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Weapons and Armor

You (and your companions as you find them) begin your quest empty handed. However, weapons and armor can be purchased in towns and villages...if you have enough guilders!

Combat takes its toll of your weapons and armor. The STATUS screen will show the number of uses left in your equipment. If it reaches 0, your equipment will break and you will have to purchase new. Before this happens, Blacksmiths can bring new life to your steel for a few guilders.

At the time of Iason's prophecy, the white monks crafted magical weapons and armor for the Miracle Warriors. These arms were hidden throughout the Five Lands and are heavily guarded. You must find them to complete your quest.

* Iason's Weapons of Legend can be reforged at the Village of Swordsmiths to attain their maximum strength.


 Knife 3000 guilders; town armory +1 att 50 All

Sword 4000 guilders; town armory +3 att 70 All

Iris Axe 300 fangs Marula Castle +6 att 90*

Turos Sword 300 fangs Apheidas Castle +6 att 90*

Eros Sword 300 fangs Eratos Castle +6 att 90*

Babel Halberd Iphis Shrine (Eratos) +6 att 90*


Armor 5000 guilders; town armory +5 def 60 All

Kronos Armor Decuma Mountains (Apheidas) +10 def 100

Titan Armor Kadmos peninsula (Marula) +10 def 100

Athena Armor Phrixos Mountains (Eratos) +10 def 100

Kaos Armor Iphis Shrine (Eratos) +10 def 100


Shield 6000 guilders; town armory +5 def 80 All

Ulysses Shield Ikaros Island (Eratos) +10 def 100

Hector Shield Idmon Mountains (Apheidas) +10 def 100

Celene Shield Koryki Mountains (Arukas) +10 def 100

Kimaira Shield Iphis Shrine (Eratos) +10 def 100

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