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The Simbani Village

After a day long hike, you'll reach the Simbani Village. Greet the guard, then wait for him to tell you to enter. You'll then meet Uhura again; she'll take you to meet the Laibon. Greet him, then ask about the spear after a small while of talking. You'll then be in Uhura's hut. Ask about the spear, then say Good-Bye. You'll then be in the guest hut with Rakeesh. Say Good-night, and you'll fall asleep. When you wake up, Rakeesh will be gone.

Exit the hut. Return to the Laibon's hut. Greet him, then ask about the drum and all the questions that follow. Once you're done with that, say good-bye. Go to the northern part of the village to meet Yesufu. He'll ask if you want to play a game. The rules are self-explanitory, but the game isn't required; still, it IS kinda fun.

If you're a Fighter, there're two VERY important places in the village. On the left side is the Spear-Throwing Area. Try to use the spears, and Uhura will stop you. Keep throwing, and eventually she'll offer to train you. Accept, then continue throwing until you're almost out of SP. Leave, rest, then return. To the right is the Bridge. Climb up, and Uhura will stop you again. Use the bridge until you can cross it completely without falling, and Uhura will show you some moves.

When it's evening, go to the middle of the village to hear the storyteller's story. Listen well; it has a good moral. After that, you'll automatically go to bed. The next day, head to where Yesufu was. The storyteller will be there. Ask about his new stories, then tell him about Shapier so that he'll have some more stories. Now, head out of the village.

The savanna has some nasty enemies on it, so be careful. If you're a Fighter or Paladin, and feel very confident, you can save some time and take out a dinosaur, but I'd reccommend against it right now. Head south to the pool of water.

This is the Pool of Peace. Fill up both Waterskins with water. If you're a Wizard, you can use Detect Magic here to find a hidden rune, but it doesn't do anything. Now, head along the border between the Tarna area and the Simbani area.

Eventually, you'll see a bird fly overhead. Let it leave the screen, then follow. It'll leave you to the beehive. Pour the honey onto the ground, then leave. Return, and the bird will be stuck. Walk up to it, and it'll flee, leaving behind a single feather. Take it.

Now you have done quite a bit, huh? Well, it's time to go to the Jungle!

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