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Magic operates differently in QFG than in other RPGs; many of the spells can be used for general purposes as well as battle.

Old Spells

Spell NameWizards OnlyDescriptionMP Cost
OpenYesThis opens locks and doors. Will not work on all doors.2
Detect MagicNoReveals any nearby magical enchantments or traps.2
DazzleNoThis blinds the enemies, rendering them temporarily immobile.3
CalmNoWorks just like Dazzle, but lasts longer.4
TriggerYesThis sets off magical traps, as well as releases stored magical energy.3
ZapNoYour weapon is temporarily charged with electricity for the next attack.3
Flame DartNoThis shoots a fireball at an opponent.5
FetchYesThis moves far-away objects to you. Useful for getting those out-of-reach items.5
Force BoltNoA small projectile is launched at the enemy. It can bounce off walls.6
LevitateYesThis lets you float up and down.7 per second
ReversalYesThis creates a barrier that bounces all magic away from you.8

New Spells

Spell NameLocationDescriptionMP Cost
Juggling LightsOpen the Present, then read the Wrapping PaperThis illuminates darkened areas. You'll only use it once in the entire series.8
Lightning BallJohari gives this to you.This shoots a ball of lightning from your fingers. It costs a lot of MP, but does fairly good damage.10
Summon StaffGet the Magical Wood for Kreesha.This allows you to summon a magical staff from another plane of existance. Your spells become more powerful with this in effect, but you cannot move while you have your staff.5

Paladin Abilities
Note: Paladin Abilities are gained with Honor.

Ability NameRequired HonorDescription
Flaming Sword10This turns your sword into the Magic Sword, the most powerful weapon in the known universe. VERY useful.
Healing25This uses your SP to heal wounds. It's not the most useful ability I've seen.
Sense Danger50This tells the Paladin if anything dangerous is nearby. It can be used as a last word of warning before going into something risky.
Honor Shield80This ability reduces the amount of damage you take. Unfortunately, it takes a SHITLOAD of Honor to gain, so it's not very useful.