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Know Thy Enemy

The evil legions of Terarin are numerous! You will encounter evil creatures of all kinds at every turn, so be on your guard!   Having knowledge of the creatures below will help you begin your quest...

Most of the beasts listed below are indigenous to the terrain in which they are pictured, however, some of them can be found in various surroundings.   Human characters are the most diverse, and can be found in all land based areas, including underground caverns.

Friend or Foe?

In the course of your journey you will encounter many humans and creatures who may help you or try to harm you. Study each encounter carefullly.    Defeating evil will help you in every way.  But harm the good or innocent and you shall suffer!

The "x" at the end of a name means you can use the Talk function in your encounter. Beware! A response may be followed by an attack from a true enemy! The bestiary is listed in alphabetical order.


There are many lands you will travel throughout your quest. Tread wisely warriors, for you are the world's only hope!

The Plains are they easiest and fastest terrain to traverse, especially in the early stages of the game.

The Forest is a bit more dangerous than the open plains. It is here you will encounter the Liphants, who randomly drop sacred nuts after their defeat.  Gain a few levels and find Guy before journeying into these areas.

Once you have obtained the ship, you can sail across the lighter shaded waters. Be wary however, because the monsters of the sea are strong and often use spells against you.

The mountains contain extremely powerful creatures that may take two of your comrades to defeat. Each of the five lands have mountains you may traverse, but movement through them is slow and arduous.

Sea of Areos
After obtaining your second ship, you are able to travel across the Sea of Areos. You are nearing the end of your journey and now is the time your strength will be put to the test. The enemies within these storm ravaged waters can withstand numerous hits and will send the foolhardy back to the healer soon enough. If you are lucky enough to encounter and defeat a Sea Dragon, it may drop a Potion of Resurrection!

The desert is the most dangerous land to traverse and, unfortunately, you must travel through these lands to find Terarin. Keep your items full in case of disaster. Healing potions are a necessity!

The only location more dangerous than the desert is where the light cannot reach; the caves and monuments. Within their murky depths, treasures and horrors await. Make sure you save your game before venturing forth.

The Guardians

   The Skeleton is the first boss fight of the game.   Actually, it's more like a mini-boss since defeating this enchanted creature yields little other than passage to the southern peninsula of Kadmos.   This will be the only occurance of a day-walking skeleton you will encounter.   More of them will appear as regular foes later in the game as you search the catacombs of the shrines.

   The Senpi are the guardians of Iason's Armor of Legend.   These noble creatures have been charged with the task of preventing the powerful armor from falling into the wrong hands.   Unfortunately, they do not understand the difference between good and evil.  Slaying one of these creatures gains you the treasure which they've been guarding, however, you will lose 500 character points for killing the guardian.  As with the skeleton, you will occasionally encounter the Senpi roaming the underground caverns.   It's best to avoid these later encounters as killing a wandering guardian brings you nothing but lost character points.

   The Hanj have been assigned the dutiful task of guarding Iason's Shields of Legend.   And, as with the Senpi, you will occasionally run into them while spelunking the catacombs of the five lands.  They are quite a bit more powerful than the Senpi, so make sure you are fully equipped with magic items.  Only when guarding a chest will killing these noble guardians yield a reward, otherwise it is best to steer clear of them.

   The Basailz. This little trickster will tick you off more than any other boss in the game.   Not because it is difficult to defeat, but rather due to the enormous waste of time his entire existence represents.   He is a red-herring.   A dupe.   And his defeat will only leave you scratching your head in wonder. You may notice the a certain traveling blacksmith has been killed by the death blow this creature executes. You will need to make the long journey back to recruit another blacksmith companion.


The keys of Heaven, Earth, and Hell are needed in order to open the gates which lead to the caves of Terarin's lair.   Unfortunately, the location of these keys are well hidden and guarded by these formidable siblings.

TERARIN: The Dark Lord

She is an evil lord from ages past.
When you meet her, there can only be one victor!  

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