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The Spear of Death

Head out into the jungle. Wander around aimlessly until you get the message that you're being watched. Shout out to whoever's watching you, and the Leopardwoman will show up and introduce herself as Johari. Talk to her about everything. If you're a Fighter, Paladin, or Thief, show her the Drum. If you're a Wizard, say good-bye, open the present (if you haven't already) to get Juggling Lights, then walk around until Johari shows up again. Talk to her about everything (ESPECIALLY MAGIC), and she'll walk away after giving you the Lightning Ball spell. Walk around again, and she'll show up. Tell about Peace, and you'll finally be able to continue.

After some chatting, you'll reach the Leopardman Village. Tell Johari about Romance, then tell about Shapier. You'll finally get laid- well, just a kiss, anyway.

At night, Johari will take you up the village wall to see the Change Ritual. It's a pretty nice scene, but adds little to the story as far as plot goes. Now, you have to get the Spear of Death back somehow. And do you know what that means? CLASS-DEPENDENT POINT!!!

Fighters: You'll be taken to meet the Leopardman Chief. After the usual stuff about "outsiders are evil", give him the Drum. Tell about either the Spear or Peace, and he'll give the Spear of Death over in exchange. Now they will discuss peace.

Wizards: Tell the Chief about magic, and the Shaman will challenge you to a Wizards Duel. This is, without a doubt, my favorite scene in the entire game. You have to beat the Shaman by countering spells against each other. First, summon your staff. Next, cast Reversal. Next, cast Calm. Next, Open. When it goes dark, cast Juggling Lights. Use Force Bolt against the snake. Use Levitate to get out of the pit. Finally, the Shaman will get completely pissed off and summon a demon, who'll possess him. Use a Dispel Potion; otherwise you're an evil bastard. Now tell about Peace to get the Spear of Death, return it to the Simbani, get the Drum, and take it to the Leopardmen.

Thieves: I feel so sorry for you poor guys. Johari will show you to her father's hut, which is high in a tree in the middle of a deep patch of grass with a hungry panther patrolling down below. Throw some meat to it, then use your Grapnel to get to the other side. Sneak inside the hut, grab the Spear of Death, then leave. Now, give the Drum to the Chief. Peace may once again exist.

You'll now be back in Tarna for the Peace Conference. I'm not going to spoil what happens, but let's just say that everything goes straight to hell. You'll run like hell out of Tarna just before the gates close. War has begun. You have failed. Game Over- wait, there's still stuff to do!

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