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Fortress of Regrets

Well, you're all alone now, start by going east from your arrival point and find Deionarra. Talk to her about the fortress and before leaving tell her you brought her legacy with you. She will then upgrade your deionarra's wedding ring.
Go back and head west, you'll reach a big door. Go through it and enter the Fortress of Regrets.
After a short cutscene, where you see the fortress' keeper recruiting Ignus, you'll arrive at the fortress' interior.
There's a bunch of greater shadows protecting this place, they are only tough when in groups, so, try not to get overwhelmed.
Note: If you are of chaotic alignment the keeper will recruit Vhailor instead of Ignus.
Go up the stairs behind Nameless One's arrival point and examine the clock. Then, examine the war relic near it and pull the 'X' marked lever.
Note: You will see short cutscenes where one of your party members gets killed by the keeper each time you pull an 'X' marked lever.
You will be teleported to the north-western end of the fortress. Deal with the shadows and go down the middle stairs, examine the war relic and pull the 'X' marked lever on it.
You'll be teleported to a small area on the west, go down the stairs and make your way through the shadows until you reach a war relic a bit to the north of the place you arrived at the fortress' interior. Examine the machine and pull the 'X' marked lever again.
This time you will be teleported to a small area to the north of the last war relic. Go down the stairs and go to the east, then up the large stairs and into a room with another war relic. Examine it and look for the 'X' marked lever.
That was the last lever, it will teleport you to the area with the clock you examined earlier. Make your way back to the previous room and you'll see a portal. Go through it.
Ignus/Vhailor will be waiting for you in this room, you have to kill him (32000 exp). After he's dead, look for the sounding stone behind the north-eastern statue. Listen to the recording on the stone and examine the crystal in the center of the room. The crystal is a trap, after examining it you'll wake up in a room where some of your previous incarnations have gathered
Note: The supplies your previous incarnation mentioned are on the base of the south-western statue (3 heart charms, 1 blood fly charm, 1 bone charm and 2 charcoal charms).
The Pratical Incarnation will approach you first, talk to him for a while and ask why the bronze sphere is so important (96000 exp). If you have 21 INT (or WIS) you can force the Pratical Incarnation to merge with you (96000 exp, +1 INT, +1 WIS), if not, you will have to kill him. Talk to the Paranoid Incarnation now, after asking your questions convince him to merge with you as well (64000 exp +1 STR, +1 CON). Finally speak with the Good Incarnation, talk to him for a while and ask if there is a possibility the First Incarnation is still inside your memory as well (96000 exp), turns out the Good Incarnation was in fact the first. After that, ask him to merge with you (32000 exp and +1 WIS).
Deionarra will appear after you deal with the incarnations. Before talking with her examine the bronze sphere and learn your real name (2000000 exp and the symbol of torment!!!)
Now, talk to Deionarra and ask her to teleport you out.
You'll arrive at the fortress' roof, go to the balcony past your companions' bodies and the fortress' keeper, The Transcendent One, will appear. There are numerous ways to deal with him, but they will all end up in one of the three endings:
1. You convince TTO to merge with you;
2. You kill TTO;
3. You kill yourself (blade of the immortal).
There are some upgrades you can do to Dak'kon and Vhailor if you choose to fight TTO:
Dak'kon: 2000000 exp, +1 STR, +3 DEX and +3 CON;
Vhailor: 2000000 exp, +3 STR, DEX and CON set to 25.
This is it, you'll win the game after dealing with TTO enjoy the ending sequences.

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