucifer, Mad Golem, Puera Lv.1, Spoon Lv.1, Lu Delilas, Songi (3rd Battle)
Miracle Water None All Stats +4 D: Jette
Honey None All Stats +4 D: Bees

Magic Doors

Name Price Effect Location
Door of Light 200 Takes you out of a dungeon B: Various Stores (Rim Elm)
Door of Wind 200 Teleports you to a town you've been to before B: Various Stores (Jeremi)

Fishing Rods

Name Price Effect Location
Old Rod None The worst fishing rod R: Fisherman on beach in Vidna
Deluxe Rod 2500 Coins The average fishing rod B: Sol Tower (Muscle Dome)
Legendary Rod None The best fishing rod F: Between two beds in Usha Research Center

Fishing Lures

Name Price Effect Location
Light Lure 2 coins Use in shallow water B: Vidna
Medium Lure 5 coins Use in medium-depth water B: Vidna
Heavy Lure 10 coins Use in deep water B: Vidna

Hyper Arts Books

Name Price Effect Location
Fire Book I None Teaches Vahn "Tornado Flame" F: Drake Castle
Fire Book II None Teaches Vahn "Fire Blow" D: Berserker
Fire Book III None Teaches Vahn "Burning Flare" D: Gi Delilas
Wind Book I None Teaches Noa "Frost Breath" F: Drake Castle Waterway
Wind Book II None Teaches Noa "Vulture Blade" D: Xain
Wind Book III None Teaches Noa "Hurricane Kick" D: Lu Delilas
Thunder Book I None Teaches Gala "Thunder Punch" F: Zeto's Dungeon
Thunder Book II None Teaches Gala "Lightning Storm" D: Songi (2nd Battle)
Thunder Book III None Teaches Gala "Explosive Fist" D: Che Delilas


Name Price Effect Location
Point Card None See Secrets and Tips F: Drawer in Rim Elm store
Platinum Card None Lets you buy "hidden" (blue) items in stores F: Drake Castle, in a hole in the wall
Gold Card 50 coins Lets you enter Sol Fever Disco B: Sol Tower (Muscle Dome)


Name Price Effect Location
Lippian Flute 200 fishing points If you know what this does, e-mail me
Submitted Information:
Magus says: the lippian flute, if you have never seen it, does absolutly nothing, but it sounds intimidating the 1st time you see it perhaps?
Kum-kum says: The Lippian Flute allow you to call lippian monster and use some kind of power that kill weak enemy
B: Fishing Ponds; D: Lip King; S: Lippian, Lip Kid, Lip King
Spikefish Flute 200 fishing points Summons Spikefish, run away from battle (see Secrets and Tips) B: Fishing Ponds; S: Spikefish, Wailing Bird, Mad Bird

Story Items

Name Price Effect Location
Fertilizer None Makes plants grow, used in West Voz Forest F: West Voz Forest
Weed Hammer None Smashes Crystal Weeds, used in East Voz Forest F: East Voz Forest
Zalan's Letter None Letter for Zalan's son R: Zalan (Jeremi)
Spring Salts None Turns water into hot springs, give to Octam's mayor R: Man in Vidna (after Fire Path)
Genesis Seedling None Seedling of the Genesis Tree in Sol Tower R: Old Deez (Sol Tower)
Soru Bread 6000 / 100 coins Used in Sol Tower's Sage Chest Puzzle, heals HP completely for one ally B: Sol Tower
TimeSpace Bomb None Used in Nivora Ravine R: Dr. Usha (Usha Research Center)
Music Score None Symbolic of the love between Cara and Grantes, give to piano player in Sol Jazz Club R: Cara (Buma)
Soren Flute None Calls Soren to Mt. Dhini R: Grantes (Sol Tower)


Name Price Effect Location
Sunrise Key None Open Sunrise Gate in Drake Castle F: Drake Castle
Lightning Key None Open Lightning Gate in Drake Castle F: Drake Castle
Star Key None Open Star Gate in Drake Castle F: Drake Castle
Mountain Key None Open Mountain Gate in Drake Castle F: Drake Castle
Water Key None Close Floodgate near Drake Castle R: Drake Castle (after Noa joins)
Letona Key None Open Mt. Letona Gate in Ratayu R: Saryu (Ratayu)
West Ratayu Key None Open West Gate in Ratayu R: Saryu (after beating Van Saryu)
Ruins Key None Summon Tieg to Uru Mais R: Mrs. Usha (Usha Research Center)
Evil Seru Key None Open Seru Bride Room in Ratayu (See Magic) R: Saryu (Ratayu)

Other Items

Name Price Effect Location
Incense None Lowers encounter rate S: Skeleton, Skull Knight, Dead Bone, Warfish
Swimsuit None A swimsuit Noa wears when you use the Camera Stone in Vidna ^^ R: Win Dance Contest in Sol Fever Disco
Camera Stone None Take pictures of various people, use in Vidna to see Noa in a Swimsuit (if you have it) R: Girl in Vidna
Mary's Diary None Give to monk on Sol Tower to learn Arts. F: Sol Tower Library (basement)
Soren Secrets None Give to Soren in Soren Camp to learn Arts. F: Floating Castle

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