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The Monkey Village

You can't go to Tarna or the Simbani Village now, so head on over to the Jungle. When you get there, you should run into our little monkey friend, Manu! He'll offer to take you to the Monkey Village. Accept.

After a long trip, you'll reach the village. It lies high in the treetops, so you have to get up there. Fighters have to try to climb the tree (and fail miserably), then talk to Manu about the Swingline until he lowers one. Use it to climb up, then take it. Paladins should do the same, but you can't take the Swingline. Wizards can just use Levitate. Thieves can either climb the tree or use the Grapnel.

Little monkeys will dance around, but only Manu has the power to talk. Ask about the Lost City, and he'll panic. Try asking, pleading, arguing, and begging until he finally agrees, along with the other monkeys, to show you a way across. Now you can access those ancient ruins!

You'll be taken to the waterfall. All the monkeys will jump across except Manu, who'll stay to help you. Fighters should tell Manu about the rope bridge, then use the Swingline to get across. Paladins have to take the vine nearby, then do the same thing. Wizards have to grab the vine, use it on thereselves, tell Manu about Levitate, then cast it to cross. Thieves can just use the Grapnel.

You'll be journeying through the jungle again; only this time, an evil Demon Worm will show up! Your monkey friends will all run off, and unless you're a Fighter or Paladin, you should follow in suit. After your daring escape from death, you'll reach that accursed Lost City.

Now prepare for the last area. You're going to need all the skill you can get.

Not ready? Then click here, poor baby. If you're ready, then click here!