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Pills and Potions

Healing PillsApothecaryThese babies restore your HP by about half. Unfortunately, they're really expensive, so don't buy too many.10 Royals
Mana PillsApothecaryThis restores your MP by about half. They're only useful if you have magic, and they're super-expensive.20 Royals
Poison Cure PillsApothecaryThis baby removes the deadly effects of poison. You might want to carry one of these, just in case.20 Royals
Dispel PotionApothecaryThis potion removes magical enchantments and demon possession. However, Salim is missing some ingredients...30 Royals


SwordFighters start with itThis is a long sword. You put the pointy end into the fleshy thingy.None
Magical SwordPaladins start with oneThis is like a sword, but infused with the power of a Paladin. It was Rakeesh's gift to you.None
Fine DaggerWizards and Thieves start with one, Weapon shopThis weapon is too imbalanced to be thrown properly, but is a rather good weapon at close range.15 Royals
Throwing DaggerThieves start with five, Weapon ShopThese daggers are crap up-close, but can slice into the bad guys from a distance.6 Royals
Spear of DeathLeopardman Village, Yasufu gives it to youThe ultimate symbol of Simbani pride, this magical spear was stolen, supposedly by the Leopardmen. It is because of this that the Simbani want war. The spear will kill whomever it attacks instantly.None


ChainmailFighters and Paladins start with oneThis is the best in protection someone can ask for. It's fairly heavy, though.None
Leather ArmorWizards and Thieves start with oneThis protects you from some light blows, but can't take the heavy stuff too well.None
Magic ShieldFighters and Paladins start with oneThis shield protects the user from all forms of evil magic. It can be invaluable in a battle against demons.None

Food Items

SPIM RationsAll classes start with 20These things taste worst than Spam, but can keep you alive for a while.None
Mixed FruitFruit MerchantThese assorted fruits are all very tasty. They can be used quite easily as a food ration.50 Commons
Dried FishFish MerchantThese fish have been dried with salt and preservatives in order to keep them edible. Good for on-the-go seafood lovers.50 Commons
Dried MeatMeat MerchantThese small pieces of meat have gone through the same preservation process as Dried Fish. They're also a lot cheaper.27 Commons
Peace WaterUse Waterskin on the Pool of PeaceThis water is magically enchanted by Erana, and brings a feeling of peace to whoever comes near. The water can restore all your SP, but there are more important uses for it.None
Venomous Vine FruitVenomous VinesThis fruit comes from the deadly venomous vines. It's an ingredient in many potions.None
Gift from the HeartThe Heart of the WorldThis is your gift for being nice to the big tree. Don't eat it; just take it back to Salim.None

Thief Items

ToolkitThieves start with oneThis contains various pointy objects specially crafted for picking locks. No thief leaves home without it.None
OilOil MerchantThis vegetable oil can be used to stop noisy squeeks from ruining your thieving.100 Commons
RopeRope MerchantThis works well for climbing, but you'd best attach something to it first.100 Commons
Magic GrapnelThieves start with oneThis grapnel can hook onto nearly any surface, but needs a rope first.None
Rope and GrapnelCombine Rope and Magic GrapnelThis is what Thieves need for climbing! The grapnel will even extend the rope!None
BlackbirdJunk MerchantsThis looks just like the ones you found in Spielburg and Shapeir. Are you getting close to the real one?40 Commons

Other Items

Money PouchAll classes start with oneThis holds your money. The official currency of Tarna is the Royal and the Common (100 Commons=1 Royal).None
Fine SpearWeapon ShopThis cannot be used as a weapon; it's meant for ceremonial occasions, NOT hunting.15 Royals
NoteAll classes start with oneThis note is from Sheema to Shallah, a Katta who lives in Tarna. Give it to him.None
Sapphire PinImport a character from QFG2This doesn't do anything, but it shows that you are a friend of Kattas.None
GiftWizards start with oneThis is given to you by Keapon Laffin. Take a look at the name and guess what happens.None
Wrapping PaperOpen GiftOn this paper is written the Juggling Lights spell. You might as well read it.None
Zebra SkinLeather MerchantThese are the skin of zebras who got too close to a spear. They make excellent gifts.5 Royals
Fine RobeCloth MerchantA robe made from expensive cloth, this is fit for a king (or a chief, for that matter).10 Royals
HoneyHoney MerchantThis is harvested from beehives. It's sticky, but sweet. Honeybirds love the stuff.80 Commons
Wooden LeopardWood MerchantThis is an excellent sculpture of a leopard. It would make an excellent gift to someone who likes leopards.5 Royals
TinderboxJunk MerchantsThis contains flint, steel and kindling. You need it to start fires in the wilderness.200 Commons
BeadsJewelry MerchantThese are some very fine beads made into a necklace. Girls might like this.95 Commons
VineTree during Simbani Initiation, WaterfallThis long vine is quite surdy. It can be used as a bridge, or to grab onto something.None
Blue OrchidJungle (random)These flowers are beautiful, but grow in high places. It might take a bit of magic to get some.None
Glowing OrchidsPut the Orchids into the Pool of Peace at nightThe waters of the Pool of Peace have now enchanted the Orchids.None
Magic WoodThe Heart of the WorldThis wood can be made into your magic staff.None
Dinosaur HornDefeated DinosaurThis is your proof that you killed the giant monstrosity known as a dinosaur.None
Gem of the GuardianHeart of the WorldThis gem is magical in nature. It can help you fortell your destiny.None
Fire OpalVenemous Vines, Lost CityThis jewel glows as if it was alive. Some magic must be involved with it.None
Drum of MagicLaibon's HutThis is the symbol of pride for the Leopardmen. When it was stolen, they went up-in-arms to destroy the supposed thieves, the Simbani. This works as a major source of their power.