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Shir Gold

Shir Gold

Job: Thief

"Although well-to-do, she enjoys the thrill of stealing."

Opinions: Shir fights a lot like Amy. Their physical stats are about the same as well, low defense and hp, and low attacks. Shir's weaponry is pretty limited as well. But she can learn some pretty nasty techniques, including NaGra, but it takes forever for her to learn it. Her best weapon is a Laser Knife, which still isn't as strong as Amy's Fire Rod.

So what good is Shir? Her stealing ability is what makes her a valuable force. Whenever you enter a shop, there is always a chance that she will steal an item. Sometimes, she will even steal Star-Mist and Moon-Dew, two very rare items. She can even steal a Fire Rod for Amy. Also, if you build her up to Level 10, she can steal a Visaphone from the Central Tower in Paseo.

Character Ranking:
- Though not a good a fighter as Hugh, the fact that she can steal rare items is motivation enough to level her up and make her of use.

Technique Level
Foi 1
Ryuka 6
Hinas 9
Res 12
GiFoi 15
Zan 18
Gra 24
GiZan 27
GiRes 30
NaZan 33
GiGra 35?
NaGra 45
Musik Oputa