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Armor is sold for half of its cost.  Armor which can not be bought can be grown with Weapon/Armor Seeds.  If Armor can not be bought, it obviously has no cost.  I just calculated its cost as twice its selling price.  You can only buy armor you can equip.  That is, stores will not sell armor for the three playable characters who are not in your party or armor which can only be equipped by a class you are not.  Sometimes stores change their inventory, so if this page says something is for sale at a certain place and it's not, it is at a different time in the game.   Sometimes pieces of armor are for sale at multiple stores, in that case the first available place is listed.

* The Wandering Merchants sell these weapons only after you have killed 4 of the 8 God Beasts.

** The Beginning and Middle towns are different depending on your main character.

Used by key (refer to the character page to see which class is which alignment):

N means a weapon is neutral, and can be used by all classes.
L means a weapon is light, and can be used by the weak light class, the medium light class, and the strong light class.
D means a weapon is dark, and can be used by the weak dark class, the medium dark class, and the strong dark class.
LD means a weapon can be used by all classes other than the original class.
ML means a weapon can only be used by the medium light class.
SL means a weapon can only be used by the strong light class.
MD means medical doctor.
SD means a weapon can only be used by the strong dark class.


Leather Visor Bandana Leather Hat Circlet Cat-ear Hood Winged Ribbon 3 2 N Maia
Headgear Warrior Band Garravilla Witch Hood Rabite Hat Leather Helmet 4 2 N Jad
Studded Helm Headband Feather Hat Emerald Tiara Mog Cap Barbute 5 2 N Deen
Visored Helm Chakra Band Faerie Hat Panther Hood Silk Ribbon Viking Helm 6 3 LD Diorre
Horned Helm Werewolf's Mane Grizzly Garea Silver Circlet Parobin Hood Horncrest 8 3 LD Wandering merchants
Silver Sallet Majuu Mask Black Hood White Snow Veil Holy Spirit Hood Unicorn Helm 9 3 LD Wandering merchants*
Beryl Arnet Genjuu Mask Noctogoggles Mist Veil Sunstone Hat Aurora Helm 10 4 LD Pedan
Dragon Helm Dragon's Mane Fool's Crown Moonstone Tiara Spiritus Ribbon Pegasus Helmet 11 4 LD Not bought
Hero's Crown Ivory Band Wind Spirit Hat Myein Crown Bishop's Ribbon Vanir Helmet 12 4 SL Not bought
Protection Helm Darkshire Band SilverWolf Garea Eremos Crown Sage's Ribbon Stardust Helmet 13 5 ML Not bought
Rising Moon Helm Sapphire Band Stealth Hood Rune Veil Undead Ribbon Rising Dragon 14 5 MD Not bought
Skull Head Ruby Band Bloody Mask Ancient Tiara Bitium Ribbon Wolf Helmet 15 5 SD Not bought


Leather Gauntlet Leather Neckband Utsusemi Earring Jewel Ring Marble Ring Vambrace 2 1 N Forcena
Steel Gauntlet Beastman Collar Thief's Armband Crystal Ring Bunny Egg Steel Bracelet 3 1 N Jad
Gauntlet Power Wrist Cobra Earrings Mist Pendant Moon Ring WindGod Bracelet 4 1 N Deen
Strength Armband Red Moon Horn Ancient Talisman Protect Ring Protect Earrings Earth Bracelet 5 2 LD Middle town
Knight's Crest Cardinal Eye Tree Spirit Ring Snow Crystal Whitelight Ring Gyralhorne 6 2 L Wandering merchants*
Fencer's Armband Mad Beast's Fang Mistscreen Charm Fireblaze Blackshade Ring Rune Earrings 7 2 D Wandering merchants*
Dragon Ring Dragon's Bone Wishbone Sage Stone Magatama Yadorigi Armlet 8 3 LD Not bought
War King's Crest Tohsei Armband Lucky Card Blizzard Hairpin Moon Flower Draupnir 9 3 MLSL Not bought
Master's Armband Demon Neckband Stealth Card Magma Hairpin Black Onyx Giant's Ring 10 3 MDSD Not bought


The defense rating of armor (that's body armor, not helmets, gauntlets, nor shields)  is boosted or lowered by your vitality.  The defense column is the formula which computes the your defense.  5+2*vi means 4 plus 1 times your vitality stat.

The magic defense rating of armor (that's body armor, not helmets, gauntlets, nor shields)  is boosted or lowered by your intelligence.  The magic defense column is the formula which computes the your magic defense.  10+4*in means 10 plus 4 times your intelligence stat.

The defense and magic defense ratings of armor (once again, body armor, not helmets, gauntlets, nor shields) also varies by character.  All information gathered here applies to Duran.  In terms of defense ratings, Kevin's armor is the weakest, Duran's armor is slightly stronger, Lise's armor is even stronger than that, Hawk's armor is even stronger than that, and Angela's and Carlie's armor is tied for the strongest of all.  Magic defense ratings are slightly more complicated.  The 10 in the 10+4*in below for Duran is a 0 for Angela, a 1 for Carlie, a 4 for Lise, a 7 for Hawk, and a 9 for Kevin.  The rest of the formulas (which means the +4*in and the entire 8*in formula) are the same.

Quilted Leather Cotton Uniform Cotton Kilt Cotton Robe Chibikko Robe Padded Leather 4+1*vi 10+4*in N Already equipped
Hard Leather Leather Belt Black Fatigue Silk Robe Lamb Suit Cuir Boulli 5+2*vi 10+4*in N Wendel
Bezant Mail Fur Vest Camoflage Cloak Witch's Robe Priest's Robe Feather Vest 3+3*vi 10+4*in N Dwarf city
Lamellar Armor Warrior Uniform Thief's Cape Queen Bee Dress Popoi's Rags Spiked Leather 4+4*vi 10+4*in N Byzel
Hauberk Chain Vest Soft Leather Bat Coat Sailor Dress Chainmail 5+5*vi 10+4*in N Palo
Half Plate Wolf Belt Idaten Cloak Tiger Bikini Poto Suit Banded Mail 6+6*vi 10+4*in N Dark Priest Village
Plate Mail Protector Chain Guard Rose Leotard Velvet Cape Scale Mail 7+7*vi 10+4*in N Elrand
Lunula Mail Beast Uniform Moonbeam Cloak Bunnydress Moogle Smock Mani Plate 8+8*vi 10+4*in LD Mintos
Reflex Lyshee Vest Elf Breastplate Owl Coat Pakkun Suit Steda Plate 9+9*vi 8*in LD Diorre
Pegasus Armor Battlesuit Fleetwind Cape Zephyr Robe Glint Robe WhiteEagle Plate 10+10*vi 8*in LD Middle town**
Leanis Plate Amber Uniform Fluorite Plate Mananan Robe Utsufushi Robe Jotzdammoran 11+11*vi 8*in LD Wandering merchants
Knight Armor Red Uniform Utsushimi Cape Sunrise Dress Golden Robe Valkyrie Mail 12+12*vi 8*in L Wandering merchants*
Swordsman Armor Blue Uniform Darksuit Dusk Dress Silver Robe Rune Armor 12+12*vi 8*in D Wandering merchants*
Gold Armor Genjuu Belt Yafuku Cuirass Pure White Robe Minister's Robe Wing Armor 13+13*vi 8*in L Pedan
Platinum Armor Majuu Belt Ninja Garb Darkness Robe Shrine Girl Robe Fang Armor 14+13*vi 8*in D Pedan
Dragon's Mail Scale Uniform Shijima Mail Dreamdevil Coat Kurikara Robe Phantasm Armor 14+14*vi 8*in LD Not bought
Hero's Armor Byakko Uniform Phantom Cuirass Myein Dress Bishop's Robe Goddess Armor 19+14*vi 8*in SL Not bought
Protect Armor Genbu Uniform Silverwolf Pelt Eremos Coat Sage's Robe Polaris Armor 20+14*vi 8*in ML Not bought
Master's Armor Seiryuu Uniform Wind Demon Mail Rune Coat Undead Suit DrgnKnight Armor 21+14*vi 8*in MD Not bought
Skeleton Mail Suzaku Uniform Black Garb Ancient Robe Bitium Dress Wulfhezein 22+14*vi 8*in SD Not bought


Only Duran can use Shields

WaterDragon Shld 20 L Forcena 4000
Red-heat Shield 20 L Forcena 4000
Thunder God Shld 20 L Forcena 4000
Earth Shield 20 L Forcena 4000
Gold Shield 20 L Elrand 3380
Dragon Shield 20 L Not bought 0
Sacred Shield 20 SL Not bought 0
Oath Shield 20 ML Not bought 0
Adamant Shield 25 ML Not bought 0

Prices of Helmets

Leather Visor 58 Bandana 45 Leather Hat 42 Circlet 45 Cat-ear Hood 40 Winged Ribbon 48
Headgear 214 Warrior Band 200 Garravilla 195 Witch Hood 185 Rabite Hat 170 Leather Helmet 205
Studded Helm 1100 Headband 860 Feather Hat 800 Emerald Tiara 820 Mog Cap 705 Barbute 930
Visored Helm 1750 Chakra Band 1260 Faerie Hat 1150 Panther Hood 990 Silk Ribbon 990 Viking Helm 1600
Horned Helm 2350 Werewolf's Mane 2150 Grizzly Garea 2100 Silver Circlet 2300 Parobin Hood 2100 Horncrest 2200
Silver Sallet 3415 Majuu Mask 3195 Black Hood 2865 White Snow Veil 2795 Holy Spirit Hood 2600 Unicorn Helm 3170
Beryl Arnet 5070 Genjuu Mask 4670 Noctogoggles 3660 Mist Veil 3630 Sunstone Hat 3335 Aurora Helm 4670
Dragon Helm 0 Dragon's Mane 0 Fool's Crown 0 Moonstone Tiara 0 Spiritus Ribbon 0 Pegasus Helmet 0
Hero's Crown 0 Ivory Band 0 Wind Spirit Hat 0 Myein Crown 0 Bishop's Ribbon 0 Vanir Helmet 0
Protection Helm 0 Darkshire Band 0 SilverWolf Garea 0 Eremos Crown 0 Sage's Ribbon 0 Stardust Helmet 0
Rising Moon Helm 0 Sapphire Band 0 Stealth Hood 0 Rune Veil 0 Undead Ribbon 0 Rising Dragon 0
Skull Head 0 Ruby Band 0 Bloody Mask 0 Ancient Tiara 0 Bitium Ribbon 0 Wolf Helmet 0

Prices of Gauntlets

Leather Gauntlet 98 Leather Neckband 84 Utsusemi Earring 75 Jewel Ring 70 Marble Ring 58 Vambrace 95
Steel Gauntlet 155 Beastman Collar 155 Thief's Armband 160 Crystal Ring 155 Bunny Egg 140 Steel Bracelet 160
Gauntlet 820 Power Wrist 678 Cobra Earrings 630 Mist Pendant 645 Moon Ring 705 WindGod Bracelet 738
Strength Armband 1690 Red Moon Horn 1260 Ancient Talisman 1100 Protect Ring 860 Protect Earrings 990 Earth Bracelet 1380
Knight's Crest 2260 Cardinal Eye 2100 Tree Spirit Ring 2100 Snow Crystal 2000 Whitelight Ring 1850 Gyralhorne 1900
Fencer's Armband 2000 Mad Beast's Fang 2050 Mistscreen Charm 2050 Fireblaze 2150 Blackshade Ring 2200 Rune Earrings 2200
Dragon Ring 0 Dragon's Bone 0 Wishbone 0 Sage Stone 0 Magatama 0 Yadorigi Armlet 0
War King's Crest 0 Tohsei Armband 0 Lucky Card 0 Blizzard Hairpin 0 Moon Flower 0 Draupnir 0
Master's Armband 0 Demon Neckband 0 Stealth Card 0 Magma Hairpin 0 Black Onyx 0 Giant's Ring 0

Prices of Armor

Quilted Leather 22 Cotton Uniform 18 Cotton Kilt 16 Cotton Robe 16 Chibikko Robe 15 Padded Leather 18
Hard Leather 65 Leather Belt 58 Black Fatigue 55 Silk Robe 50 Lamb Suit 55 Cuir Boulli 60
Bezant Mail 155 Fur Vest 140 Camoflage Cloak 100 Witch's Robe 95 Priest's Robe 90 Feather Vest 145
Lamellar Armor 220 Warrior Uniform 210 Thief's Cape 200 Queen Bee Dress 185 Popoi's Rags 155 Spiked Leather 215
Hauberk 276 Chain Vest 246 Soft Leather 235 Bat Coat 230 Sailor Dress 215 Chainmail 258
Half Plate 378 Wolf Belt 300 Idaten Cloak 276 Tiger Bikini 235 Poto Suit 246 Banded Mail 360
Plate Mail 800 Protector 678 Chain Guard 630 Rose Leotard 600 Velvet Cape 525 Scale Mail 738
Lunula Mail 1450 Beast Uniform 1300 Moonbeam Cloak 1300 Bunnydress 1000 Moogle Smock 990 Mani Plate 1380
Reflex 1970 Lyshee Vest 1800 Elf Breastplate 1750 Owl Coat 1970 Pakkun Suit 1900 Steda Plate 2560
Pegasus Armor 2600 Battlesuit 2300 Fleetwind Cape 2350 Zephyr Robe 2150 Glint Robe 2100 WhiteEagle Plate 2930
Leanis Plate 3155 Amber Uniform 2650 Fluorite Plate 3155 Mananan Robe 3160 Utsufushi Robe 2930 Jotzdammoran 3170
Knight Armor 4830 Red Uniform 4000 Utsushimi Cape 3480 Sunrise Dress 3830 Golden Robe 3480 Valkyrie Mail 4670
Swordsman Armor 4935 Blue Uniform 4320 Darksuit 4135 Dusk Dress 3440 Silver Robe 3410 Rune Armor 4535
Gold Armor 8400 Genjuu Belt 7870 Yafuku Cuirass 7734 Pure White Robe 7495 Minister's Robe 7200 Wing Armor 8240
Platinum Armor 8430 Majuu Belt 7495 Ninja Garb 7200 Darkness Robe 7015 Shrine Girl Robe 7600 Fang Armor 8135
Dragon's Mail 18670 Scale Uniform 17735 Shijima Mail 17230 Dreamdevil Coat 16400 Kurikara Robe 15600 Phantasm Armor 18480
Hero's Armor 34670 Byakko Uniform 34270 Phantom Cuirass 33470 Myein Dress 32000 Bishop's Robe 33335 Goddess Armor 34470
Protect Armor 34670 Genbu Uniform 34270 Silverwolf Pelt 33470 Eremos Coat 32000 Sage's Robe 33335 Polaris Armor 34470
Master's Armor 34670 Seiryuu Uniform 34270 Wind Demon Mail 33470 Rune Coat 32000 Undead Suit 33335 DrgnKnight Armor 34470
Skeleton Mail 34670 Suzaku Uniform 34270 Black Garb 33470 Ancient Robe 32000 Bitium Dress 33335 Wulfhezein 34470


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