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Refer to the class page if you want to know who can use those spells and in what class.

Agility Magic (magic which is affected by agility)

Intelligence Magic (magic which is affected by intelligence)

Spirit Magic (magic which is affected by spirit)

Vitality Magic: (there's only one spell, it's below)

Pressure Point
MP Cost 1
Learn at Vitality 12

Increases attack power (can only be used by and on kevin)

The spells work in an elemental way, you must find the guardians of each element to be able to cast their spells.
(Note: the summons and special skills do not enter this category)

Wisp: Light
Gnome: Earth
Jinn: Air
Shade: Shadow
Undine: Water
Salamando: Fire
Luna: Moon
Dryad: Wood

There are seven days of the week in Seiken Densetsu 3, one for each element except Light and Shadow plus a Mana Holy Day.  The spells of each element are stronger on the day of that element, and weaker on the day of their opposite element (the pairs of opposites are Light and Dark, Earth and Air, Water and Fire, and Moon and Wood).   The order of the days is:  Mana Holy Day, Luna's Day, Salamando's Day, Undine's Day, Dryad's Day, Jinn's Day, and Gnome's Day.  It is free to stay in an inn on the Mana Holy Day.

Analyser, the unknown spell

analyser.jpg (5851 bytes)

This spell was taken out of the game before it was released but the programmers left it as a dummy spell, it has no real effect and will not supply you with valuable info on the monsters, it looks cooler than in the first Secret of Mana though :-)


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