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This is a list of the codes used for hacking savestates in SD3 on ZsNES.  If you do not know how to hack savestates, go here for an explanation.

Gold at 3838 then 3837
Storage - 3A4C through 3AFB (the first slot is the number of the first type of items you have, etc.)
Items (clockwise) at 3AFC through 3B05
Number of items (clockwise) at 3B06 through 3B0F
First character (add 300 to get to next character, 300 more for next)
Hit points at 1FA06 then 1FA05
Magic points at 1FA08 then 1FA07
Strength at 1FA09
Agility at 1FA0A
Vitality at 1FA0B
Intelligence at 1FA0C
Spirit at 1FA0D
Luck at 1FA0E
Experience at 1FA13 then 1FA12
To next level experience is X - Experience
Maximum hit points at 1FA16 then 1FA15
Maximum magic points at 1FA18 then 1FA17
Level 1FA24
Class 1FA26, 1FA27, and 1FA28 (this will not change the icon of your character too)
Weapon at 1FA2F
Helmet at 1FA30
Armor at 1FA31
Ring at 1FA32
Shield at 1FA33
Attack at 1FA57 then 1FA56
Defense at 1FA5F then 1FA5E
Evade rate at 1FA5D
Magic defense at 1FA61 then 1FA60
Extra weapon slots at 1FA74 through 1FA7A
Extra helmet slots at 1FA84 through 1FA8A
Extra armor slots at 1FA8C through 1FA92
Extra ring slots at 1FA94 through 1FA9A
Extra shield slots at 1FA9C through 1FAA2
Spell slots at 1FAB8 through 1FAC3
Spell targeting capabilities at 1FAC4 through 1FACF (a slot for each magic slot-- 01 = single target, 02 = multiple targets, 03 = user's choice, 04 = caster only)


00 Nothing


01 Leather Visor
02 Headgear
03 Studded Helm
04 Visored Helm
05 Horned Helm
06 Silver Sallet
07 Beryl Arnet
08 Dragon Helm
09 Hero's Crown
0A Protection Helm
0B Rising Moon Helm
0C Skull Head
0D Bandana
0E Warrior Band
0F Headband
10 Chakra Band
11 Werewolf's Mane
12 Majuu Mask
13 Genjuu Mask
14 Dragon's Mane
15 Ivory Band
16 Darkshire Band
17 Sapphire Band
18 Ruby Band
19 Leather Hat
1A Garravilla
1B Feather Hat
1C Faerie Hat
1D Grizzly Garea
1E Black Hood
1F Noctogoggles
20 Fool's Crown
21 Wind Spirit Hat
22 SilverWolf Garea
23 Stealth Hood
24 Bloody Mask
25 Circlet
26 Witch Hood
27 Emerald Tiara
28 Panther Hood
29 Silver Circlet
2A White Snow Veil
2B Mist Veil
2C Moonstone Tiara
2D Myein Crown
2E Eremos Crown
2F Rune Veil
30 Ancient Tiara
31 Cat-ear Hood
32 Rabite Hat
33 Mog Cap
34 Silk Ribbon
35 Parobin Hood
36 Holy Spirit Hood
37 Sunstone Hat
38 Spiritus Ribbon
39 Bishop's Ribbon
3A Sage's Ribbon
3B Undead Ribbon
3C Bitium Ribbon
3D Winged Ribbon
3E Leather Helmet
3F Barbute
40 Viking Helm
41 Horncrest
42 Unicorn Helm
43 Aurora Helm
44 Pegasus Helmet
45 Vanir Helmet
46 Stardust Helmet
47 Rising Dragon
48 Wolf Helmet


49 Leather Gauntlet
4A Steel Gauntlet
4B Gauntlet
4C Strength Armband
4D Knight's Crest
4E Fencer's Armband
4F Dragon Ring
50 War King's Crest
51 Master's Armband
52 Leather Neckband
53 Beastman Collar
54 Power Wrist
55 Red Moon Horn
56 Cardinal Eye
57 Mad Beast's Fang
58 Dragon's Bone
59 Tohsei Armband
5A Demon Neckband
5B Utsusemi Earring
5C Thief's Armband
5D Cobra Earrings
5E Ancient Talisman
5F Tree Spirit Ring
60 Mistscreen Charm
61 Wishbone
62 Lucky Card
63 Stealth Card
64 Jewel Ring
65 Crystal Ring
66 Mist Pendant
67 Protect Ring
68 Snow Crystal
69 Fireblaze
6A Sage Stone
6B Blizzard Hairpin
6C Magma Hairpin
6D Marble Ring
6E Bunny Egg
6F Moon Ring
70 Protect Earrings
71 Whitelight Ring
72 Blackshade Ring
73 Magatama
74 Moon Flower
75 Black Onyx
76 Vambrace
77 Steel Bracelet
78 WindGod Bracelet
79 Earth Bracelet
7A Gyralhorne
7B Rune Earrings
7C Yadorigi Armlet
7D Draupnir
7E Giant's Ring


7F Quilted Leather
80 Hard Leather
81 Bezant Mail
82 Lamellar Armor
83 Hauberk
84 Half Plate
85 Plate Mail
86 Lunula Mail
87 Reflex
88 Pegasus Armor
89 Leanis Plate
8A Knight Armor
8B Swordsman Armor
8C Gold Armor
8D Platinum Armor
8E Dragon's Mail
8F Hero's Armor
90 Protect Armor
91 Master's Armor
92 Skeleton Mail
93 Cotton Uniform
94 Leather Belt
95 Fur Vest
96 Warrior Uniform
97 Chain Vest
98 Wolf Belt
99 Protector
9A Beast Uniform
9B Lyshee Vest
9C Battlesuit
9D Amber Uniform
9E Red Uniform
9F Blue Uniform
A0 Genjuu Belt
A1 Majuu Belt
A2 Scale Uniform
A3 Byakko Uniform
A4 Genbu Uniform
A5 Seiryuu Uniform
A6 Suzaku Uniform
A7 Cotton Kilt
A8 Black Fatigue
A9 Camoflage Cloak
AA Thief's Cape
AB Soft Leather
AC Idaten Cloak
AD Chain Guard
AE Moonbeam Cloak
AF Elf Breastplate
B0 Fleetwind Cape
B1 Fluorite Plate
B2 Utsushimi Cape
B3 Darksuit
B4 Yafuku Cuirass
B5 Ninja Garb
B6 Shijima Mail
B7 Phantom Cuirass
B8 Silverwolf Pelt
B9 Wind Demon Mail
BA Black Garb
BB Cotton Robe
BC Silk Robe
BD Witch's Robe
BE Queen Bee Dress
BF Bat Coat
C0 Tiger Bikini
C1 Rose Leotard
C2 Bunnydress
C3 Owl Coat
C4 Zephyr Robe
C5 Mananan Robe
C6 Sunrise Dress
C7 Dusk Dress
C8 Pure White Robe
C9 Darkness Robe
CA Dreamdevil Coat
CB Myein Dress
CC Eremos Coat
CD Rune Coat
CE Ancient Robe
CF Chibikko Robe
D0 Lamb Suit
D1 Priest's Robe
D2 Popoi's Rags
D3 Sailor Dress
D4 Poto Suit
D5 Velvet Cape
D6 Moogle Smock
D7 Pakkun Suit
D8 Glint Robe
D9 Utsufushi Robe
DA Golden Robe
DB Silver Robe
DC Minister's Robe
DD Shrine Girl Robe
DE Kurikara Robe
DF Bishop's Robe
E0 Sage's Robe
E1 Undead Suit
E2 Bitium Dress
E3 Padded Leather
E4 Cuir Boulli
E5 Feather Vest
E6 Spiked Leather
E7 Chainmail
E8 Banded Mail
E9 Scale Mail
EA Mani Plate
EB Steda Plate
EC WhiteEagle Plate
ED Jotzdammoran
EE Valkyrie Mail
EF Rune Armor
F0 Wing Armor
F1 Fang Armor
F2 Phantasm Armor
F3 Goddess Armor
F4 Polaris Armor
F5 DrgnKnight Armor
F6 Wulfhezein


F7 WaterDragon Shld
F8 Red-heat Shield
F9 Thunder God Shld
FA Earth Shield
FB Gold Shield
FC Dragon Shield
FD Sacred Shield
FE Oath Shield
FF Adamant Shield


00 Nothing


01 Bronze Sword
02 Iron Sword
03 Gladius
04 Broadsword
05 Sabre
06 Steel Sword
07 Bastard Sword
08 Silver Blade
09 Estoc
0A Falchion
0B Flamberge
0C Colichemarde
0D Shamshir
0E Palestorm
0F Mythril Sword
10 Katzbalger
11 Balmunk
12 Valar Sword
13 Kusanagi Blade
14 Tyrving
15 Defender
16 Muramasa Blade
17 Krau-Solas
18 Excalibur
19 Levatein
1A Dragonbane
1B Brave Blade
1C Sigmund
1D Ragnarok
1E Deathbringer

1F through 2A Nothing


2B Leather Glove
2C Iron Knuckles
2D Needle Glove
2E Molebear Claw
2F Chain Glove
30 Bagh Nakh
31 Fiend's Claw
32 Silverthorn
33 Moogle Claw
34 Keen Knuckle
35 Power Glove
36 Kaiser Knuckle
37 Acid Claw
38 Cyclone Claw
39 Mythril Knuckle
3A Bone Knuckle
3B Kerberos Claw
3C Diamond Knuckle
3D Ghost Hand
3E Rock Claw
3F Gleam Glove
40 Jug Puncher
41 Vampire Claw
42 Aura Glove
43 Rotten Knuckle
44 Dragon Claw
45 Spiral Claw
46 Holy Glove
47 Skull Disect
48 Gigas Glove

49 through 54 Nothing


55 Flint Knife
56 Dagger
57 Baselard
58 Roundel Dagger
59 Sharkteeth
5A Steel Dagger
5B Misericorde
5C Katar
5D Main Gauche
5E Garuda
5F Crystal Dagger
60 Elf Dagger
61 Ashura
62 Bluegale
63 Mithril Knife
64 Yasha
65 Dancing Dagger
66 Field Dagger
67 Bishamon
68 Merkiel Dagger
69 Sylvan Knife
6A Taishaku
6B Sheol Dirk
6C Crescent Knife
6D Acala
6E Crimson Glare
6F Orihalcon
70 Manslaughter
71 Kongo Rakan
72 Deathstroke

73 through 7E Nothing


7F Wooden Cane
80 Staff
81 Witch Staff
82 Oak Cane
83 Pewter Rod
84 Ruby Cane
85 Crystal Rod
86 Soul Rod
87 Varshu Staff
88 Cunning Staff
89 Ash Cane
8A Will Staff
8B Tot's Cane
8C Rajin's Cane
8D Mythril Rod
8E Skull Rod
8F Memyl Rod
90 Druid Cane
91 Revelation Cane
92 Nebula Staff
93 WorldTree Branch
94 Ancient Rod
95 Mizunara Cane
96 Eternal Rod
97 Celnunnos Cane
98 Ceryeceon
99 Ganvantein
9A Spirit Cane
9B Rune Staff
9C Dragon Rod

9D through A8 Nothing


A9 Hollow Rod
AA Wood Flail
AB Ball and Chain
AC Light Flail
AD Warhammer
AE Steel Maul
AF Duck Ironball
B0 Silver Flail
B1 Heavy Flail
B2 Hammer Flail
B3 Morning Star
B4 Heiro Flail
B5 Puppet Flail
B6 Blockbuster
B7 Mythril Maul
B8 Troll Maul
B9 Cuneal Maul
BA Holy Flail
BB Thibula Flail
BC Gravity Maul
BD Ultima Maul
BE Bloodsucker
BF Meteo Flail
C0 Mjolnir
C1 Satan Flail
C2 Vertina Maul
C3 Judgmentes
C4 Gigas Flail
C5 Maul of the Dead
C6 Juggernaut

C7 through D2 Nothing


D3 Bronze Lance
D4 Long Spear
D5 Flamea
D6 Corsesca
D7 Partisan
D8 Steel Lance
D9 Glaive
DA Silver Lance
DB Wing Spear
DC Mystic Spear
DD Plume Lance
DE Dark Piercer
DF Torrento Spear
E0 Golden Spear
E1 Mythril Spear
E2 Brainwrecker
E3 Griffin Lance
E4 Staghorn
E5 Wolf's Fang
E6 Maidenleaf
E7 Valkyrie Spear
E8 Mideel Spear
E9 Brunak
EA Gungnir
EB Paintooth
EC Blaze Piercer
ED True Spear
EE Stargazer
EF Dragon Lance
F0 Giant's Spear

F1 through FF Nothing


00 Nothing
01 Paladin's Proof
02 Lord's Proof
03 Master's Proof
04 Duelist's Proof
05 Gold Wolf Soul
06 Silver Wolf Soul
07 Death Wolf Soul
08 Demon Wolf Soul
09 Good Luck Die
0A Bad Luck Die
0B Bullseye Die
0C Nighteye Die
0D Arcane Book
0E Book of Secrets
0F Book of Rune
10 Forbidden Book
11 Holy Water Vial
12 Bottle of Salt
13 Bottle of Ashes
14 Bottle of Blood
15 Briesingamen
16 MorningStarChain
17 KnightDrgn Chain
18 Gleipnir
19 Item Seed
1A Mysterious Seed
1B Flying Item Seed
1C Magic Seed
1D ??? Seed
1E Weapon/Armor Seed
1F Earth Coin
20 Gnome Statue
21 Basilisk's Fang
22 Bulette's Scale
23 Needlion's Eye
24 Molebear's Claw
25 Storm Coin
26 Jinn Statue
27 Harpy's Fang
28 Bird's Scale
29 Bee's Eye
2A Siren's Claw
2B Ice Coin
2C Undine Statue
2D WhiteDragon Fang
2E Sahagin's Scale
2F Slime's Eye
30 Poseidon's Claw
31 Flame Coin
32 Salamando Statue
33 Fire Lizard Fang
34 Drake's Scale
35 Battum's Eye
36 Kerberos' Claw
37 Darkness Coin
38 Shade Statue
39 Ghost's Eye
3A Specter's Eye
3B Shadowzero's Eye
3C Demon's Claw
3D Light Coin
3E Wisp Statue
3F Poto Oil
40 Pakkun Oil
41 Mama Poto Oil
42 Papa Poto's Claw
43 Moon Coin
44 Luna Statue
45 ChibiDevil's Eye
46 Porobin Oil
47 Wolf Devil Oil
48 Carmilla's Claw
49 Myconid's Eye
4A Assassin Bug Eye
4B Dryad Statue
4C Grell Oil
4D Matango Oil
4E Crawler's Claw
4F Hand Axe
50 Shuriken
51 Dart
52 Pumpkin Bomb
53 Round Drop
54 Pakkun Chocolate
55 Magic Walnut
56 Honey Drink
57 Puipui Grass
58 Stardust Herb
59 Angel's Grail
5A Magical Rope
5B Gunpowder
5C Chibikko Hammer
5D Moogle Badge
5E Pihyara Flute
5F Wind Drum
60 Dreamsee Herb
61 Half Key A         (dummy)
62 Half Key B        (dummy)
63 Mystery Key        (dummy)
64 Dragon's Eye        (dummy)
65 Illusion Mirror
66 Demon Statue        (dummy)

(After this are a bunch of dummy items all named "Nothing."  Note that I did this through Storage; I haven't, say, put FF on my item ring and seen what came up.   I don't think I'm missing anything special though.)


Normal magic spells, power attacks, and monsters' special abilities all share this list of values.  Occasionally, some things may repeat, but they might be different.   Like, for example, there might be the power attack "Whirlwind Sword" and the monsters' special ability "Whirlwind Sword."  I only bothered casting some of the spells that caught my eye, so I don't really know.

00 (no spell)
01 Diamond Missile
02 Earthquake
03 Stone Cloud
04 Protect Up
05 Speed Down
06 Diamond Saber
07 Air Blast
08 Thunderstorm
09 Stun Wind
0A Speed Up
0B Protect Down
0C Thunder Saber
0D Ice Smash
0E Mega Splash
0F Cold Blaze
10 Mind Up
11 Power Down
12 Ice Saber
13 Fireball
14 Explode
15 Blaze Wall
16 Power Up
17 Mind Down
18 Flame Saber
19 Evil Gate
1A Dark Force
1B DeathSpell
1C AntiMagic
1D Black Curse
1E Dark Saber
1F Holy Ball
20 Saint Beam
21 Heal Light
22 Magic Shield
23 Tinkle Rain
24 Saint Saber
25 Lunatic
26 Half Vanish
27 Body Change
28 Life Booster
29 Energy Ball
2A Moon Saber
2B Sleep Flower
2C Poison Bubble
2D TransShape
2E Aura Wave
2F Counter Magic
30 Leaf Saber
31 Detect        (dummy spell which has a unique visible graphic but no effect)
32 Turn Undead
33 Demon Breath
34 Rainbow Dust
35 Ancient
36 Ancient 2        (dummy)
37 Ancient 3        (dummy)
38 Freya
39 Marduke
3A Iormungand
3B Lamian Naga
3C Unicorn Head
3D Machine Golem
3E Ghoul
3F Ghost
40 Gremlin
41 Great Demon
42 Earth Jutsu
43 Thunder Jutsu
44 Water Jutsu
45 Fire Jutsu
46 Arrow
47 Spike
48 Rock Fall
49 Land Mine
4A Poison Breath
4B Flame Breath
4C Blow Needles
4D Deadly Weapon
4E Double Spell
4F Pressure Point

(power attacks and monster abilities start here, there are still a few scattered normal spells here and there too)

50 3-Step Cut
51 Whirlwind Sword
52 Flashing Sword
53 Magic Circle
54 Vacuum Sword
55 Eruption Sword
56 Whirlwind Kick
57 Tornado Throw
58 Water-Moon Slice
59 Bastard Slam
5A Byakko Shockwave
5B Stardust Bomb
5C Genbu 100-Kick
5D Blow Impact
5E Suzaku Sky Dance
5F Veritubach
60 Seiryuu Death Fist
61 Dead Crush
62 Flying Swallow Toss
63 Silhouette Slice
64 Dance of Roses
65 Thousand Slice
66 Shadow Dive
67 Split-Image Slice
68 Pink Typhoon
69 Star Attack
6A Spiral Rod
6B Dancing Rod
6C 10t
6D Hot Shot
6E Jump
6F Dash
70 ChopChop
71 BoomBoom
72 Craaaazy
73 HugeHuge
74 Vacuum Surge Spear
75 Flying Heaven Spear
76 Light Shot Spear
77 Falling Star
78 Dragontooth Spear
79 Hundred Flower Dance
7A Hand Axe
7B Shuriken        (normal spell)
7C Dart
7D Pumpkin Bomb
7E Silver Dart        (normal spell)
7F Cutter Missile    (normal spell)
80 Crescent        (normal spell)
81 Rocket Launcher    (normal spell)
82 Axe Bomber        (normal spell)
83 Grenade Bomb
84 Dark Fear
85 SurpriseBox Bomb
86 Death Roulette
87 Thunderbolt
88 Rust Hurricane
89 Sweet String
8A Eye Beam
8B Dive Attack
8C Bubble Breath
8D Grand Slam
8E Grand Slam (no, that's not a misprint, they put it in twice)
8F Power Punch
90 Sky Attack
91 Supersonic
92 Feather Blizzard
93 Black Rain
94 Gas Cloud
95 Ghost Road
96 100 Tentacles
97 Squid Ink
98 Tidal Wave
99 Revenge Spike
9A Sandstream
9B Hypercannon
9C Hell Cross
9D Darkness Beam
9E Arrow
9F Spike
A0 Stone
A1 Bomb
A2 Smoke
A3 Mr. Death God
A4 Ogre Box
A5 Kaiser Mimic
A6 Spined Kelp
A7 Prisoner
A8 Geyseblast
A9 Bomb
AA Trap Level 1
AB Trap Level 2
AC Bloody Axe
AD Icicle
AE Ice Cradle
AF magicAF
BO magicB0
B1 magicB1
B2 magicB2
B3 magicB3
B4 magicB4
B5 magicB5
B6 Regeneration
B7 Graviton Press
B8 Howl
B9 Spiral Moon
BA Grenade Bomb
BB Killstinger
BC Lava Wave
BD Heat Beam
BE Gigaburn
BF Death Ecstasy
C0 Whirlwind Sword
C1 Magic Circle Cut
C2 Vacuum Sword
C3 Eruption Sword
C4 Silhouette Slice
C5 Shadow Dive
C6 SplitImage Slice
C7 VacuumSurgeSpear
C8 Star Shot Spear
C9 Whirlwind Sword
CA Vacuum Sword
CB Eruption Sword
CC Catastrophe
CD Demon Scream
CE Air Slasher
CF Flare
D4 Melt Wave
D5 Spiral Moon
D6 Turn Wind
D7 Flash
D8 PsychoWave
D9 Thunderball
DA Whirlwind
DB through FF (except for E9) SBD
E9 poooooon


000000 Fighter
000100 Knight
000101 Gladiator
000200 Paladin
000201 Lord
000202 Swordmaster
000203 Duelist
010000 Grappler
010100 Monk
010101 Bashkar
010200 God Hand
010201 Warrior Monk
010202 Death Hand
010203 Dervish
020000 Thief
020100 Ranger
020101 Ninja
020200 Wanderer
020201 Rogue
020202 Ninja Master
020203 Nightblade
030000 Magician
030100 Sorceress
030101 Delvar
030200 Grand Divina
030201 Archmage
030202 Rune Master
030203 Magus
040000 Cleric
040100 Priestess
040101 Enchantress
040200 Bishop
040201 Sage
040202 Necromancer
040203 Evil Shaman
050000 Amazoness
050100 Valkyrie
050101 Rune Maiden
050200 Vanadis
050201 Star Lancer
050202 Dragon Master
050203 Fenrir Knight


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