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Josh Kain

Job: Wrecker

"Wanted to be a machanic, but broke whatever he tried to fix; decided to make that his job."

Opinions: Kain is your answer to fighting Robots. He may look a bit like Hugh, but Kain can use heavier guns which play a good role against the Robots. Not only that, Kain also specializes in Wrecking Techniques. His techniques can lay waste to a lot of robots. Though he says that he is not good against bio-monsters, he can still fight them pretty good given a Laconian Mace.

Kain's stats are quite similar to Hugh's, but Kain's magic is far more useful that Hugh's.

Character Ranking:
- Kain is an all-around fighter. He can attack bio-monsters with his weapons, and lay waste to Robots with his techniques. A must have character at least through the Dams.

Technique Level
Foi 1
Sag 1
Forsa 1
Eija 4
Gaj 7
Rimet 7
Conte 9
Zan 10
GiGaj 10
Gra 14
NaGaj 17
Brose 25
GiSag 27
NaSag 28
GiZan 31
Musik Oputa