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Job: None

'Nei' means 'The human that was not a human'. Lithe and agile like an animal, she hates carrying a heavy load."

Opinions: Nei is fast, no questions there. She is also pretty strong, even stronger than Rolf at times. She gains levels fast, which allows her HP to be kept up with the rest of the party's, but for her level, her HP is low. Her TP is low as well and her magic is terrible. Only Res and Anti are worth using. Sak and NaSak are there and can be helpful, but Amy has those as well. There is also one other thing I don't like about Nei. I'm not going to tell you but it does have something to do with the game right around the time you finish Climate Control.

Since you have to keep her, place her in the back of the party. Her defense is pretty low and her best armor is the Fiber Vest.

Character Ranking:
5th - Nei is a strong force in any fight, but because of not having any good techniques and that little incident that happens at Climate Control, 5th is as high as she will go.

Technique Level
Res 1
Anti 16
Sak 20
NaSak 24
Musik Oputa