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Er...QFG3 doesn't have much in the ways of monsters, but then again, combat isn't really a major part of the QFG series, so there's no problems with that.

CrocSavanna, JungleThese half-man, half-crocodile creatures are wusses. Just hit them with your pointy weapon until they croak.Royals
Giant AntsSavanna, JungleThese bastards are the epitome of annoyance. Slash them a few times for good measure, and they'll be lying on their backs within seconds.None
DinosaursSavannaThese guys are too stubborn to quit and too stupid to die. Unless you're an EXPERIENCED Fighter or Paladin, put these under the "Feet-don't-fail-me-now" list.Horn
Flying CobrasJungleThese guys use a very lethal poison to take you down for the count. Usually, it's best to keep away from them.None
ApemenJungle, Lost CityAlthough nobody knows whether these guys ascended from apes or descended from man, one thing's for certain: they're tough. Just be careful when fighting them.Royals
LeopardmenJungleThese are members of the Leopardman Tribe. Although you want peace, they are fiercely determined to protect their village from all outsiders. They pound you from a distance with spells, so steer clear if you can.Royals
Demon WormJungleThese giant, mutated worms tunnel underground like Bugs Bunny, then pop up and attack at the last second. They're a pain-in-the-ass, so try to run if possible.None
DemonsLost CityThese guys are dumber than a pile of rocks, but they have enough strength to make up for that weakness. They aren't tough by the time you meet them, really.None
DopplegangerLost CityThis guy's a much uglier, much eviler version of you. He's invincible, so you simply have to survive until the battle ends.None
GargoyleLost CityThe last enemy you'll face is the Gargoyle. He's pathetic, though; if you have any trouble with him, you might want to consider quitting gaming altogether.None