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Returning Characters:

The Hero:
Previous Games: All of them
Background: Now the Prince of Shapier, the hero has come far from his early days as a graduate of Famous Adventurers' Correspondence School for Heroes. He now travels to Tarna in order to create peace between the tribes of the land.

Previous Games: QFG2
Background: Rakeesh was once the King of Tarna, but stepped down after he became a Paladin. He suffered a grievious wound when he battled the Demon Wizard long ago; the news of his possible return strikes Rakeesh with horror.

Previous Games: QFG2
Background: Uhura left the Simbani and went to Shapier. There she had a son while maintaining her status as a warrior (something impossible to accomplish while with the Simbani). She now returns to her homeland in order to help the quest for peace.

New Characters:

Background: Kreesha is the wife of Rakeesh, as well as the most powerful magic user in Tarna. Laws severely limit her use of magic, but she is allowed to use it if someone is in need. She serves on the Tarna High Council, and will provide you with valuable information.

Background: Salim is a natural-born hippy, with long hair and a tye-dye shirt. He runs the Apothecary, and sells pills to those who need them. He also knows how to make a Dispel Potion, but is missing some ingredients...He is having a bizarre dream; maybe you can help him piece it together...

Background: Harami came to Tarna with one of the caravans. A skilled thief, he planned to steal some stuff, then leave. Unfortunately, the caravans stopped when the rumors of war spread. He then got caught by the hero and a guard, and was deemed honorless. He's now shunned by all, but maybe the hero will be merciful...

Background: As Rakeesh's younger brother, Rajah was next in line for the throne when Rakeesh stepped down. He's a very stubborn individual, with no sense of patience for humans and a warped definition of honor. He shows no love for his brother.

High Priestess:
Background: The High Priestess, like most Liontaurs, is extremally prejudiced towards humans. She serves in the Temple of Sekhmet, and is also a member of the council.

Background: Janna runs the inn. She serves you meals, and makes small talk.

Background: The daughter of Rakeesh and Kreesh, Reeshaka followed in her father's footsteps and became a fierce warrior. She was selected as a member of the Peace Mission. Her skills allowed Khatib to escape, but she disappeared at that moment. She might still be alive.

Background: Once a well-educated diplomat, he was sent to head the Peace Mission to the Leopardman Village. Unfortunately, a bunch of demons attacked the group at night, killing everyone except him and Reeshaka. He was driven mad by the experience, and now resides in the Inn, a broken shell of his former self.

Background: The chief of the Simbani people is the Laibon. He is an elderly warrior, but has lost none of his edge. He respects warriors like Rakeesh, and despises magic-users like the Leopardmen (although he's probably indifferent to Kreesha). He will lead the Simbani to war unless the Spear of Death is returned.

Background: As the son of the Laibon, Yesufu is very strong and very intelligent. When he isn't training, he's playing a strange game in the back of the Simbani Village. He wants peace, but will fight if neccessary.

Background: Johari is the daughter of the Leopardman Chief, and as a result, is VERY spoiled and stuck-up. She's captured when she tries to take the Drum of Magic back, and it takes a bit of magic itself in order to help her.

Leopardman Chief:
Background: The leader of all the Leopardmen. The Chief hides the Leopardman Village from the rest of the world, and hates outsiders. However, he's willing to discuss peace, if he can be appeased...

Leopardman Shaman:
Background: A powerful magic user, the Shaman challanges Wizards to a magic duel. Whether or not he survives is up to the player...

Arne Aardvark:
Background: An aardvark miner. Arne can give you some info about the land of Tarna, but not much else.

Background: Manu is a little monkey with a heart of gold. He helps you reach the Lost City.

Demon Wizard:
Background: This demon caused death and calamity years ago in Tarna before being defeated by Rakeesh. He swore revenge, however, and if he's back, then we're all in a LOT of trouble (especially you!)...