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Amy Sage

Job: Doctor

"A doctor from a normal home. Specializes in both healing wounds and curing poison. Not strong in battle."

Opinions: Though Amy is not the greatest fighter, her healing magic more than makes up for it. She can use every healing technique as well as Shu, SaShu, and Deban. The thing that puts Amy above items is that she knows the Sar techniques. Sure, you could stock up on Star Mist (providing you can steal enough), but that would take forever to do. Though her HP and Defense stats are low, place her in the back of the group.

Many people say that Amy is not a great fighter. Indeed, she isn't, but if you can give her two Fire Rods, it will more than make up for it. If she has two Fire Rods, her attacks will almost be as good as Nei's. Don't hold back on her, you can get Fire Rods early in the game if you are lucky.

Character Ranking:
3rd - Her healing techniques make her a must have in any group. Her defense and attack can be fixed with some good equipment, so overall, she is a pretty good character to have. Plus she has that cute "innocent" look going for her.

Technique Level
Res 1
Shu 2
Deban 4
Foi 5
Anti 5
GiRes 6
Sar 9
Sak 10
NaSak 12
NaRes 15
SaShu 15
Rever 24
Saner 25
GiSar 27
NaSar 30
Gra 39
Musik Oputa