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The Lost City

You'll see an Apeman on patrol immediately. Manu will beg you not to go, but just go towards the city anyway. He'll stay behind.

After another Apeman walks by, you'll have to get inside. If you didn't get the Fire Opal already, either use Fetch on the Jackal Statue's eye or climb up and grab it. Go to the wall with the picture of Anubis on it. Examine it to get a close picture, then insert the Fire Opal into the eye socket. You can now enter.

Inside, you'll immediately meet Frick and Frack, two of the dumbest (and ugliest, to boot) demons imaginable. They're apparantly guarding a prisoner inside the next room.

Fighters: Just walk towards them. Frack will run off to tell the others, leaving you to fight Frick. He's really easy, if you ask me. After that, just bust open the door.

Wizards: Cast Calm, then cast Open on the door.

Thieves: Sneak by, use the Oil on the Door, then pick the lock.

Paladins: Same as Fighter.

Inside, you'll find Reeshaka! Rakeesh's daughter is alive! Unfortunately, a demon will possess her. Use a Dispel Potion to break the spell. At that point, Rakeesh, Uhura, Yesufu, Johari, and Harami will arrive. After healing Reeshaka, Rakeesh will divide the group: two will fight the demons, while five will go on to battle the Wizard. Unfortunately, Harami decides against fighting demons, but Manu shows up to fill the missing space. If you're a Fighter, Yesufu will give you the Spear of Death.

The next room has five mirrors. You, Yesufu, Reeshaka, Johari, and Manu will each go to a different mirror, where a demon Doppleganger version will battle you. You cannot win the battle, no matter what, so just survive. Eventually, Harami will show up and stab the Doppleganger in the back, giving you time to face the Demon Wizard. What happens next is determined by your class.

Fighters: You'll see the Demon Wizard talking to the Demon Lord through the Demon Gate (too many Demon words!). After their little chat, you'll get spotted and have to fight a Gargoyle. Please allow me to laugh at this pathetic excuse for a boss. After you kill it, use your Shield on it to push it over, then try to cross. The gargoyle will suddenly grab your legs. Use the Spear of Death on the Demon Wizard (save first, in case you miss), and he'll go plummeting through the Gate. The Gargoyle will then let go. Use your shield on the orb to knock it through the Gate, closing it forever.

Wizards: Cast a spell at the Wizard to attract attention, then use Reversal to bounce his spells back at him. When he creates the gargoyle, use Trigger to turn it back to stone. Now he's REALLY pissed! He'll try to summon the Demon Lord. Summon your staff, then hit him with another spell. He'll use Fetch to grab your staff! Of course, his greed will be his downfall; use Trigger on the staff. It will explode, ending the evil days of the Demon Wizard. Use Force Bolt on the orb to knock it into the Gate, closing it forever.

Thieves: Sneak up to the stone pillar above you, then climb up. The Demon Wizard will set the bottom of the pillar on fire. Use the Grapnel on the pillar on the far side to cross over. Now the Demon Wizard will set THAT pillar on fire! Use the Grapnel on the far set of pillars, and the Demon Wizard will set the middle of the rope on fire. You'll be able to jump over if you trained in acrobatics, but unfortunately, you're out of rope. The Demon Wizard will set the last pillar on fire. Use the Grapnel on him. It'll dig into his flesh, sending him toppling back into the orb's stand, sending it through the gate with him, closing it forever.

Paladins: The Demon Wizard will meet you, then explain the whole crooked plot. He stole the Drum and the Spear, and he wants the war in order to destroy Tarna! When he creates the Gargoyle, kill it, then try to cross over. You'll get stuck. Save, then throw your sword at him. He'll pull it out, but get struck by lightning. Cross over and use the Shield on the orb to knock it through the gate, closing it forever.

Congratulations! You've completed the game! Unfortunately, just when everything seems happy, you'll get pulled away by dark magic. Meanwhile, a sinister force watches the events with cruel glee...What horrors will our hero face next?

To be continued in Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness!

If you use the link here, then I'll assume that you're peeking ahead. Shame on you.