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The Leopardwoman

If you're a Fighter, train with Uhura to build your Throwing and Agility stats to 150. This will trigger the next event. Otherwise, the event has already begun.

At the Simbani village, you'll learn that a Leopardman has been captured. It tried to break into the village and steal the Drum of Magic, but it's now being held in a cage resistant to magic. Use a Dispel Potion on it, and it'll turn out to be a...girl?

Now, what you do next differs greatly. If you're a Fighter or Paladin, please go HERE. If you're a Wizard or Thief, please continue reading from here.

Go to the Laibon's hut. He'll tell you that the price for marrying the prisoner is one fine spear, one fine robe, and five zebra skins. You should have all those from Tarna, so give them to him. You'll now be hitched to the girl.

Return to the cage. Give the girl a Fine Dagger, a Leopard Statue, and the Beads. Then open the cage door to set her free. She'll run off (kinda like a Vegas wedding, isn't it?).

Now Fighters, Wizards, and Paladins should continue to the next section from here, but Thieves have one more IMPORTANT thing to do: you need to steal the Drum of Magic. Build your Stealth up to 150, then wait until night.

Examine the Laibon's hut, and you'll notice a large crack. While still in stealth, use your Fine Dagger on the crack to make it into a full-fledged hole. Climb inside, and over the sleeping Laibon. Take the Drum, then go back through the hole.

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