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Battle System

The battle system takes some time to learn but soon it will become second nature. Here is an explanation of what you can do.

At the start of the battle and each round: Begin or Run

Begin: Your leader's turn (usually Vahn) comes up, with four commands. Use the D-Pad to pick one, or Circle to go back.
The commands are: Attack, Item, Meta, and Spirit.

Attack: Allows you to attack an enemy. You have two choices here: Auto and Command

Auto: Select your target and the character will use a set of attacks determined by the game. This will be enough for most random encounters.

Command: Brings up the attack menu. Press up, down, left, or right to enter commands and press Triangle to see your Art list. See the bar at the bottom? When it fills, you are at the maximum capacity for moves that round. When it fills, select your target.

Item: Uses an item. Pretty simple, pick an item, pick a target, and that's all.

Meta: (Vahn only) Allows you to summon a Seru that your Ra-Seru has gained. Same style as using items, but you need MP to use this.

Spirit: Halves all damage this round, and increases AP by about 32 as well as the length of the attack bar.

Once everyone has decided on their moves, everything you selected will be diplayed and one more choice will come up: Begin or Reselect.

Begin: The round of battle is carried out as you determined.

Reselect: If something is wrong, change it.

Other Commands:

Terra: Noa's Ra-Seru, used in place of Meta.

Ozma: Gala's Ra-Seru, used in place of Meta.

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