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If you're a Fighter or Paladin, you'll be in for a nasty surprise when you try to marry the Leopardwoman: ONLY SIMBANI WARRIORS CAN MARRY HER!!! So, in other words, you have to become a warrior.

Your first task is to kill a Dinosaur, then bring back the horn to the Laibon. If you haven't already done so, hunt one down and kill it, then take the horn. Show it to the Laibon, and you'll be entered into the initiation. Your competition: Yesufu.

The Initiation Ceremony consists of five challanges. The winner of the most challanges becomes a warrior, while the loser must train harder for next time.

Challenge 1: Ring in the Tree

The first challenge takes place at a tree. A ring is hanging over a large pit by the tree. The objective is to get the ring in three moves or less.

Yesufu will use two moves to knock down the ring, then use one to jump inside the pit and grab it. When your turn comes up, grab the vine from by the tree, tie it to one of the spears, then toss in at the ring. You'll nab it.

Challenge 2: The Circle of Thorns

The second challenge takes place at a ring of thorns. A golden ring lies inside. The objective is to nab the ring.

Yesufu will try to break through with a spear. You, however, should take the path of least resistance. Push the log into the thorns, then climb over it and grab the ring.

While running back to the village, Yesufu will get his foot caught in a trap. Help him out, and you'll begin to run back to the village.

Challenge 3: Spear Throwing

The objective is simple: throw the spears at the target. It's basically the pratice all over again; however, Yesufu is MUCH better at throwing than Uhura. Just use some skill to win.

Challenge 4: Moving Target

It's spear throwing again. Only this time, the target's moving! I've only won this once, and I think it was pure luck. Good luck to you.

Challenge 5: Wrestling Bridge

The Wrestling Bridge is the last challenge. You have to knock your opponent down three times. It's mostly luck here again.

After all this, either you or Yesufu will be named winner. If you won, ask for the Drum. If Yesufu won, he'll give the Drum to you for helping him out of the trap.

Now, return to the Leopardwoman Walkthrough Page and follow the walthrough from where you came here.