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Weapons are sold for half of their cost.  Weapons which can not be bought can be grown with Weapon/Armor Seeds.  If a weapon can not be bought, it obviously has no cost.  I just calculated its cost as twice its selling price.  You can only buy weapons you can equip.  That is, stores will not sell weapons for the three playable characters who are not in your party or weapons which can only be equipped by a class you are not.  Sometimes stores change their inventory, so if this page says something is for sale at a certain place and it's not, it is at a different time in the game.  Sometimes weapons are for sale at multiple stores, in that case the first available place is listed.

The attack power of weapons is boosted or lowered by your strength.  The attack power column is the formula which computes the your attack power.  6+2*st means 6 plus 2 times your strength stat.

The attack power of weapons also varies slightly by character, but not significantly (usually only by one point or so).  All information gathered here applies to Duran.  Duran's weapons are the weakest, Lise's weapons are slightly stronger, Kevin's weapons are even stronger than that, Hawk's weapons are even stronger than that, and Angela's and Carlie's weapons are tied for the strongest of all.  The formulas for the weapons differ for other characters only by adding numbers to the constant (by constant I mean the number which is added to the other constant which is multiplied by strength, not the constant which is multiplied by strength).

Every character can use all of their type of weapon, but some weapons are only available for certain classes, as explained below.  Refer to the character page to see which class is which alignment.

* The Wandering Merchants sell these weapons only after you have killed 4 of the 8 God Beasts.

** The Beginning and Middle towns are different depending on your main character.

Used by key:

N means a weapon is neutral, and can be used by all classes.
L means a weapon is light, and can be used by the weak light class, the medium light class, and the strong light class.
D means a weapon is dark, and can be used by the weak dark class, the medium dark class, and the strong dark class.
WL means a weapon can only be used by the weak light class.
ML means a weapon can only be used by the medium light class.
SL means a weapon can only be used by the strong light class.
WD means a weapon can only be used by the weak dark class.   
MD means medical doctor.
SD means a weapon can only be used by the strong dark class.



Bronze Sword Leather Glove Flint Knife Wooden Cane Hollow Rod Bronze Lance 6+2*st N Already equipped
Iron Sword Iron Knuckles Dagger Staff Wood Flail Long Spear 6+3*st N Astoria
Gladius Needle Glove Baselard Witch Staff Ball and Chain Flamea 9+4*st N Dwarf city
Broadsword Molebear Claw Roundel Dagger Oak Cane Light Flail Corsesca 9+5*st N Byzel
Sabre Chain Glove Sharkteeth Pewter Rod Warhammer Partisan 9+6*st N Palo
Steel Sword Bagh Nakh Steel Dagger Ruby Cane Steel Maul Steel Lance 9+7*st N Dark Priest Village
Bastard Sword Fiend's Claw Misericorde Crystal Rod Duck Ironball Glaive 11+8*st N Elrand
Silver Blade Silverthorn Katar Soul Rod Silver Flail Silver Lance 11+9*st N Mintos
Estoc Moogle Claw Main Gauche Varshu Staff Heavy Flail Wing Spear 13+9*st L Mintos
Falchion Keen Knuckle Garuda Cunning Staff Hammer Flail Mystic Spear 14+9*st D Mintos
Flamberge Power Glove Crystal Dagger Ash Cane Morning Star Plume Lance 11+10*st N Diorre
Colichemarde Kaiser Knuckle Elf Dagger Will Staff Heiro Flail Dark Piercer 14+10*st L Diorre
Shamshir Acid Claw Ashura Tot's Cane Puppet Flail Torrento Spear 16+10*st D Diorre
Palestorm Cyclone Claw Bluegale Rajin's Cane Blockbuster Golden Spear 13+11*st N Middle town**
Mythril Sword Mythril Knuckle Mithril Knife Mythril Rod Mythril Maul Mythril Spear 15+11*st L Middle town**
Katzbalger Bone Knuckle Yasha Skull Rod Troll Maul Brainwrecker 17+11*st D Middle town**
Balmunk Kerberos Claw Dancing Dagger Memyl Rod Cuneal Maul Griffin Lance 13+12*st N Wandering merchants
Valar Sword Diamond Knuckle Field Dagger Druid Cane Holy Flail Staghorn 15+12*st L Wandering merchants
Kusanagi Blade Ghost Hand Bishamon Revelation Cane Thibula Flail Wolf's Fang 17+12*st D Wandering merchants
Tyrving Rock Claw Merkiel Dagger Nebula Staff Gravity Maul Maidenleaf 13+13*st N Wandering merchants*
Defender Gleam Glove Sylvan Knife WorldTree Branch Ultima Maul Valkyrie Spear 15+13*st L Wandering merchants*
Muramasa Blade Jug Puncher Taishaku Ancient Rod Bloodsucker Mideel Spear 17+13*st D Wandering merchants*
Krau-Solas Vampire Claw Sheol Dirk Mizunara Cane Meteo Flail Brunak 13+14*st N Pedan
Excalibur Aura Glove Crescent Knife Eternal Rod Mjolnir Gungnir 15+14*st L Pedan
Levatein Rotten Knuckle Acala Celnunnos Cane Satan Flail Paintooth 17+14*st D Pedan
Dragonbane Dragon Claw Crimson Glare Ceryeceon Vertina Maul Blaze Piercer 13+15*st WL, WD Not bought
Brave Blade Spiral Claw Orihalcon Ganvantein Judgmentes True Spear 15+15*st SL Not bought
Sigmund Holy Glove Manslaughter Spirit Cane Gigas Flail Stargazer 17+15*st ML Not bought
Ragnarok Skull Disect Kongo Rakan Rune Staff Maul of the Dead Dragon Lance 19+15*st MD Not bought
Deathbringer Gigas Glove Deathstroke Dragon Rod Juggernaut Giant's Spear 21+15*st SD Not bought

Prices of Weapons



Bronze Sword 42 Leather Glove 35 Flint Knife 30 Wooden Cane 22 Hollow Rod 28 Bronze Lance 40
Iron Sword 100 Iron Knuckles 95 Dagger 90 Staff 75 Wood Flail 80 Long Spear 95
Gladius 210 Needle Glove 200 Baselard 195 Witch Staff 180 Ball and Chain 185 Flamea 205
Broadsword 276 Molebear Claw 246 Roundel Dagger 235 Oak Cane 220 Light Flail 230 Corsesca 258
Sabre 585 Chain Glove 525 Sharkteeth 405 Pewter Rod 378 Warhammer 405 Partisan 570
Steel Sword 1000 Bagh Nakh 930 Steel Dagger 820 Ruby Cane 738 Steel Maul 820 Steel Lance 990
Bastard Sword 1690 Fiend's Claw 1450 Misericorde 1300 Crystal Rod 1100 Duck Ironball 1300 Glaive 1450
Silver Blade 2820 Silverthorn 2650 Katar 2600 Soul Rod 2400 Silver Flail 2408 Silver Lance 3035
Estoc 3400 Moogle Claw 3170 Main Gauche 2795 Varshu Staff 2650 Heavy Flail 2780 Wing Spear 3300
Falchion 3380 Keen Knuckle 3300 Garuda 2900 Cunning Staff 2795 Hammer Flail 2820 Mystic Spear 3355
Flamberge 3410 Power Glove 3170 Crystal Dagger 3160 Ash Cane 2650 Morning Star 2270 Plume Lance 3400
Colichemarde 3480 Kaiser Knuckle 3400 Elf Dagger 3300 Will Staff 2900 Heiro Flail 3170 Dark Piercer 3440
Shamshir 3440 Acid Claw 3380 Ashura 3195 Tot's Cane 3155 Puppet Flail 3220 Torrento Spear 3415
Palestorm 4534 Cyclone Claw 4135 Bluegale 3830 Rajin's Cane 3480 Blockbuster 3830 Golden Spear 4320
Mythril Sword 4830 Mythril Knuckle 4320 Mithril Knife 4240 Mythril Rod 3830 Mythril Maul 4000 Mythril Spear 4670
Katzbalger 5070 Bone Knuckle 4535 Yasha 4400 Skull Rod 4000 Troll Maul 4135 Brainwrecker 4935
Balmunk 7735 Kerberos Claw 7870 Dancing Dagger 7600 Memyl Rod 6950 Cuneal Maul 7200 Griffin Lance 7870
Valar Sword 8430 Diamond Knuckle 8135 Field Dagger 7870 Druid Cane 7015 Holy Flail 7495 Staghorn 8240
Kusanagi Blade 8440 Ghost Hand 8400 Bishamon 7735 Revelation Cane 7200 Thibula Flail 7600 Wolf's Fang 8400
Tyrving 17470 Rock Claw 17335 Merkiel Dagger 17230 Nebula Staff 14335 Gravity Maul 17230 Maidenleaf 17230
Defender 18800 Gleam Glove 18080 Sylvan Knife 17615 WorldTree Branch 16400 Ultima Maul 17470 Valkyrie Spear 18480
Muramasa Blade 18670 Jug Puncher 17735 Taishaku 17470 Ancient Rod 17335 Bloodsucker 17335 Mideel Spear 18270
Krau-Solas 21870 Vampire Claw 18670 Sheol Dirk 18270 Mizunara Cane 22000 Meteo Flail 18080 Brunak 18670
Excalibur 34670 Aura Glove 23800 Crescent Knife 32000 Eternal Rod 33470 Mjolnir 34270 Gungnir 34134
Levatein 34470 Rotten Knuckle 33335 Acala 32534 Celnunnos Cane 31734 Satan Flail 32000 Paintooth 34270
Dragonbane 44800 Dragon Claw 44800 Crimson Glare 44800 Ceryeceon 44800 Vertina Maul 44800 Blaze Piercer 44800
Brave Blade 46080 Spiral Claw 46080 Orihalcon 46080 Ganvantein 46080 Judgmentes 46080 True Spear 46080
Sigmund 46080 Holy Glove 46080 Manslaughter 46080 Spirit Cane 46080 Gigas Flail 46080 Stargazer 46080
Ragnarok 46080 Skull Disect 46080 Kongo Rakan 46080 Rune Staff 46080 Maul of the Dead 46080 Dragon Lance 46080
Deathbringer 46080 Gigas Glove 46080 Deathstroke 46080 Dragon Rod 46080 Juggernaut 46080 Giant's Spear 46080


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