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Woodfall Temple

Welcome to Woodfall Temple! First things first, enjoy the music. Second things second, fling on the Great Fairy's mask and retrieve your 1st pink stray fairy. Proceed to the deku flower and flower glide to the chest across the room. Inside is another stray fairy. Flower glide from platform to platfrom until you get to the door guarded by skulltulas.

The next room stinks... literally. Props to Tatl for pointing it out... Anyways, go down the ramp on your left and kill the two deku babas (one will yield a stray fairy.) Hop across the lilypads and go to the platform with five pots since one pot also has a stray fairy in it. Skip to the door that isn't locked up. Skip to the deku flower in the middle of the room and glide to the chest on the left for a small key. See the hive hanging on the wall to the left of the chest? Knock it down with snot bubbles, slap on the Great Fairy's mask and get another stray fairy. Hop on over to the deku flower again and go into the room opposite the entrance. You'll encounter three snappers. Destroy them all and get a Dungeon Map. ^_^

Back to the smelly room. Now that you have the small key, you can unlock the locked door. GO through it and push the Majora block forward. Go to the skulltula and kill it for a stray fairy. Push the Majora block toward the entrance until you can't push it any further. Take out a deku stick, use the torch by the now-deceased skulltula to light it up and RUN!! Get to the unlit torch on the other side of the room before the deku stick burns away. Also, the moths will hurt you for taking their fire AND you can't kill them! Fun!

Lighting the torch will open a door. Inside are two dragonflies where killing them will yield the Compass. Leave the room once you get the Compass, light another deku stick with the now-lit torch and run upstairs to spark the last torch. Transform into deku Link and shoot a snot bubble at the hive closest to you, slap on the Great Fairy mask and collect another stray fairy. Back to human Link (or rather, Hylian Link) and whip out your stick! Light it, jump from platform to platform to the webbed door and burn it good. Up the stairs for you, though watch out for the two deku babas to the left of the stairs.

In the next dark hallway, you'll meet some black boes (see Enemies.) Kill all of them in the hallway and next room beyond the hallway and a chest containing a stray fairy will be presented to you. Use the middle torch to light the three unlit torches that are around the perimeter of the room. Now you can escape through the previously barred door.

The next room is a happy room, filled with good times, flower gliding, dragonflies and holes in the floor. ^_^ There are two moving platforms to glide to before getting to the exit in the back left corner. If you get hit by one of the dragonflies or misjudge your glide, you may fall through the holes in the floor which take you back to the smelly room. Kill the dragonflies first to avoid this by climbing down the stairs and killing them on the floor. Once you glide to the exit, in the next room (which is the second level of the smelly room) step on the switch as human Link since deku Link is too much of a lightweight to do it himself. Now you have ladders to get you from the first level to the second level of this room quickly. Ignore them for now, though and go through the door by the switch.

Turn to the right and go through the next door. MINI BOSS TIME! You'll recognize this guy from Ocarina of Time, Dinofols. He has a new trick, though. He breathes fire right after you smack him, but regardless of this new-fangled magic, he is still easy. Just stab and run away. You can try for a jump attack, but he is pretty quick and dodges it easily. Stab him a few times and he'll fall. Once defeated, a chest appears and you'll find the Fairy Bow! Now you can shoot stuff. With ARROWS! ^_^ Exit the room.

Shoot the yellow eye. Glide to the now rising platform and then to the door right above the yellow eye. Inside is kind of like another mini boss battle for the Boss Key. Your opponent : Gekko. Change into human Link if you haven't done so already and pelt him with arrows. After a few hits, he'll call for the snapper. Quickly, change in deku Link and take him out like you would any snapper. This de-saddles gekko from his friend. He'll climb around on the ceiling and walls for a bit. Pick him off with an arrow and he'll run back to the snapper. Keep doing whatcha been doing and he'll turn into a harmless frog (see Don Gero in Masks.) In the little room that opens after the battle is the most awesome Boss key in the most excellent boss key chest. Go back to the smelly room.

Get Tatl to target the torch in the middle of the wooden flower thing. Position yourself so that if you were to shoot an arrow, it would pass through the fire on the lit torch and hit the unlit torch in the center of the flower thing. Now let that arrow fly and if you are successful, the flower will rise up to the second level and the lilypads will dance! Also the water will no longer be poisonous! Yay! Run over to the other BARRED door on the second floor. Release the stray fairy from her cute bubble prison by walking into it, jump onto the spinning wooden flower and get an arrow ready. Stand fairly close to the torch and look for the unlit torch to the left of the barred door. Once you are in line with that torch and the one you're standing by, shoot an arrow and hopefully, you'll light the other torch. That will open the barred door.

Before heading into that door, jump onto the pink flower and glide over to the torch you just lit (don't touch it as deku Link or you'll become quite excellent tinder.) See the switch? Become human Link and step on it. Jump into the water and climb up the ramp to the chest the switch yields. You'll get a stray fairy.

Go back to the room with the Majora block where you had to run the fire from one torch to the other. Now that the water isn't poisonous, you can jump right in and retrieve the fairy under the wooden planks in the middle of the room.

Back to the formerly smelly room. Go up the ladders and enter the door that became locked when you lit the torch to the left of it. Snipe the dragonflies in the new room with your arrows and transform into deku Link. There are little alcoves to the left and to the right of the door you just entered from. In some of these alcoves, there are stray fairies. The last stray fairy you'll have to get is encased in flames, which she is apparently completely immune to. Snipe the bubble with an arrow and throw on the Great Fairy's mask. If you want, you can leave the dungeon using the Song of Soaring and enter the Great Fairy of Power's cave. You'll receive the famous Spin Attack! You can wait until after the boss to get it, though. It's not necessary to beat him. It is not very useful since right now you have a pretty short sword and your spin radius is also pretty short, too.

Ok, so to get to the boss' chamber, go the the alcove with a pink Deku flower in it that is pretty much on the opposite corner of the switch crystal thing. Not the highest alcove, the second highest! Peg the crystal with an arrow and you notice that the flames in the room disappear. This is only temporary so be quick with this part! Flower glide to the inside of the golden platform thing (with the skulltula on top of it.) Immediately flower glide to the pillar with a deku flower on top of it, then to the flower by the crystal. Finally, glide to the door with the Boss Lock on it and you're almost done! Open the door and you'll come face-to-face with...

ODOLWA, the Masked Jungle Warrior!

This guy can be hard for novices, but once you know his tells, he's a kitty cat (in fighting abilities, anyway.) Fight this guy as human Link even though there is a deku flower in the middle of the room. His first attack is normally just a sword thrust in your direction. Pretty easy to dodge. Try and slash up his ankles if you're close enough since it takes him a while to recover after that attack. If you are too slow and he recovers before you attack him, he'll slash you good (but it doesn't damage for much...)

His other physical attack is much more fancy, but even easier to dodge. He croutches and spins around in a circle towards you. All you have to put up your sheild and he'll just circle around you until he runs out of steam. Again, chop at his ankles. He can jump out of the way of your swings, but whatever. If you hit him, good for you, bad for him.

He can use one of two summoning attacks. One is where he summons small spider-looking things and another one is where he summons moths. Both these kinds of creatures adore fire so pull up one of the bomb flowers that line the perimeter of the room and put it down or if you already have a bomb bag, pull out your own bomb. The insects will flock towards the fuse and leave you alone! The blast will take them out. Also, if you are able to lure Odolwa close to the bomb, it will damage him A LOT and stun him, so you can take a few free swings!

One last thing this guy can do is make chunks of the ceiling fall to the floor so watch out for the rocks' silhouettes. Word of the wise, don't stand where there is a silhouette of a boulder. ^_^ After a dozen hits or so, he is finished.

Once he falls, a glowing portal will appear in the middle of the room. But before running blindly into it, look around the room for a Heart Container which will increase your health by one whole heart. Run into the portal after increasing your health and you'll run into a cutscene. Here you learn the Oath to Order (see Songs.)

This next part is optional. You can run out the exit right now if you so wish, but you'll be missing out on a mask... though a fairly useless mask. After that cutscene, the glowing portal takes you to ... somewhere you haven't been before. See the door covered in vines? Stand beside it and cut the vines with your sword. You just freed the Deku princess. So the monkey was right all along... (I never thought I'd have to say that again.) You have to take her back to the palace so her father will release the poor monkey, but she's royalty. Surely she can't use her own legs to walk her big butt back home, so you'll have to carry her. IN A BOTTLE. Once you have bottled the princess, head out the exit and follow the ramp back to the waterfall outside of Woodfall. (If you haven't already, go to the Great Fairy of Power's cave if you collected all the stray fairies and get your nifty spin attack.)

Back to the palace as deku Link, go into the King's Chamber (straight down the hall after passing the guards) and release the princess from your bottle before she cramps up. The King will get the smack down layeth upon him and he'll learn the error of his ways by releasing the monkey and letting all races of Termina visit his palace. Yay! The butler has now taken a liking to you and is said to have something for you. Head out of the palace and skip across the water around to the right side of the palace (an area you probably haven't explored yet.) In this little cave is a maze and all you have to do is keep up with the butler to get your prize. Problem is the butler is really freakin' fast! See Mini Games for tips!
Also, if you saved Koume from the woods in this cycle of three days, then she will be at the Southern Swamp house and offer you a change to win a piece of heart (see Pieces of Heart.) Also, in the area by where Tingle is in the swamp, there is a heavily wooded area and at the end of the long tree'd tunnel is the Swamp Shooting gallery. If you shoot everything that comes running out, you'll get an upgraded quiver that will hold either 40 or 50 arrows, depending if this is your first or second quiver upgrade.

Ok, so you've saved the first temple... now what?? I think it's time for a drastic change in climate by heading over to...


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