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This is a list of the items you will can acquire throughout your adventure. Magical attack items have varying degrees of attack proficiency, depending upon the enemy's defensive level and which type of magical attack item you use. A magical attack item will take the same amount of damage away from the same type of enemy if you have more than one item to use. For example, if you use a Sacred Nut on a Liphant, the next Sacred Nut used on the Liphant will do the same amount of damage. When using a magical attack item on an enemy, the enemy is not permitted to attack that round. Use up all of your magical attack items first, before using regular attacks.


Silvius Mines (possession of helm required)
Provides the best visibility for dungeons, monuments, and caverns.

Item drop from various foes and found in chests
Valuable trade merchandise

Garia, Minos, Tagia, Torif
Cost: 3,000 guilders
Warp to a previously visited town when used (The townsperson must have stated the name of the town to you after purchase)

Julus Cavern
Transcribes hieroglyphics in caverns

Town Healer
Cost: 2,000 guilders for 5 herbs
Restores partial health when applied
Max capacity = 24

Key of Earth
Sehod's Catacombs
1 of 3 keys needed to open the gates

Key of Heaven
Rohod's Catacombs
1 of 3 keys needed to open the gates

Key of Hell
Ohod's Catacombs
1 of 3 keys needed to open the gates

Silvius Mines
Weaker enemies will no longer hinder your quest

Mask of Beasts
Town of Oruk
Cost: 15,000 guilders
Provides some visibility for dungeons, monuments, and caverns.

Resurrection Potion
Item drop from a Sea Dragon
Restores a warrior's HP bar to its maximum capacity. Despite the name, this will NOT bring a party membeer back from death
Max capacity = 3

Sacred Nut
Item drop from a Liphant
The weakest of the magical attack items but still essential for all boss battles.
Max capacity = 11

Scroll of Iason
Awaken thy companions
Gelkis Shrine directions (View Scroll)

Ships (Argo & Argonaut)
Kadmos and Idmon Bay
Argo Cost: 30,000 guilders. Argonaut is free
Needed for traversing the waters and seas.

Staff of Earthquakes
Village of Karme
Cost: 10,000 guilders each
About 3 times as strong as the Sacred Nuts. The Staffs of Earthquakes should only be used in important battles because they are so expensive!
Max capacity = 4

Stone of Protection
Village of Iphis
Cost: 50 fangs each
The Stone of Protection works like a "mute" spell for stopping all magical attacks from an enemy. It does not always work, but once it does, it will block the enemy's spells for the remainder of the battle. These are especially useful when battling the Guardians.
Max capacity = 6

Traveling Smithy
For hire in Oruk
Cost: 12,000 guilders
Once hired, this blacksmith will travel with you and fix your equipment after each battle. No more tediously checking the status screen for broken equipment!

White Sphere
Village of Kithairon
Cost: 1,000 fangs each
The ultimate magical attack item. The White Sphere's attack equals about 3 Staff of Earthquakes in one hit! These are very expensive and you can only carry one at a time. Use them wisely!
Max capacity = 1

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