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1 - You start out very weak and unprotected, so you'll need to acquire some weapons and protective gear fast.   Attacking merchants will cost you -100 char points but it will earn you $1500 guilders.   Don't go nuts, because you'll have to regain the char points eventually, but it's a good way to grab some fast cash.   Travelers and white monks should never be killed, however, since they cost more than they yield.

2 - Only the characters engaged in combat will gain exp. However, all characters benefit from exp. gain when magical items are used.

3 -  White orbs aren't really worth the cost since you can only carry 1 at a time.   Keep 1 in your stockpile, sell your fangs to pick up staff of earthquakes, of which you can carry a max of 4.   You can always earn more fangs to trade for the stone of protection.

4 - Battling the white monks is a great way to build exp., if you just remember not to defeat them.   Beat them within an inch of their life, then use the "Talk" command, and you will have gained terrific exp. without the loss of char points.   Sometimes they'll even heal your wounds, too.

5 - There is a village of resurrection in the mountains northwest of Penteus that will bring a character back from the dead for 30,000 guilders.

6 - Even though the game permits you to carry a maximum of 9 sacred nuts at a time.   By throwing your last nut at a liphant, when you have a total of 9, you'll be able to acquire 3 more to bring your maximum to 11.

7 - The sacred nut technique works for herbs as well.   The game allows you to carry a maximum of 24 herb pouches at any given time, but since they are purchased in lots of 5, you must have 19 already in stock to gain this maximum.

8 - Stones of protection won't always work at stopping spellcasters the first time, but they do work on all creatures, and once they're activated, they don't wear off during battle.   Use them immediately when fighting bosses, and keep using them until you receive the message that the "stone of protection stopped the creatures spell."

9 - The Blacksmith that accompanies your party may not stay with you forever.  If you encounter the annoying Basailz toward the end of your journey, its defeat will yield the phrase "The Black Monk was badly injured."  The Black Monk the Game refers to is the Blacksmith! Not the Evil Black Monk. The traveling blacksmith will leave your party, and you have to pay 12,000 guilders again for his ability.*

10 - When you receive a new companion his/her life meter will be one level lower than the life meter of the weakest party member. Since there is a maximum level (beginnning life meter) for new companions, don't attempt to level grind too much before obtaining your next companion. The maximum joining level appears to be slightly past the half way point to the character's ultimate maximum level.*

11 - It is possible to "roll over" your guilders if you sell your fangs to the fang merchant and it results in more than 999,990 guilders. For example, if you had 999,990 guilders and sold 1 fang for 50 guilders, you would have 40 guilders after the sale!*

12 - Rapidly pressing the d-pad during an enemy attack or spell seems to increase your chances of dodging the attack (except for the flame spell, which cannot be dodged). You may also increase your chances of missing your target by doing the same thing when you are attacking.*


I would like to thank Ator for all of his work in creating many of the graphics on this site, especially the maps because I know how long those can take!

*Thanks also to K.H.O.L.D. for Tip 9, Garrett and Jason for Tip 10, and Garrett for Tips 11 and 12.

And finally a big thank you to SEGA for reprogramming one of the first great RPGs.

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