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Sigil Revisited

You'll arrive in the Mortuary area, near the Dustman Monument. Before going to the Fortress of Regrets, there's a couple of things you should do.
Start by going to Fell's shop, he's bound to have new tattoos available.
Then, you can go to the Smoldering Corpse Bar and kill Ilquix, if you haven't yet.
Note: The mercykiller patrons have some interesting stuff to say about Vhailor, talk to them.
Note: It's note very important, but you should also visit Ravel's incarnations (Mebbeth, Marta, Ei-Vene).
You should go see Coaxmetal now, he's still in the Siege Tower. Talk to him and say "farewell", he will then ask you to give him your Modron Cube so he can escape. If you give him the cube he will give you the entropic blade plus 12000 exp (even if you don't give him the cube you still get the 12000 exp), freeing Coaxmetal is a very chaotic thing. You can turn the entropic blade into any weapon you are proficient in.
You can also return to the UnderSigil, Greater Glabrezu are now spawning there. These monsters are though, but they are also worth 70000 exp. Sometimes Greater Glabrezus drop very rare pieces of equipment, be on the lookout for those.
Note: Enemies respawn everytime you enter/exit the UnderSigil.
When you are ready, head to the second floor of the Mortuary, go through an arch a bit north of the slab you woke up on and do as Trias inscructed, peel a piece of your skin and inscribe a regret into it (250000 exp), that is the key to entering the Fortress of Regrets.
It seems Morte and Dak'kon have already been to this fortress, if you have them around they will give you lots of interesting info about it.
Note: Make sure you bring the bronze sphere, the blade of the immortal and deionarra's wedding ring along with you.

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