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Anna Kirski

Job: Guardian

"Of uncertain age and background, she is a vicious fighter with a slasher orwhip. She takes no prisoners."

Opinions: Anna is not that bad of a fighter. She may start off weak, but if you can get her level high enough and two strong slashers, she can become a deadly force to recon with. However, since her weapons mainly consist of blades, fighting Robots is not an easy task for Anna. And the thing that sets her back is that she has NO good techniques. Shift is by far probably her best technique. Her stats are a bit above average, but not too much.

If you can survive the Robots with Anna, then consider yourself lucky.

Character Ranking:
- Not having any backup techniques to her attacks puts her back here. What good is strength when you have an Aero Tank looking at you?

Technique Level
Foi 1
Ner 6
Shift 8
Fanbi 16
Zan 32
Musik Oputa