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Shortly after you arrive in Carceri, old man Kyse will approach you and explain the situation. Learn that Trias is the cause of the town's shift to Carceri, and that you can combat Trias by doing good deeds and helping the townspeople. After the briefing Kyse will give you a meteor swarm bombardment scroll and leave.
Note: The monsters in this area are always respawing.
You can start by helping the two men trapped under a cart, a little north of your position.
There's a couple of ways to go about this:
· Save both of them for a deathbolt scroll.
· Save Tovus for 125000 exp and a deathbolt scroll.
· Save Berrog for 125000 exp (you can still loot the deathbolt scroll from Tovus' corpse).
This counts as a good deed no matter who you save, so, don't worry about it too much.
Head a little west of the cart and you should see a couple of civilians being attacked by 2 gehreleths, save the civilians for 225000 exp. If you let the gehereleths kill many civilians you do not get the exp, it still counts as a good deed though.
Go north and see Jasilya sorrounded by thugs, kill the thugs and talk to Jasilya for 75000 exp.
Take the wooden ramp north-west of Jasilya and you'll come upon some opportunists getting ready to loot the warehouse, talk to Jujog, the one with the guard uniform, and get him to stop the looting, peaceful like (150000 exp). This is yet another good deed.
Note: You can take 30 copper, 1 clot charm, 1 dirty rat charm, 2 blood charm and 1 silver earring from the boxes left of the wooden ramp.
Enter the Warehouse and speak to Ebb Creakknees, turns out the old coot is actually an Anarchist, and is out fighting the power. Convince him to help defend the civilians instead (225000 exp and a desert hell scroll).
There's a powerful Ancient Scroll near the Warehouse's entrance (x=396, y=286), take it, you can make 1 wish with the scroll. I usually go for the stats wish, it gives you +2 to a stat of your choosing. You need to be a level 12 mage to use the scroll.
Note: There's 733 copper, 1 charcoal charm, 1 magus guard, 1 scroll of ball lighting, 1 scroll of pain mirror and 1 scroll of cure critical wounds inside warehouse boxes.
Exit the Warehouse and go south, the building immediatly south-west of the wooden ramp is the Distellery. Kester is inside, and is having a little trouble with some thugs, help him.
Note: You can rest at the Distillery.
Go south-west from the Distillery, and up another ramp. There's a public execution going on here. Talk to the Judge and convince him to stop it (225000 exp).
The Barracks building is to the north, you'll see Tek'elach and Agril-Shanak fighting. Butt in and kill them both, or, get some pop corn and enjoy their fight. Just be sure to loot Agril-Shanak's body afterwards, he has a fiend's blood dagger and 1 heart charm on him.
Note: You can rest in the Barracks.
Head north and you'll see a mob getting ready to linch an Official, talk to the Angry Citizen in charge of the mob and convince him to let the Official go (150000 exp).
Go east, past some Thokola Guards, and speak with Hezobol, the slaver. Convince him to stop with the slave taking (150000 exp).
Now, go north to near the Curst Administration's entrance. The Hermit should be around there, he'll congratulate you and offer to heal your party, accept and enter the Curst Administration.
Not much on the Administration's first floor. Kill any enemies that might appear and look for the following items in the floor's containers: 5 bandages, 2 needle and thread, 3 clot charms, 1 bone charm, 1 knot charm, 1 cockroach charm, 2 blood charms, 1 heart charm and 1 charm of infinite recall. When you finish collecting the items take the stairs up to the second floor.
Examine the file cabinets near the stairs area and pick up the following: 3000 copper, 1 adder's tear, 1 knot charm, 1 thrice-blind charm, 2 charcoal charms, 3 heart charms, 2 blood charms, 1 clot charm, 1 corpse fly charm and 1 fiend's blood dagger. Most of these cabinets are trapped, careful.
There is also 2 heart charms and 1 scroll of deathbolt inside a bookcase in one of the rooms after the main hall. When you're done killing the enemies and getting the items head for the third floor, the stairs are to the south.
Go up the corridor and into a room with a dying soldier. He'll warn you Trias is very powerful and that you should only face him when you are ready. Examine the containers in this room, 1 heart charm, 1 edge of oblivion, 1 vrock club, 3 enchanted hammers, 3 enchanted battle axes, 1 mark of the savant and 1 porphatys dagger.
Ready yourself and proceed into the balcony, through the door south of the dead soldier.
Approach Trias and after a short conversation you will be forced into combat. Since we did lots of good deeds Trias is pretty weakned and won't be much of a challenge. After you defeat him ask how you can reach the Fortress of Regrets, turns out the portal to the fortress is in the very place you started in, the Mortuary. Now you have to decide what to do with Trias, either kill him (375000 exp, celestial fire and scroll of celestial host) or redeem him (375000 exp and scroll of celestial host). If you have Vhailor in your party he kills Trias even if you decide to redeem him. A portal will form after that, go through it and return to the Hive.

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