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Hugh Thompson

Job: Biologist

"Has been intrigued by nature since childhood; now the leading expert on plants and animals."

Opinions: Do you really want my opinion on Hugh? I think that Hugh is possibly the worst character in the game. His attacks are not that bad, but his defense and HP are not that high. Ok, so he does know some techniques that help against Bio-Monsters. Woop-de-doo! Bio-Monsters don't have that high a defense anyways, with some exceptions, and even so, spells like Foi or Zan can take them out. So what if he can learn Vol? Vol will not work all the time. And what good is Vol after you defeat Nei First and the Robots roam Motavia? My point exactly.

Character Ranking:
- Low attacks and weak bio-monsters skills puts Hugh DEAD LAST.

Technique Level
Doran 2
Rimit 3
Gen 3
SaGen 6
Shinb 6
Shiza 7
Res 8
Foi 9
GiFoi 12
Vol 15
Zan 18
SaVol 24
Gra 27
GiRes 30
GiGra 33
GiZan 36
Musik Oputa