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The Jungle

Go right from the Simbani village to reach the Jungle. Here, the monsters are a LOT tougher, so be careful.

If you're a Fighter, Thief, or Paladin, ignore this next part. If you're a Wizard, however, listen carefully. Walk around the Jungle until you see a screen with some blue flowers in a tree. Use fetch to retrieve the flowers, then head back to the Savanna and wait until night. Go to the Pool of Peace and use the flowers on the water. Now return to the Jungle.

See that HUGE tree? It's your next stop. Go there, then follow the path up the trunk. You'll eventually reach a middle section with two entrances into the tree. Go to the middle one first.

Inside will be a small glowing ball of lights. Walk towards it, then stand still. Eventually, it will go into you! Now you can talk to it. Ask about the Gift and the Wood (if you're a Wizard), then ask about the Gem. Pick up ONE Gem, then leave. Go up to the top of the tree.

You'll pick up some nice good vibrations up there; after all, it's a magical garden! Climb up the stand and use one of your Peace Waters on the stand. You'll recieve the Gift from the Heart. If you're a Wizard, put the flowers on there as well. You'll get the Magical Wood.

Now, leave the tree and head to the east yet again. Now you'll run across a giant waterfall, which sadly is blocking access to some ancient ruins. Walk around randomly until you see a monkey in a cage. Open it to free him, then talk to him. He'll introduce himself as Manu. Now you have a talking monkey for a friend! What's this world coming to?

Get your running shoes on, because we're going all the way back to Tarna. Don't go into the Simbani village yet; instead, press on and camp if you need to.

Once back at Tarna, go back to the Temple. You'll then go through a quiz scene. You'll have to pick a symbol from a bunch of catagories. Be sure to choose the sword if you're a Fighter or Paladin, the pentagram if you're a Wizard, and the key if you're a Thief. Pick the most honorable answers (in other words, don't EVER pick the last one!). You'll then be judged, and sent to the inn.

If there's an empty pillow at the middle table, then you might meet Khatib, the only survivor of the Peace Mission, but he's not much use. Instead, head over to the Apothecary. Give Salim the Fruit, the Gift, and the Peace Water. Now head to the Bazaar. You'll run into the thief, Harami, in the screen with the Bead Merchant, the Fish Merchant, and the Rope Merchant. He'll ask you to come at night. Agree. At night, he needs some food. Give him some; apparantly, he's learning what being honorless is all about.

If you're a Wizard, head over to Kreesha's. You'll then get the Magic Staff, along with the warning to never use Trigger on it. Pay heed to that advice.

Go sleep at the inn. In the morning, go back to the Apothecary. He's made up some Dispel Potions. Try to buy some, and he'll give you the batch for free for setting him up with Julanar! Also give him the Honey Feather, and he'll give you a bunch of Healing Pills! YAY!

Now, leave Tarna and return to the Simbani.

Clicking here will move you backward. Clicking here will move you onward.