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Starting Out

When the game begins, you'll be in Kreesha's shop. Leave and go south to the Bazaar (your money needs to be exchanged). Once you reach there, go northwest to watch a dispute between the money changer and a thief. Chase after the thief when he runs, and you'll be taken to the Hall of Judgement. After this, you and Rakeesh will be shown to King Rajah's Chambers. Now, do the steps in the following order: Greet, Answer Rajah, Defend Rakeesh, Talk about Rakeesh, Say Good-bye.

If you're a Wizard, head to Kreesha's and talk to her. You'll learn about the magic staff. You'll be returning to that later. Now, head to the Apothecary to meet Salim. Tell him about Shapier, then ask him about his dream, then finally tell him about Julanar. Now leave for the Bazaar.

Head back to the money changer and exchange your Dinars for Royals. Buy a Waterskin and five Zebra Skins from the Leather Merchant, then buy some Fruit from the Fruit Merchant (it can be used as food). Now, head back to the first part of the Bazaar. Buy a Fine Dagger and Fine Spear from the Weapon Merchant (as well as some throwing daggers if you're a Thief). Now buy the Tinderbox from the Junk Dealers (and the Blackbird, if you're a Thief). Then buy some Honey from the Honey Merchant, and if you're a Thief, some Oil.

Head south to the next portion of the Bazaar. Buy some Beads from the Bead Seller (you can't bargain with her, so don't even try). Next, go pick up some Dried Fish from the Fisherman. Finally, buy some Rope from the Rope Merchant. Also, if you're a Thief, make the Thief Sign to the Rope Merchant, and he'll teach you Acrobatics for 50 Royals. It's well worth it.

Once again, head south. Give Sheema's Note to the Katta Merchant, then offer to buy a Wooden Carving from him. He'll give you one for free! Now head to the Cloth Merchant and buy a Fine Robe. Go to the Meat Merchant. Now, here's a funny little trick. Bargain down to one common, and he'll accept! Stock up on TONS of meat. And last, but not least, give some money to the drummer.

Head back to the Apothecary and buy some Healing Pills, some Poison Cure Pills, and some Mana Pills (if you're a Wizard). Offer to buy a Dispel Potion, and he'll tell you he's missing three ingredients: Water from the Pool of Peace, a Gift of the Heart, and Fruit from the Venomous Vines. Go to the Inn and order a meal. You can store things in the chest in your room if you want. Finally, head north to the Palace Entrance, then climb up the stairs on the east side. You'll be in the Temple of Sekhmet. Walk inside, and the High Priestess will stop you. Try to leave, and Sekhmet will tell you to return with the Gem of the Guardian so that you can be judged.

Leave the town if you want; you can save some time now. Go to the cluster of rocks in the southeast to find the Venomous vines. Wizards can just cast Fetch on the middle vine right now. If you're anyone else, leave, then come right back. A little Merkbat will get stuck in the vines. Fighters and Paladins have to walk into the nearest vine and use the sword to destroy it. (Also use a Poison Cure Pill, too.) Thieves need to just throw something at the middle vine. After this, come back, and you'll get the Fruit and the Fire Opal.

In the evening of Day 2, you'll automatically go back to your room. In the morning, you'll be with Rakeesh in front of the Council. Pledge your Honor. You'll go through another Rajah scene. The order is: Greet, Talk about Honor, Talk about Rakeesh, Say Good-bye. You'll then leave for the Simbani Village.

Nothing's back there, so go Forward!