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Rudolf Steiner
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Job: Agent

"Lost his parents at age 10. Healthy and has a broad range of knowledge."

Opinions: Rolf is an excellent fighter. His attack and defense are both pretty high, as well as HP and TP. His attack magic is by far the best in the game, which includes all Foi, Tsu, and Zan spells, but also the ultimate attack, Megid. Rolf can also use the strongest swords in the game, making him very valuable. The only gripe I have against Rolf is that his swords are fairly useless against some of the stronger monsters or robots. This forces youto use valuable TP in order to attack an enemy. None the less, Rolf is still my favorite character.

Character Ranking:
1st - He has high HP, TP, Attack, Defense, and Speed. What else do you want? Megid? Oh wait, he has that.

Technique Level
Res 1
Foi 1
Ryuka 4
Tsu 5
GiFoi 5
Hinas 7
Zan 7
Gra 10
GiThu 11
NaFoi 14
GiRes 16
GiZan 16
NaZan 24
GiGra 28
Rever 30
Megid 35
Musik Oputa