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This walkthru has been made by Zero and can not be changed in any way, comments and feedback can be sent to, you can copy this walkthru as long as you do not change it, for all your RPG needs come to

Intros: I did not do them considering there was nothing difficult about them, if you need help on
one post on the message board or E-mail one of the maintainers

Castle City Jad: Talk to the HUMAN population (Beastmen are not very friendly, try at your own
risk), buy whatever supplies you need and go to the inn, rest and wake at night, the exit will
be left unguarded and you can escape.

Rabbite Forest: Just follow the path and when you get to the point where you can go left or
down, go down to Astoria.

Astoria: Talk to the villagers, buy supplies and make sure to talk to the guy near the weapon
shop, rest and you will see a scene, follow the light.

Rabbite Forest, again: Go up, left and follow the path until you find the light, then retrace
your route to Astoria, see the scene and head to the waterfall cave.

Waterfall Cave: You meet your first partner here, he/she will tell you his/her story
and then join you, go inside and get to the other side, to the holy city of Wendel.

Holy city of Wendel: Do the usual villager talk and go see the head priest to learn
what you have to do for the character (they all have different reasons to go there,
it's normal they have different quests) and head back into the cave.

Waterfall Cave: Make sure you are lv5 or higher, and follow the path up to the gold
mana statue, then go down and left, use the spirit to cross the chasm, and follow the path,
when you reach a small spot with a corridor going up (image) prepare yourself, heal up and all,
and if you have kevin wait for night (even if you don't, wait, since his attacks do less damage
at night) or use a dreamsee (werewolf comes in handy here) and go face the full metal hugger.

After he's destroyed, just follow the path as usual and you should end up back to
Jad, since Lugar and his Beastman will capture you

Jad Prisons: You will find your third character there if you haven't already, he/she will help
you out of jail, so you can proceed to the harbor and take the ship to Maia.

Maia: Talk to everyone and gather some info, buy some supplies and helmets from the armor shop,
and head for the golden brick road.

Gold Brick Road: Follow the path until you reach a cave opening, in the cave
you will encounter the machine golems, go back to Maia after they are destroyed.

Maia: Talk to Bon Voyage in the top right corner of town and he will ask for
gunpowder, go talk to the merchant near the exit to get more details.

Cleft of Earth: Use wisp on the Mana goddess statue to open up the way.

Dwarf Village: Get some new gear and go talk to the guy in the item shop, he will tell you
that Watts is in the new tunnel, so go near the entrance of town to find a new path where he went.

Dwarf Tunnel: the way is very straightforward, so enjoy the road, and make a level on the
way, when you see watts in the background go up in the next room, when you find watts answer
no to both his offers(unless you want to buy the powder, even if you get it free this way)
and you will have to follow him deeper, where you shall end up face to jewel eater, after you
defeat it you get the gunpowder, go back to bon voyage and fire away to forcena

Forcena...almost: ok, so the trip didn't go so well, you land in the middle of nowhere,
and need to get to forcena quick, from the landing point, go north until you get to the
mana goddess save statue, then go east, go south at the gargoyle statue, then follow the
path till the 4 holes point, then go north, north, east and north to forcena

Forcena, really: the town was attacked, and the king is in danger, so you head for the
castle, and a handy gold statue is there, so just heal and head for the king, if you're
level 7 or more it will be a walk in the park, if not, use this as training grounds

Forcena city: after you had a chat with the king, explore the city, and make sure to talk
to the lady in the bottom left house, after that, do your usual shop browsing and head back
to the castle courtyard, where a cannon was installed, fire away back to Maia

Maia: just head for the golden road, nothing to do here

Golden road: follow the path to the end this time to access the merchant city of Byzen

Byzen: you can A) take the boat directly to your next destination or B) browse the
black market, only open at night first, and then take the boat, the market is the only
useful place here

Palo: get supplies, weapons and head for the path to the heavens

Path to the Heavens: just keep going up until you reach a point with stairs splitting up in
2 directions, go back down from those stairs and go right, you should see a bridge if you're
in the right area, followed by a save statue, follow the path until you fall uncouncious

Secret Hideout: the amazons brought you to their hideout, so go to the war room and learn
your new objective, when you're ready, leave and talk to the amazon outside, she'll shoot
you to byzel with her cannon

Byzel: go to the black market at night and make sure you have an empty item slot, you'll get the
chibikko hammer, leave town and make your way to Maia, then take the ship to jad, from where
you head in the rabbite forest again

Rabbite forest:go back near the spot where you first met the fairy, and you should see a
gargoyle statue, just south of the golden mana statue, use the hammer on your characters,
poke the staue and follow the little guy you saw

Corobokkle Forest: just talk to everyone in the treehouses and talk to the elder again,
afterwards, you need to go back to rolante

Path to the Heavens: go to the cave you saw with the elder of the corobokkle village,
it's north of the secret hideout, and enter the corrifor of wind

Corridor of Wind: this place is simple, just hit the green crystals to make the heads turn,
so the wind won't push you back, but be careful, some paths lead you back to the beginning,
mainly use the buttons to get around and you'll get there quickly, when you reach the mana stone
turn back and head east for a gold mana statue, then face the tzneker, after he/she/it bites
the dust, return to the flower field if you don't need to resupply or return to town if you do

Wind Castle of Rolante: grab the 2 barrels and enter, go to the throne room and go south of
it, enter the door to the right, go down the stairs and go right, from there just follow the
path, when you see a door with a shield on top outside, go in, then go to the first door on the
right to regain your HP/MP, and go face genova, after it's dead you will have to face bill and
ben, so press start and refill your supplies, when you win the invaders will be chased, so
go back to forcena to tell the king

Ghost Ship: walk around until you find a library, if you find a room full of enemies you might
get a merchant ghost to appear when you kill them all, in the library read the books of blood,
death, curse, death, you will be able to go to the other room, talk with the ghost and you will
lose a character, find your way to the bridge, fight gorva to break the curse and regain the
missing character

Volcano Island Bucca: killing gorva made the ship vanish, so you drifted to this isle, go east
and north to find a gold mana statue, then go back to the beach and head east, find your way in
the jungle until you reach the end of it and the beginning of the mountain, head in the first
path (the one more on the right) and you should end up in the dark priest village, buy all you
need from them and A) level boost in the area if required (class change is 1 area away) or B)
continue your climb (you will meet cockatrices along the way, and they are powerful), when you
reach the top you will see a rock wall with a small rock near, poke it and use gnome to open the

Seashore Cave: just follow the path, since there is only 1 way until the gold mana statue,
then go left and down until you reach the seond statue, and go up all the way, after you get
off the island, head for forcena

Note: the four following elements can be obtained in any order unless specified

Undine: head for the ice continent, buy the necessary new equipment at elrand and head for
the snowfields, go left 2 times, then south, then left twice, then south, then a bit left and
northyou should see a gray mana goddess statue, from there, head north, left, north, north,
left, south, south, left to heal and right to face the boss: machine golems, after they are
destroyed, go left to claim the power of undine and maybe get a class change

Salamando: go to the desert, it's in the southern part of the land, and go to the sand
city sultan,get the necessary supplies if you did not already, and head for the desert.
Go right, down, right, down until you can't go any more, then go right if you want to
resupply/heal or left if you want to continue searching for the valley of flames, to
continue to the valley of flames, go left, then south, then right, and you should reach
the boss(es): Biru and ben, again, after they are destroyed for good, enter the valley

Valley of Flames: the path is very simple, just go down, then right at the second door,
then down, right then up, left then down, from there just follow the path

Luna: you need to have completed the 2 above to enter the city of mintos, that is located south,
near the ice continent, get new gear and head for the forest

Moonlight Forest: the monsters here are quite powerful, so be careful, from the start,
go down twice,left tree times, then up, save and heal, since you are 1 screen away from
your destination, after you defeat lugar and check the mana stone, leave this forest of
eternal night and head for diorre, the elf kingdom where the last spirit awaits: dryad

Dryad: head for the lampflower forest, the last point on the map, and use the powers of luna to
pass after the landing point, go south, and then kill the monsters if carlie is not part of your
party to save her, the go south, then left, then south twice, then right, down, left and left
again, you will be at diorre, before anyone talks to you, you have to meet the fairy king, who
is in the house south of the weapon shop, after you chat, get new gear and supplies, then head
back into the forest, go north twice, then left, use luna on the gold statue, and follow the
newly opened path. You will meet the boss of the area: .After he's destroyed ge back to the
beach and head for the island of oblivion, where the story unfolds...

Island of Oblivion: just go to the next screen and watch what happens, when you're done head
for rolante and talk to the amazoness near the stairs, the well open the path for the summit
of the skies

Summit of the Skies: go right, up and left, up twice, go to the cave's exit and you're there

Mana Holyland: go up, left, up, left, up (on the plants, you can walk), a little bit to the
right and go down, go right and up, follow the path to the healing and save statues, continue
your way by the left path, follow it until you reach the sword, after you got it, go back to
landing point and call flammie

the following area is different, depending of the main character you chose

Kevin/Carlie: go to the beast castle, be warned: the enemies are much more powerful so stop
at mintos to get in gear first,go through the left or right door (leads to same room), take
the left door leading to some stairs, you will get near a gold statue, so come back
if needed, go left, then down twice, then follow the stairs up to the throne room, follow the
beast king after the scene

Hawk/Lise: go to navarre fortress, enter by the main gate, go up until you truly are inside,
not in the cave part, from there, go through the center door, go up the stairs and follow
the corridor, go down and left, take the door to the left, go up the stairs, then go down,
right, take the door to the right, go up twice, take the stairs leading down to the throne room

Duran/Angela: go to altena city and buy suppies, then enter the castle, take the left door,
go up, then take the door leading down slightly right of the point you came from, go up
until you reach the throne room

God-Beasts: you need to defeat the god-beasts that we're released, you can do any order you
wish, but the creatures gain levels each time you kill one, so be prepared

Fire Beast: go back to the valley of flames, go down, right, right, down, right, up, right,
down, right, right and meet the fire beast god: xan bie, after he's dead, you will be
teleported to the beginning of the cave

Water Beast: go to the labyrinth of ice walls, where you found undine, go up, go left then
down, take the second door, go up, then left, the take the door to the right, go up twice,
then right, a little right then down, take then center door to heal, then go right then go
up to face the water beast-god: fiegmund

Earth Beast: land north of byzel, you should be in a mountain region, part of the molebear
highlands, from there, go north twice, then right, then up a little and left, enter the hole
and go left twice, you should see some merchants, buy if required, if not, enter the gemstone
valley, go down twice, right twice, down and left, left, down and right, right, down, head left
for healing, right to continue, from there you only have 1 path, so enjoy the road until
you get face to face with the earth god: land umber

Wind Beast: go to rolante, from the landing point, go left 3 times to go to the corridor of
wind, go up, and left the path through the corridor is very simple, so i'll skip the
directions, after you got to the place where you first found jinn, you shall engage the
god-beast...on flammie's back! so do your best to defeat: daangard

Moon Beast: use the directions from the moonlight forest to go back to the moon reading tower,
in there, you will find the wierdest maze of the game, since areas connect through odd ways,
take the top left door, then follow the path until you get to another room with 4 doors, if you
need to recharge, take the lower left door and take the first door you encounter after for a
golden statue, to continue, always take the top right door after, you'll get to a huge room,
take the door to the right to heal, and center to face the moon beast: Dolan

Light Beast: go to the ancient ruins of light, near wendel. go right, then up and left, left,
enter the building, go up, twice, then go right and down, then right, down, right twice,
check the note on the wall and go back, use wisp on the left tablet and shade on the right one,
then head down, left, up, right and up, take the door on the left to heal, and then take the
other one to face the light god: lightgazer

Tree Beast: land in the forest of wonder, go left, then down, left, up, right till the end
of the screen (enter the cave there), left, left, heal then go up, then go right until you
reach the tree god: mispolm

Dark Beast: the mana stone has vanished for centuries, so head for pedan to learn it's location,
and buy new stuff in the process, enter the jungle of illusion, then go down, right and up,
enter the building in water and take a nap...then buy the new gear, the best you can buy and talk
to everyone to learn the location of the last mana stone, thus the last beast-god

Note: the forest of illusion is a great place to get the ??? seeds needed for your last class
change, so you should build up levels here looking for them

Duran/Angela: the best is in the glass desert, so fly there, but make sure you have full supplies,
head up twice, to get through the sand, kill all enemies and run through it, head left, up, up,
left, down and right, right, up and left, up and right, go up until you reach the dark god beast,
after it bites the dust, follow the path until you enter: dragon cove, kill the first boss, then
go up, follow the path until you reach a doorway in the top-left corner, go up, right, right,
you should see a gray statue, go right twice till the end of the screen, climb the spiraling
"tower" and face tsenker for a second time, go back down the "tower" and go down,go back to
the entrance, and take the right path, head right, down 3 times, left twice and fight jewel
eater, go right twice and up once, then go right twice (should see a gray mana statue) and down,
follow the small paths, more on the left side, and go up to fight the full metal hugger again,
afterwards, go back to the gray mana statue room, and go left and up, head left twice then down
till you can't anymore, then right, up twice to reach ba floating platform, the second major
boss will talk to you, and leave you to some of his "pet dragons", after they are eliminated,
get off the platform and head down another spiral tower, go down, left, left, up, right,
go up until you face the second major boss, after he's terminated, head for the mana holyland
to fight the last boss

Kevin/Carlie: the dark beast is in the forest of illusion, so from pedan, go south, go into the
water, then left twice, up, left, use dryad on the headless statue, go down, right, up, left,
down, left, left, up and up to reach the dark beast god: zable fahr, from there, go down twice,
left, up twice to heal, and go down twice, left twice and up twice to go to the mirage palace,
but before entering, you will have to defeat deathjester, the palace itself is just 1 big
corridor, so you just follow till you have different corridor choices, you have to do them all
in any order... after all the lights are on in the center, touch the statue to open the path,
when you will be in a dark room, you must fight until all the enemies are vanquished, after you
can truly enter the palace, go right twice then up, turn the left switch down, then go back to
the main room and turn the switch, go left, fall down the pit and go right, hit the switch and
go back to the main room, go right and up, enter on the wall with no "shadow" on it, then go fight
gorva again, and take the teleporter, go down, right, up, and take the left teleporter to face
heath, afterwards, call flammie and head for the mana holyland for the last time.

Hawk/Lise: the dark beast is in the cave of darkness, near jad, when inside you will notice that
the light dissapears after a few brief moments so you might have to search a bit for the path,
go left, up, up, right, up, right and you will face the god-beast of darkness, after it's
eliminated, head left back into the cave, and go down twice, then go around a rock pillar and
head up, follow the path to a gold statue, and head right 3 times and touch the gargoyle statue,
it will turn the lights on, then go back left, then down, left to face jagan, after that head up,
if you need to resupply (leave dungeon), go right or left, if not, up, left, left, down, down, up
the stairs and up to the gold statue, then right, and up even if there is no direct path, till
you reach the top of the screen, then right, right, up twice to reach another gold stutue, then
right and up to reach the dark castle, fron inside, go right, kill all monsters encountered to
lower the firewalls, go right, then go back and do the same thing for the left side, then go up
the stairs and go to the center room, hit the skeleton and go back to the main castle room and
head up, go right, then after all the fires are off go down, go up the stairs and left twice,
go up in the throne room, fall down a pit and face the full metal hugger again, afterwards, go
down and left into the light, down 3 times, hit the switch on the left of the closed gate and
enter it, go left and down, enter the gate to get a magic walnut and go down twice after, go
left and enter the gate to fight genova again, go through the hole he leaves and go up the
stairs, go right killing all monsters till you reach another set of stairs going up, go left
and take another set, go down and fight tsenker, go right and enter the door, go down the
stairs, right, up and face bigieu, after you defeated her, talk to her to learn more of the
story, and go back to the stairs that we're previously blocked near the point you fought
tsenker, from there the path is straight-forward, so just follow it to meet the dark prince,
after he vanishes, go to the mana holyland

Mana Holyland: go north, left, up, right, up, up, left, left, up, left, up, use the gold
statues, then go right, up, left, kill all the monsters, go left, up and right, follow the
tree trunks to face the last boss, enjoy the ending :-)


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